Welcome to The Bonus Fry!

So...Maxim and I started a podcast. It's called The Bonus Fry and we love it. Each week, we'll post a new podcast with notes on what's happening + links to learn more! 

0:00 Welcome 

0:40 The origin of "The Bonus Fry" 

1:55 We're hiring an intern! Apply here. 

2:17 Who the fuck are we?

4:00 So basically your day job is to be a feminist? 

5:00 How Maxim and Phoebe met 

5:40 Awesome thai place = Big Bowl Thai in Reston Town Center. 

6:10 Maxim is not, actually, a serial killer. 

7:36 Maxim also likes to vacuum mattresses. 

8:50 I absolutely HATE doing laundry 

9:10 No, I will not make an intern do my laundry... 

9:36 Who washes their pillowcases once a day or more? 

9:55 Phoebe breaks out a lot ... Maxim NEVER breaks out. 

10:30 We HATE Donald Trump, but love his awful quotes 

10:43 NSFW

11:10 The beginning of Maxim's comedy career 

11:25 That's it for now... 

Stay tuned for more from The Bonus Fry! Let us know your thoughts below!