weekend guide {February 9-11}


weekend guide for February 9-11

Happy weekend! My week has been pretty mellow, but this weekend is jam-packed for me — I have a baby shower for a friend, several restaurant tastings, a secret project to work on and I have to pack for a week in LA! In this edition of my weekend guide, find a great study on gestures vs. voice AI, a new podcast and — oh yeah! — my feature in Teen Vogue! 

what to do (washingtonian's only) 

this and thats

  • Maxim and I are trying out Felix Gray glasses to help with digital eye strain — review coming! 
  • I'm on a wire basket kick right now and have been organizing our apartment with these
  • Added this book on curating to my Amazon cart. 
  • This is the grossest and also most weirdly satisfying toy I've ever seen. 
  • My exact thoughts on the new Snapchat update. #RIP 
  • My new favorite K-Beauty toner — with ginseng. 
  • & I have been spending an *ungodly* amount of time falling in love with the Instagram account for The Kangaroo Sanctuary

what I'm reading

  • Everything that happened at the Winter Olympics opening ceremony.
  • The insights that apparently there's a problem with people cuddling too many chickens...? 
  • Months after hurricanes tore through paradise, a heartbreaking story of reality in the Virgin Islands. 
  • Watch Katie Couric "skimm" the history of the Olympics for you. [Fun fact! From grades 3-6, when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said Katie Couric. I was her biggest fan girl.] 
  • An old article from Bon Appetite about soy — because the battle over whether it's good or not never ends. 
  • A look into the life of a "low-tech"-er (aka someone without a smartphone). 
  • If you're feeling morbid, a look into a nuclear war with North Korea.