weekend reads {nov 19&20}

Here's hoping that everyone had a great week! Mine was long...but short. Does that make sense? I felt like each day was lagging on and on and on, but I still had no time for anything at all. On Tuesday, though, I had the most amazing cycle class at Zengo with my favorite instructor, Shaynna. I hadn't been to cycle {except one charity class} for about three months because I'd messed up my knee so badly that running, cycle, even YOGA sent searing pain up my leg. BUT I seem to be all better because the class was amazing and pain-free. Plus, sweetgreen and gossip post-class always makes the exhaustion better. 

The rest of the week was filled with evening meetings {super exciting things happening} and long, droning meetings at the office. Life has been moving so fast that I can't believe thanksgiving is already next week! I was thinking of putting together a little plant-based round-up of last minute recipes. Would you guys be into that? LMK below. 

But with that being said, here are your weekend reads! 

But part of that intelligence, that savvy for which she’s renowned, derives from knowing exactly how the system works — a system of which her father is simply the most prominent and contemporary architect. [Buzzfeed

And here's ANOTHER profile on Ivanka, in case you were dying to learn more about her. [Washington Post]

I'm loving this gift guide to cross all the men in my life of the list for the holidays [sequins and stripes

And I'm dying over this incredible recipe from fellow plant-based blogger, Alexandra, for a PSL pumpkin pie. [InMyBowl

It's finally fall season, which means it's time to break out the peacoats + trench coats. Need some inspo? Loving this look from Roxanne. [Glass Of Glam

This look from Naturally, Me is also perfect for a casual Saturday. And the jeans are from GAP {v impressed by how great they look} [Naturally Me]

What do you spend in a week? Read what other women around the country, with varying salaries, spend their money on. Beware: Money Diaries is so addicting, and you'll want to read every single one. [Refinery29]

The third purpose of the Frozen Zoo is this: Resurrection. Reanimation. Whatever you want to call it. [GQ


And finally, the explaination of the hilarious Starbucks Red Cup controversy. [Vox]