The trendiest drinks that everyone is hooked on right now

So you guys know that I've been ob-sess-ing over probiotic drinks as of late. I bloat really easily — especially around that time of the month — and I know I'm TERRIBLE at drinking enough water, which definitely does not help the cause. This lead me to discovering probiotic drinks and giving them a little try-try. I'm not a fan of fizzy stuff, so I was worried that I was going to hate them. 

BUT, like two months later, I'm obsessed. Check out my favorites PLUS a little bonus on Hey Gouter Tonics. {A full review of this local, DC business to come}. 

-- but first -- 

before we begin, let's have a little education sesh, shall we? There's a ton of confusion around the different types of gut-health drinks and if probiotics ever HELP! This is, like, a two second overview of each, so if you want further explanation, let me know in the comments below! 

Kombucha // The biggest drink trend right now. Kombucha is technically just fermented tea that's made from a SCOBY (symbiotic 'colony' of bacteria and yeast). Drinking it, though, has no { scientifically proven } evidence proving health benefits. BUT, Kombucha contains live bacteria, which DOES have a ton of evidence supporting the notion that you'll have better digestion and a strong immune system. 

Probiotic // Probiotics are literally just live bacteria. People take them to help promote the "good" bacteria in your body -- and if you've taken a lot of antibiotics, they've probably been killed off. And since we have this thing with bottling everything right now, "probiotic" drinks are popping up everywhere (see my fave drink below: #2). Moreover, probiotics help with digestion, bloating, and general immunity. 

Apple Cider Vinegar // At the basic level, this is just vinegar made from apple must or cider. If it's unpasteurized and/or organic, it can have a more congealed appearance + texture (so heads up). 

Tonic // Tonics are kind of like juice, kind of not. They're alkaline water-based drinks mixed with things like pressed lemon juice, coconut, cayenne pepper, kale, carrots, oranges, dates, etc. to make a drink that promotes overall good health. Oh haiiiii, Hey Gouter Tonics.

Elixir // An elixir is meant to be something that heals rather than promotes over all good health (like a tonic). Examples? Click here, here + here

Juice // Juice is just liquid squeezed out of fruits + vegetables. There's not actually many benefits from this, since usually all of the amaze nutrients (like fiber) that are actually beneficial. But I still love my activated charcoal drinks + anything that MisFit throws at me. 


Great, so now that we understand what in the heck we're drinking all day, let's move on to what I love to drink all day – and hopefully you will too! 

1. Masterbrew Kombucha // This is Maxim's favorite drink ever (aka it's the Bonus Fry). He loves the ginger flavor + knowing that he's drinking something healthy, yummy + low in sugar. 

2. Kevita Probiotic (Lemon Cayenne) // This is literally one of my first "trendy" drinks that I ever drank. I was obsessed with the spicy flavor that off set the fizziness (I HATE FIZZY). Plus, compared to a lot of other trendy drinks, this has no artificial sugars, stands below 30 calories for a bottle + less than a few grams of plant-based sugar. 

*side note* I highly recommend AGAINST using Kevita's (above) website to see where Kevita is sold near you. It formats weirdly and you can barely read the text. Just Google it, but also know that they're sold at almost every Whole Foods, Mom's Market, Target, Giant, Harris Teeter, etc. 

3. Harmless Harvest Coconut Water // Harmless Harvest is NOT cheap, but it's literally ONLY coconut water -- like straight from coconuts -- and nothing else. When I was in Florida last week, I drank probs 3x the coconut water for a fraction of the price. BUT, c'est la via. Until I move to coconut land, I'll be stuck paying $5 for a bottle of coconut water. Look out for their probiotic version too, though, which has added probiotics. 

ALSO: Please steer clear of Vita Coco Water. They've been have some serious problems recently, and I want you guys playing it safe. 

4. Healthade Kombucha (Cayenne) // Healthade is like the LuLuLemon of Kombucha drinks. Their bottles are amber to keep from UV light spoiling the drink, which I did not know was a thing until like a month ago. We're learning together, kids. 

*side note* I just want to say that my favorite thing in the world right now is the ridiculousness of "kombucha" cocktails + beer. Perhaps I'm wrong (at which point, please put me in my place in the comments section), but doesn't that totes defeat the purpose? Then again, I use kombucha in my salad dressing + love it. 

5. GoodBelly Probiotic Shot // So I realized about a year ago that I was majorly deficient in "good" bacteria and started buying these shots to help. I would drink a mango probiotic shot twice a day, and now it's a staple in my fridge. Jamie Lee Curtis had Activia, and I have my GoodBelly. p.s. you can buy their probiotic tabs here.  

Are you a fan of probiotics drinks? Kombuchas? Let me know what you're loving { or hating } in the comments below!