Wine Wednesday {Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages 2015}

Hello and happy Wednesday. Welcome back to another installment of the latest and greatest {red} wines that I'm drinking. This week, though, you're getting a 2-for-1 deal: I'm giving you my weekly wine review AND a simple, one-pan recipe for the fall that pairs perfectly. Shoutout to Love Jadot Wines (part of Louis Jadot Wines) for providing me with the delicious bottle. 

First up, the recipe. It's a cheesy pasta dish perfect for the cool, fall nights when you want to snuggle up in fluffy socks. And before you right it off as too adventurous for using a salsa instead of sauce, know that is goes amazingly well with the wine. The hints of squash + pumpkin complement the pasta, and the fruity bits of salsa complement the more acidic tastes in the wine you'll be {more than} sipping on. 

#ModernMeals Recipe: Fruity, Cheesy Pumpkin Pasta



  1. Take a large pan and fill it with cold water. Salt the water and pour in a tablespoon or two olive oil. Place on high heat.
  2. IMMEDIATELY fill pumpkin pasta into water. Let boil. 
  3. Pour out excess water and place back onto low-medium heat. 
  4. Add sliced mushrooms + spinach. 
  5. Stir and cover for a few minutes. 
  6. Take off cover. Add cheese + harvest salsa. Fold into the rest of dish. 
  7. Let simmer for 2-3 minutes.
  8. Pour yourself a glass of wine. Take a sip. 
  9. (accidentally) spill a little bit of wine into the pan. Stir. 
  10. When the cheese is fully melted, remove from heat. 
  11. Serve in a bowl with a glass of wine. 
  12. ENJOY! 

BOTTLE: Louis Jadot Beaujolais-Villages 2015 

Country: France

What is it: Red 

Year: 2015

Where to find it: Trade Joe's, Total Wine & More, Louis Jadot website

Price Range: $9-$14 

Thoughts: First off, I want to say that what I really love about this bottle is that it's on the cheaper side, but it's label makes it look like you're being fancy af. Like when you're not wearing makeup, but your snap filter makes you look like you actually tried this morning. No? Just me? 


This wine is dry, fruity and high in acidity. I honestly didn't think that I was going to love this wine, but it grew on me. It's great to sip while you're cooking and then continue with during dinner. Especially because it paired so perfectly with the recipe below. The strawberry, herb-y tastes in this wine perfectly complemented the fruity hints in my pasta recipe (More on that below). Shoutout to my college friend, Máiréad, who told me that she's obsessed with this wine. She recommended that I pair it wine pasta and/or a cheese board. 

Become a sommelier: This wine is a "far left" wine, when considering the red wine spectrum. The Beaujolais-Villages wines, are made in the  Beaujolais district near Burgundy, France. Their wines are made with Gamay grapes — a variety of dry grape that's been used since the 15th century. Also, the can be enjoyed chilled. TL;DR: This is a wine to drink when you're a white wine person, but want something red. 

And ICYMI: I'm learning what goes on behind-the-wine each week with the help of Wine: A Tasting Course. Buy the book and learn right along with me! 

** DISCLAIMER: I was sent a complimentary bottle of wine from Louis Jadot as a part of their #ModernMeals competition. **