honestly, though approved-food brands

just a little list of my favorite foods + products



  • Vegan Cuts
    • what: It's a monthly box filled with vegan snacks + drinks. Lifesaver for the vegan-curious who just want it all. and they want it delivered. {credit: theskinnyconfidential}
    • where: buy it HERE
  • Purple Carrots
    • what: plant-based food delivery service that gives you all the ingredients you need + recipe cards to make easy, yummy, plant-based meals. Order it weekly, monthly and for one, two, families + options for “performance” meals for athletes
    • Order from their website. $30 off with PHOEBE30
photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer


  • Banza Pasta

    • what: Chickpea-based pasta that's gluten-free, vegan and PACKED with protein. Literally so obsessed with it. 
    • where: Amazon, Whole Foods, Thrive Market, Giant. [store locator
  • Beyond Meat

    • what: a plant-based meat brand that sells vegan patties that BLEED, along with a variety of other plant-meats like frozen vegan patties, vegan taco meat crumbles,  chicken tenders.  **They’re perfect for when you’re trying to do something quick. I use their frozen meats for tacos, salad toppers, stir-fry additions, etc.** 
    • where: Whole Foods, Mom's, Harris Teeter, Giant. [store locator
  • Daiya Cheese

    • what: Vegan cheese that melts like cheese! I swear by their shreds for everything! 
    • where: Everywhere but Trader Joe's and Harris Teeter. [store locator]
  • So Delicious

    • what: makers of yogurt, ice cream + more! I buy their bulk yogurt for my chia seed recipes + their ice cream is life. 
    • where: Target, Whole Foods, Mom's, Harris Teeter, Giant, Safeway. [store locator]
  • Califia Farms

    • what: plant-based milk that’s available from almost any grocery store except trader joes. I stick with almond milk, but I also like the almond-coconut combo. For the mornings, try their coffee combos (+ PSLs in the fall). 
    • where: Harris Teeter, Whole Foods, Giant, Safeway, Target. [store locator


  • Saffron Food
    • what: Variety of snacks, but I swear by their roasted chickpeas + lentil chips. 
    • where: Mom’s Organic Market, Whole Foods, most grocery stores [store locator
  • Rule Breaker {previously Pure Genius}
    • what: bean-based brownies + blondies that are gluten-free and less than 200 calories. 
    • where: Whole Foods (greater NYC), Amazon. {store locator}
  • P.S. Snacks

    • what: vegan cookie dough that you can eat. it's healthy{ish} and can be added to your smoothie bowls, pita chips or just eaten plain (honestly, though). 
    • where: currently only on the eastern seaboard (of the US). [store locator]
  • Chia Seed Warrior

    • what: chia seed bars packed with fiber and a little bit of protein to keep you full. All of their flavors are vegan, but my fave is the coconut one. 
    • where: I buy mine from Amazon, but I've found them at gas stations, CVS, target (in bulk), Whole Foods, Mom's, etc.
  • Louisville Jerky

    • what: Vegan jerky! I found this one time at a Whole Food's and tried it, and was instantly hooked. They're perfect for road trips. 
    • where: Mom's, Whole Foods, FakeMeats.com, Amazon. 
  • Brami Beans

    • what: Lupini beans. In a vacuum-sealed bag. I saw these at a store one day and I bought them solely because of the packaging. But the flavor is what hooked me — get the spicy flavor because they're DELICIOUS (and protein-packed). 
    • where: Whole Foods, Mom's, Amazon. [store locator] 
  • LesserEvil Buddha Bowl Avocado Popcorn

    • what: popcorn. 
    • where: Mom's, Target, Whole Foods, etc. I buy mine from Amazon. 
  • Quinn's Snacks Popcorn 
    • what: popcorn 
    • where: Most grocery stores (see your local one) or Amazon
    • notes: if you're vegan, look to the maple or sea salt flavors. 
  • Skinny Pop Popcorn (cheese flavor is also vegan!) 

    • what: popcorn
    • where: CVS, Target, Giant, Harris Teeter, etc. I buy mine from Amazon.