wine wednesday {bogle vineyards essential red}

So, honestly, though, my bloggy-blog has fallen a little bit  by the wayside recently after some, well, crazy stresses going on in my life. I've been in a slump and felt devoid of creativity. But I've been drinking more probiotics, taking my B12 daily, and have started brining my gym back to the office with me so that I'm more inclined to hit that after-work Zengo class (p.s. if you're not already going there, you need to be. It's AMAZING).

BUT WINE WEDNESDAY IS BACK, you guys. I have tons of wine that I've been drinking lately that I'm ready to share with you guys. AND I've been reading that sommelier book that I was given over the holidays. I'm honestly so into it and I really recommend it for anything that's ever marginally interested in wine — if you're between the ages of 18-35, we all know you are. 


Origin: California 

What is it: Red blend 

Year: 2014

Where to find it: Whole Foods — B O T T O M  shelf 

Price Range: Under $10

Thoughts: Love this wine because it's cheap and juicy and delicious and perfect for when you want something for a good get together with friends or a fun afternoon in an apartment with your bestie while gossiping. Lots of berry flavors in here and it goes really well with burgers (with this AMAZING veggie patty that bleeds), chocolate or cheese. Okay, yes, those things go with, like, everything. But this wine goes REALLY well with meat-y flavors. If you're not into red wines, but want to try a red, this is the one to try. 

Become a sommelier: APPARENTLY, there is a huge thing in the world of sommelier-ing surrounding the "timing" of delivering wine in restaurants. I kid you not, this is a direct quote from Secrets of the Sommeliers, "The wine must go down before the food...It if doesn't, it's a huge disservice to both the food and the chef." NOW YOU KNOW, BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE. If you want to do a service to both your meal AND the person who cooked it, make sure you're throwing back a few glasses before you eat. You're welcome.

And ICYMI: Last year, I began learning about what goes on behind-the-wine each week with the help of Wine: A Tasting Course. But over the holidays I was gifted a new book, Secrets of the sommeliers, which now is guiding my "become a sommelier" section each week.