weekend reads {jan 28&29}

I'm in heaven. I finally got to just  c h i l l  this morning and not rush out the door and rush to three different places before 10 p.m. My week was packed on both the work side + personal side and I've been feeling so incredibly overwhelmed lately. Especially with the daily happenings of a Donald Trump presidency, it often times feels like I'm going crazy. Hand up if this whole "alternative facts" scandal is driving you mad.

Anyways, after a good, s l o w, yoga sesh and some fresh coffee, I'm feeling more in control. I'm spending the weekend finishing up the vegan guide for you guys, going to the gym, drinking coffee + doing a bit of snuggling with my boytoy.  As always, I've rounded up some of my favorite reads of the week. If you're a Washingtonian, your favorite section will be the "in the know" section. 

What are you guys doing this weekend? How are you feeling? Let me know in the comments! 

xoxo phoebe • honestly, though. 


Carla went to Iceland and had the most awe-inspiring trip ever. Seriously. You need to look at these photos. [SpicyCandyDC

Liz shares her day + night skincare routine with QVC. [sequins and stripes]

Roxanne went to BOTH the Inauguration + women's march. [Glass of Glam]

Should you wax in the winter or not? Tanvii.com gets into the details at Cera Waxing Studio. [Tanvii.com]

Caroline talks dark lipsticks and how to ACTUALLY make them look good. [the freckled life]

in the know

Okay, in case you somehow missed the coolest thing in wine since rose, blue wine is a thing in Spain. And I mean like a HUGE thing. But apparently it's illegal there...and also avail for preorder in the U.S. [Food Republic]

Jumpsuit leggings are here, you guys. I don't know how I feel about them yet, but apparently Kylie is loving them. [WhoWhatWear]

What exactly is gaslighting? Well, watch the 1944 movie Gaslight and yeah, nothing has changed in the past 60 years... [Vox]

Apparently chain mail fashion is going to be HUGE for 2017. Any ideas on how to wear it to the office? [Vogue]

Women, girls, if you're feeling down or disempowered, check out the United State of Women. This is their video. [Facebook]

The wishlist for the DC food + drink scene that, honestly, though, I can get behind. ESP. the last one. [DCist]

DC Restaurant week starts MONDAY and you want to start planning ASAP. [RAMW


ICYMI: 2016 was the  h o t t e s t  year on record. And yes, climate change is real, Drumpf. But what now? It's still largely unknown. [Washington Post]

The Vox news team annotated Donald Trump's inauguration speech and it's money. [Vox]

Apparently, octopuses are the closest things to aliens for us. They're crazy smart, can BASICALLY shape-shift, and look kind of alien-like to be honest. [Scientific American]