weekend round-up: june 3-4

w h a t  t o  d o

s a t u r d a y

  • hit up the opera at 6:30 (for tickets under $50) here.
  • swap your plants at the 10th annual plant swap. here. 
  • if you're interested in protesting some more, the March For Truth will be going on. 
  • drink up because the vintage virginia wine festival is back all weekend. here
  • Story District returns to 9:30 Club with its sixth annual Pride show. starts at 6 p.m. here. 

s u n d a y  

  • Take a free barre class on the national mall at 9 a.m.   
  • drink up because the vintage virginia wine festival is back all weekend. here.  
  • and earn your wine by running a 5k that morning in Centreville. here.
  • free community day at the washington gallery dedicated to women here. 
  • Taste of Peru is back and tickets are still available. You legit want to swing by if possible. here.

b l o g g e r s

  • My fave NPR-listening, egg-cooking blogger, Meaghan, shares her recipe for sweet potato avocado toast. [ meagseggs ]
  • The Real Food Gypsy talks about her gorgeous, amazing elopement that made me happy cry [ Real Food Gypsy
  • Everyone’s favorite food pornster, Justin, has officially launched on YouTube with cheesy bread. Go check him out + subscribe if you know what’s good for you! [ dcfoodporn
  • Emitaz went on an amazing trip to Ibiza [ emitaz
  • I’m obsessed with palm and so is Sarah from District Damsel [ district damsel ]
  • Sylvia was featured on Great Day Washington [ simply sylvia dc ]
  • Angelica discovered glamping on demand and if you’re not into dirt + ants, but love the outdoors, you’re gong to be in love. [ angelica in the city
  • avoiding summer bloat with [ rrayyme

i n  t h e  k n o w

  • If you're a Washingtonian like me, admit it: Standing in long lines for expensive events is totally a status symbol. [Washingtonian]
  • you gotta laugh to keep from crying with this fact-checking on Trump’s “fuck climate change” speech [ Washington Post ]
  • A burning man exhibition is coming to the Renwick Gallery! [ DCist
  • So THAT’s where Lacroix gets its flavoring from [ wired
  • If you're wondering if President Trump could ACTUALLY stop Comey from testifying, here's a breakdown of "executive priviledge" [ New York Times ]
  • I'm OBSESSED with this post that dives into what a Muslim dietitian eats during the month of Ramadan. [ Buzzfeed

l o n g  f o r m

  • This is what it’s like to be a famous floridian teen who found fame lip syncing on Musica.ly [ad week
  • Just a hilarious look at the relationship betweenthe Dos Equis Man and Obama. [ Politico Magazine