weekend guide [june 1-3]


It's *~official~* ! I'm back from my honeymoon, married to my best friend. And with that, my weekend guide is back as well. Scroll down for things to do, eat, read and more.

SAVE THE DATE // Next weekend is Rosé All (Game)Day at Nationals Park! $35 tickets = all-access to the Rosé Garden and free rose during the game. | tickets


~ what to do (washingtonian's only) ~ 

~ this and thats ~

  • Maxim and I just got into Winc (thanks to a wedding gift from our suave, Spanish friend) and we're so excited to try it out. 
  • A friend invented a 4-piece phone case set to keep you prepped for every situation life throws at you. 
  • In case you missed it, Maxi and I hired Riley to create a watercolor map for our wedding. And now we're madly in love with all of her incredible work. 
  • In my NEVER ENDING attempt to actually drink more than a cup of water, I bought this water bottle. 
  • Terrified, but excited, but terrified to rock these new ALL WHITE leggings to spin class.  
  • There's a new Instagram integration that allow you to buy Eventbrite tickets STRAIGHT from the app. 

~ what I'm reading ~