[my picks] oversized blazers for fall

[my picks] oversized blazers for fall

ICYMI, I majorly cleaned out my wardrobe recently, and dove into the world of capsule wardrobes. At the end, I made a promise to myself (and my wallet) then if and when I bought new pieces, they would be versatile. I'd want to be able to dress them up, dress them down, and get a variety of outfits out of them. 

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make your shoes do double duty with these picks for EVERY budget

photo by bruce allen // loving my shoes? they're from  HUSHPUPPIES. 

photo by bruce allen // loving my shoes? they're from HUSHPUPPIES. 

The summers are literally SO tricky for work wear. It's scorching outside and you literally want to take everything off. I personally would prefer to be answering emails poolside with a nice piña colada instead of sitting in a freezing cubicle with artificial lighting. 


This is the world we live in. And so while we can't be real housesives, at least we can enjoy our footwear right, ladies? I compiled a little list of literally every shoe on the market that I'm obsessed with. There's a shoe in there to work for every board room, every buttoned-up work place + every laid-back startup. They can work for the power lunch with your boss + happy hour margs after.

Found a pair that you're in love with?! Let me know below. 





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