Why I paid for a meal subscription service

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Why I’m paying for a plant-based meal kit

When I first discovered meal subscriptions I was kind of wary about it. Why would I spend $$ on recipes I already knew to create meals I could easily craft myself? 

Well, because I needed it. Honestly, though. 

I tout myself as a pretty healthy human. I (try) to drink enough water, religiously sweat it out at spin class and eat veggies galore. But when presented with the option of cooking dinner or eating SkinnyPop, I choose the later. And to be honest, when recently asked if I cook, I tried to humble brag that I make amazing sweet potato toast. Yes, I now realize that toast is not “cooking.”

It's the end of December and in the name of #selfcare, I've been making a bigger effort to fill the meals that Maxim and I share with hearty vegetables and nutrients. And in my decade as a plant lover, I've more often than not fallen back on meals that I knew. Think: Buddha bowls, homemade Chipotle, coconut yogurt with granola. So after more careful consideration (ahem, realizing that popcorn and wine is not a viable. regular dinner choice), I decided to partner with Purple Carrot in the middle of 2017. 

Spoiler alert: I loved it. 

Though I originally partnered with Purple Carrot to talk about their service, I quickly moved on to add the subscription into Maxim and I's routine. And, several boxes later, I’m still surprised by the recipe cards boasting zucchini “crab” cakes, walnut “meat” balls and weeknight shakshuka.

For us, we don't have much time in between meetings, boutique workout classes and wedding planning. But we love setting aside an hour twice a week or so to be present and tag team on a new recipe (and then digging in at the end)


Here's how the it works: 

  • Order a plan (there's three options, the 1-2 person; the 2-4 person; and the TB12 (think: athlete edition). 

  • Wait for your ice packed box to arrive

  • Get cooking! 

  • Every box comes with pre-portioned, washed ingredients and recipes cards with photos each step of the way. Meals take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. 

Want to try it yourself? Use code PHOEBE30 for $30 off. 



* in partnership with purple carrot. try the meal subscription yourself and get $30 off with PHOEBE30 *