weekend reads {march 18&19}


Helllllo beautiful people!

It's been a kind of lazy week for me. I binged Grace and Frankie with my mom in England. And I made my first ever video — about BOTOX — and we started an amaze conversation about it. I've been slowly throwing out, donating and selling stuff in our apartment, too (ICYMI, we're moving). Oh, AND I'm looking to hire an intern

So yeah, super chill week. But we're back with my FAVORITE thing to do every week: Round up th best reads! 

Enjoy! xx phoebe 


Lauryn Evarts, aka the coolest blogger ever, talks women bashing (hint it sucks). {The Skinny Confidential

Alyssa talks about her BIGGEST pet peeves when it comes to social media. {Styled & Smitten}

Sara talks about time management and how to reel in all of your distractions {StyleMBA}

Victoria talks bell sleeves in the  workplace {and I may be totally stealing her perfect outfit}. {A Gallon of Glitter}

in the know 

Writer Cole Kazdin isn't vegan, but she has fallen in love with vegan cheese. (YAS!) {Refinery29}

Just a list of shit that has been funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. {Buzzfeed}

This is super far-fetched, but Maxim made me read it. Apparently we ARE in a computer simulation. {New Yorker}

If you’re still confused about what all of budget drama going on is, click here to have it broken down for you. {The Washington Post}

Read this and then read THIS and realize that we are living through what is probably the most ridiculous time of our lives — or alternatively, the best time ever if you're a political journo. {DCist + WashPo}


Washington correspondent for NYMag, Olivia Nuzzi, wrote a profile on Kellyanne Conway. And if you read only one thing this week, make sure it's this. {New York Magazine

So back in the day, these twentysomethings took a drug to help stunt puberty and make them grow taller. And now they're, like, dying. {Refinery29


psst: what are you reading? let me know in the comments below!