things i'm loving {november 2016 edition}


The District Darlings. Meet Nicole {@thedistrictdarlings} + Chelsea {@csantos}. They're fashionista sisters who blog together at and they recently {re}launched their incredible website. Check it out! Need more convincing? They were recently featured in MITD, so if you're looking for fashion-forward, off-the-runway but immediately wearable, look out for these two.


MezzeBoxDC. Meet Johnny Seikaly, the man behind this startup food delivery service. Seikaly felt letdown by the food options after returning from Lebanon. So he started cooking homemade meals with the help of daily Skype calls with his mom. MezzeBox delivers in the District and provides — hands down — the best Mediterranean/Lebanese food ever. I tried them recently for a review and Maxim loved it so much, we're planning on become regular customers. Warning: Once you try their hummus, you'll be hooked. Want to try? Get $15 off when you use code: HonestlyThough ! 


Convertible turtleneck sweaters. This season, Madewell has totally stepped up their sweater game with their line of sweaters that convert into a turtleneck with buttons. You basically button-in the neck if you want it, or remove to wear like a regular sweater. Or don't button it in and use it as a matching scarf. I know it sounds weird, but I'm obsessed. And honestly, though, who doesn't want a build in scarf? Two looks, one item. Psst: 25% off right now! Use code LAYERUP! 

Tarte's 4-in-1 face mist. Despite my scrunched up face, this stuff it amazing. I love Tarte because they're cruelty-free + are fantastic for sensitive skin (like mine). And this mist is no different. You can use it as a pick-me-up in the middle of the day, a face primer, a quick makeup setting spray or a moisturizer prep. I love giving myself a little mid-afternoon spray when I'm deep in blogging mode or at the office. 


Focusing with Tide, a Pomodoro timer-type app that allows you to listen to different types of white noise for segmented amounts of time, and then prompts you to take a 5-minute walking break (or coffee break, whatever works). I work in a pretty conservative office setting, and so it might seem weird that I'm getting up every hour, but I love it. I'll take the stairs down to the street and go for a walk, then return. I honestly feel so much more productive after doing it. 

P.S. Don't know what the Pomodoro Technique is? Click here. 

And with that, happy November! Are you loving what I'm loving? Let me know in the comments below!