weekend round-up {july 21-23}

Photo by  Brenda Godinez

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We’ll be talking about the food industry, foodie bloggers, how to take amazing food pics + more! If you love food pics, if you want to be a blogger but don’t know where to start, or if you just love BWB and want to come have brunch with a bloggers, click here for more information!

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A D D  T O  Y O U R  C A R T 


N E W S  T O  C A T C H  U P  O N

  • Jim Vance died on Saturday. The loss is tremendous and will be felt all over the DMV. [ Washingtonian

  • This reporter turned Trump into a poet. And I’m dead.

  • Weed is now legal in Uruguary. BUT TBH it’s baaaaaasically been legal for YEARS. [ The Guardian

  • UHM, Despacito is the most streamed song. EVER.

  • A grand, unified theory of avocado toast [ New Yorker ]

  • Not really news, but omg this woman has amazing flying tips and I’m totally going to start the “don’t eat while flying” trick. [ Bloomberg

  • Stranger Things is returning to our hearts, thank god. [ Buzzfeed

  • Sean Spicer quit Trump. And lol, we all know that what we care about most is if Melissa McCarthy will return to SNL. [ WashPo

  • Your Facebook pages can now have groups. [ AdWeek

  • AI already has it’s own language that humans don’t understand. [ Fast Co Design

  • Donald Trump's lies. Visually. [ WashPo ]


L O N G  F O R M  R E A D I N G

  • Why Women Aren’t C.E.O.s, According to Women Who Almost Were [ NYTimes ]  
  • The craziness behind R Kelly’s cult [ Buzzfeed