what i wore: last-minute new years eve dress

Blurry iPhone photos, an empty champagne bottle + slightly smudged lipstick. Yup. That basically describes my new years eve (and the photos below) in one sentence. 

I wore {for the first time ever} a dress with cutouts. I've always been nervous about cutouts and have never taken the risk. But it was NYE at the MGM, so I was like, Phoebe, get it together, girl! 2017 is all about jumping off the fence and taking risks. Anyways, I ended up falling in  L O V E  with this dress and have it waiting for my next fun night out. 

And on my wrist, I had the single, most important accessory of the night: a clutch that CHARGES your phone. And I don't mean it just charged it to 30% then ducked out. I was 'gramming, snapping, texting, etc. all night and this baby kept it was basically 100% until I passed out in my hotel room around 4 a.m. Even better? When I crawled to brunch the next morning, it was still ready to charge my phone. So ladies, (or men, I don't judge), do yourself a favor and find ourself a chargeable clutch. 

ANYWAYS. If you excuse the poor quality, check out my amazing totally-last-minute outfit that I rang in the new year with. Honestly, though.

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