wine wednesday {block 67 cab sav}

Hellllllo and happy hump day! Today's wine wednesday comes from Trader Joes (the land of dreams), and also the home of the best boxed wine for when you're trying to get your life together and finally get off the Franzia. I always have boxed wine floating around, and honestly, though, it's too cost-effective to ignore. What are you drinking this week? Let me know in the comments below! 

xx phoebe • honestly, though 

block-red-cab-sauv (1).jpg


Origin: California 

What is it: Cabernet Sauvignon 

Year: N/A. BUT it does last for 45 days, thanks to "an incredibly easy-to-use twisting pour spout." 

Where to find it: Trader Joe's. 

Price Range: $12 

Thoughts: It's boxed wine that costs less than my SweetGreen salad. When you're young and broke and in desperate need of a glass of vino to compliment your Bachelor binges, this needs to be your go-to. On the boxed wine scale, I'd say it's { m u c h } better than Franzia, and when compared to the cab sav equivalent of blackbox, I'd choose TJs. The wine itself tastes like sweet red blend, aka it's juicy and lacking any sort of tangy aftertaste. It's everything you'd expect, but slightly better taste. Honestly, though. 

Become a sommelier: In case you somehow thought Australians weren't cool enough, the inventor of boxed wine was Australian. Yep, the crazy Aussies invented boxed wine (and apparently made screw caps popular). A man by the name of Thomas Angove invented casked wine in the 60's, as a way to help prevent oxidation of the wine.  

ALSO: I googled the invention of "slapping the bag," when it comes to boxed wine. And I kid you not, Fox News tried to be hip in 2010 and wrote an article about it. 

And ICYMI: Last year, I began learning about what goes on behind-the-wine each week with the help of Wine: A Tasting Course. But over the holidays I was gifted a new book, Secrets of the sommeliers, which now is guiding my "become a sommelier" section each week.