Wine Wednesday: {Rockland farms sandstone}

So over the weekend I discovered today's #WineWednesday. During a day-long trip with other DC-area bloggers, I tasted this full-bodied, fragrant + earthy wine at Rockland Farms + Winery. 

Tangent: Rockland Farms + Winery is a super cute winery where you can do an $8 wine tasting. If you're there on the weekend, they also have pizza if that's your jam. More coming soon! 

Anyways, I tried this wine and the bloggers were like, "Phoebe, this is your wine." I was dubious. But I tasted it and was hooked, hence me purchasing a bottle. I've already finished it by the time of writing this Tuesday night. 

BOTTLE: rockland farms sandstone 

Origin: Montgomery County, Maryland (#SupportLocal)

What is it: Cabernet Franc (14.2% ABV)

Year: 2015

Where to find it: Rockland Farm + Winery or these local restaurants + farmers markets. 

Price Range: $30 (but so worth it)

Thoughts: This wine SMELLS like tobacco. It's subtle sweet taste is muted by how dry + smooth this wine is. It's incredibly full-bodied and something I'd recommend over a long, slow dinner in the winter. I love that there are nutty + earthy flavors instead of just berries + fruits. I heard the term "Thanksgiving wine," thrown around while at my original tasting last Saturday. I second it. 

Become a sommelier: Oak is often used to age wine and primarily done in two countries: U.S.A. and France. But what's the difference? American wine aged in oak barrels are traditionally a lower quality and leave a stronger influence (read: more oaky flavor) on the wine. French oak, though. is known as the gold standard and is considered more experience. The grain is more narrow, therefore leaving less of an influence on the wine. Now you know! Psst: Want to know more? Click. 

And ICYMI: I'm learning what goes on behind-the-wine each week with the help of Wine: A Tasting Course. Buy the book and learn right along with me!