make your shoes do double duty with these picks for EVERY budget

photo by bruce allen // loving my shoes? they're from  HUSHPUPPIES. 

photo by bruce allen // loving my shoes? they're from HUSHPUPPIES. 

The summers are literally SO tricky for work wear. It's scorching outside and you literally want to take everything off. I personally would prefer to be answering emails poolside with a nice piña colada instead of sitting in a freezing cubicle with artificial lighting. 


This is the world we live in. And so while we can't be real housesives, at least we can enjoy our footwear right, ladies? I compiled a little list of literally every shoe on the market that I'm obsessed with. There's a shoe in there to work for every board room, every buttoned-up work place + every laid-back startup. They can work for the power lunch with your boss + happy hour margs after.

Found a pair that you're in love with?! Let me know below. 





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work the wear: what I wore to the office

It occurred to me that most women in the U.S. are going to work everyday and probably encountering the same thing: What in the world do I wear? I decided to begin sharing what I wear partly because it's a cool time capsule + partly because I hope it inspires you to share what you wear! I feel like I'm always examining what my co-workers wear: Do they rock the open-toe heel? Do they wear jeans? A sweatshirt?

So, what do you wear to the office?  



I always try to start the week off in heels + a blazer. There's nothing like feeling confident on the {arguably} worst day of the week. 

blue blazer {similar

white lace shirt {loft

blue jeans {madewell

brown heels {similar}

 thing on my phone {popsocket



I woke up late, so I threw on cropped jeans + threw my hair in a ponytail after a heavy dosing of dry shampoo. I added the necklace + pin for some flare. 

grey blazer {express, similar

patterned shirt* {whowhatwear

necklace {ON SALE loft}

pin {erin condren}

cropped jeans {DL1961}

black flats {target}

thing on my phone {popsocket

*for some reason, I can only find the top in plus sizes on But, I know in stores they have other sizes. I'm wearing an XS. 



I wanted something comfy but loose today — I woke up feeling bloated and a little off. No worries, because we all have those days! I opted for my FAVE pair of pinstripe pants + a striped blouse + 5 inch heels to offset the wider leg cut. 

blouse {similar-ish

necklace {similar

shoes {steve madden

pants {similar}

thing on my phone {popsocket



I got out of bed early to straighten my hair. And after that I felt super inspired to put effort into my minimal outfit. I paired this pussybow blouse with a blazer + matching flats. I also forgot to take a photo, so you'll have to settle for this Robeks shot. 

cropped jeans {DL1961}

black flats {target}

blazer {similar

shirts {whowhatwear}

sunglasses {quay australia

morning smoothie {robeks} 

clutch {similar-ish


I woke up 20 minutes before an important international call and omg I have never gotten ready faster. I threw on my go-to portofino shirt + paired my shoes with a matching necklace. Sunnies on my head? Yeah, I was optimistic about the weather. #TGIF

portofino shirt {express}

blue jeans {madewell

necklace {ON SALE loft}

shoes {similar}

sunglasses {steve alan

watch {daniel wellington} // 15% off with code: DANIELWELLINGTON

thing on my phone {popsocket