eating out tips

The number one question I get asked as a vegan is: What do you eat when you go out? How do you eat at restaurants? And for the most part, I laugh and say some sarcastic remark along the lines of "if there are bloody marys (maries?) and fries, I'm fine."

Read below for my BEST tips on how to eat out without freaking out. 


  • Read the menu beforehand if you can.

    •  If you know you're going somewhere, there's no harm in checking out the menu to see their offerings! 
  • Tell your waiter that you're vegan/vegetarian.

    • You're making their life 10000% easier when you tell them. More often than not, they'll be grateful because they know to tell the chefs and probably have suggestions for you. 
      • Don't be shy! I used to be SO shy about telling people that I was vegan at restaurants and would eat around cheese on salads and leave half of my meal because they forgot to leave the fish, etc etc.
  • Read local food blogs. 

    • I mean, there is a reason we're out here. We love helping out the veggie-curious or newbie vegans. Or the veggies that are new to our area! 
  • Ask your waiter if they know if something is vegan.

    • They're working here and cycle through dozens and dozens of tables a day. If anyone knows, it's probably them. 
  • Google it. 

    • Seriously! Whenever I'm somewhere new I google the name of the place and "vegan" because oftentimes that veggie-friendly option has eggs, dairy, etc. 
  • ALWAYS ask if the veggie patty is vegetarian or vegan. 

    • Side note: This was one of my biggest slip-ups as a vegan. You assume that the veggie patty is made with beans and veggies...but many are made with eggs and milk. Just ask to make sure. 
  • Order sides to make an entree or to add to an entree. 

    • My favorite thing to do is to take a plain salad of lettuce + tomatoes, than ask for a side of rice/quinoa and a side of chickpeas/beans to add to it! 
  • Order off menu.

    • You have no idea how many times I've asked for avocado toast at a breakfast place even though it wasn't on the menu. 
    • REMINDER: Just because it's listed doesn't mean they don't have it at the restaurant.