wine wednesday {canned rose}

As I write this, the door to our balcony hangs WIDE open + it's still light after 6:30 p.m. And all of that could only mean one thing: ROSE SEASON IS BACK. 


CAN: Presto sparking rose

Origin: Italy 

What is it: 11% ABV

Year: 2015-ish

Where to find it: Whole Foods — it's branded for the "cheaper" 365 market.  

Price Range: $12 for a four-pack. 

Thoughts: Uhm, it's rose in a can. It's literally amazing. This one is dry + sweet + I swear I can almost TASTE the summertime.

Become a sommelier: I'm like not even embarrassed to admit this, but I just spent multiple hours researching canned wine so that I could bring you guys some fun history. SO, Australian's invented canned wine, which is the most unsurprising wine fact ever. It was first done by two wine producers back in 1996, and Barokes Wine has since prided themselves on having the best system in the world for canning wine. They call it "VinSafe."  

Enjoy your Wine Wednesday! 

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