rompers + jumpsuits for every occasion


I have an aggressive obsession of rompers and jumpsuits.

IMG_3334 2.JPG

I love, love, love being able to have my outfit be one-piece, but also enjoy the beauty of being able to sit-down, cross my legs, walk in the wind, etc., without the fear of my seamless panties making their international debut. I also have a weird thing about dresses + kind of hate wearing them, but I still love something that's one-piece. 

If you don’t understand this feeling, idk what to tell you, but you probs shouldn’t continue reading. 

photo by dennis turbeville // click

photo by dennis turbeville // click

BUT if you’re still here, hi.

I’m glad we’re on the same page. I have really long legs + a short torso, and so traditionally, I hated jumpsuits + rompers because they were always, like, synched at the waist in a super weird way and grrrr. Recently, though, brands have started shifting towards more structured looks that are straight through the torso + give little petite — but long-legged — girls in this world hope. 


photo by dennis turbeville 

photo by dennis turbeville 

photo be dennis turbeville 

photo be dennis turbeville 

My obsession is strong, so, so, very strong. I really believe that there is a jumpsuit + romper out there for EVERYONE and for every single occasion. You can dress is up for a wedding or a club. Add a blazer to a jumpsuit and BAM, work wear. Slap some fuckin' plastic gems to your face, braid you hair + WHAM-O, festival look. Like, do you see what I mean? They're so versatile + I literally spend an embarrassing amount of time bookmarking all of them that I want. #TheStruggle

SO, I’ve compiled a HUGE collection of jumpsuits + rompers that you can wear for literally ANY occasion. They’re all affordable,all amazing + I can bet you anything that I will be doing a "I wore a jumpsuit/romper everyday for a month" post ASAP. But, honestly, though.

Oh, and btw: The romper I'm wearing in this post was from OLD NAVY. I'm wearing an XS + it's like $17 right now

prints + florals 

Off-the-shoulder + one-shoulder

boardroom safe { with a blazer } 

Shop ALLLLL the rompers + jumsuits

essential leather jackets + embroidered tees

So lately I’ve been alllll about the embroidered tee. As casual + laid back my style is, this trend totally fits into my outfits perfectly. PLUS — it gives my outfits just a hint of femininity. 

I love stories behind go-to style pieces. There’s something so…comforting? attractive? intriguing…about knowing that what you’re wearing is attached to a special time in your life. It’s a conversation starter every time someone comments on it. 

I recently asked you guys on Instagram to let me know the stories behind your favorite leather jacket {and if you haven’t, comment below so I can read it}.

So here’s the story behind my FAVORITE black {faux} leather jacket: 

I was flying to San Francisco so that I could do THE road trip: Driving from SF to LA along the PCH. The roadtrip where you follow the ocean all the way along the coast. You lose cell signal through Big Sur, and watch sea lions basking on the beach, and see the Santa Monica pier in the distance after driving through the valley and Calabasas.

I was meeting Maxim in SF, and we were staying the night in some hotel that I’d found on Hotel Tonight. I had planned out random stops along our way down so that we could experience the full Cali road trip. 

WELL, I thought to myself, I can NOT go to SoCal without a token black leather jacket. Here’s the boring part: I went to the mall and bought the first one that I liked. It was on the sale rack at Zara and was a little stiff + I wasn’t even that in love with it. But I bought it, along with, like, five basic white tanks.

I had my suitcase in the car and literally went to the airport from there, wearing this new, not-so-amazing leather jacket.

But over the next 10 days, I wore it non-stop. I wore it when we staying in an epic, overly colorful hotel in San Fran. I wore it when we drove down the PCH and stopped in Big Sur for veggie burgers and fries. I wore it when we drove into West Hollywood on a whim and booked an overly expensive hotel because the view was better than anything. I wore it when we went to a random Indian place in Hollywood + had the best Chana Masala of ours lives. And I wore it during long walks through Ventura County and along the beach. It was the best trip — and by the end, I was in love with this jacket. It had been broken in and had a fleeting smell of chocolate edibles + too much tequila + sea salt. And I loved every bit of it. 


shirt {ONLY $13!}

And now, here we are.

Me and my token leather jacket + black jeans + an embroidered tee that just WORKS. So, like I said, if you have a story about your go-to jacket — or anything else for that matter — let me know in the comments below. 

And if you haven’t found that perfect jacket yet, check out some of my go-tos (and kind of the ones I want to add to my collection) below. 

xx phoebe // honestly, though 

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work the wear: what I wore to the office

It occurred to me that most women in the U.S. are going to work everyday and probably encountering the same thing: What in the world do I wear? I decided to begin sharing what I wear partly because it's a cool time capsule + partly because I hope it inspires you to share what you wear! I feel like I'm always examining what my co-workers wear: Do they rock the open-toe heel? Do they wear jeans? A sweatshirt?

So, what do you wear to the office?  



I always try to start the week off in heels + a blazer. There's nothing like feeling confident on the {arguably} worst day of the week. 

blue blazer {similar

white lace shirt {loft

blue jeans {madewell

brown heels {similar}

 thing on my phone {popsocket



I woke up late, so I threw on cropped jeans + threw my hair in a ponytail after a heavy dosing of dry shampoo. I added the necklace + pin for some flare. 

grey blazer {express, similar

patterned shirt* {whowhatwear

necklace {ON SALE loft}

pin {erin condren}

cropped jeans {DL1961}

black flats {target}

thing on my phone {popsocket

*for some reason, I can only find the top in plus sizes on But, I know in stores they have other sizes. I'm wearing an XS. 



I wanted something comfy but loose today — I woke up feeling bloated and a little off. No worries, because we all have those days! I opted for my FAVE pair of pinstripe pants + a striped blouse + 5 inch heels to offset the wider leg cut. 

blouse {similar-ish

necklace {similar

shoes {steve madden

pants {similar}

thing on my phone {popsocket



I got out of bed early to straighten my hair. And after that I felt super inspired to put effort into my minimal outfit. I paired this pussybow blouse with a blazer + matching flats. I also forgot to take a photo, so you'll have to settle for this Robeks shot. 

cropped jeans {DL1961}

black flats {target}

blazer {similar

shirts {whowhatwear}

sunglasses {quay australia

morning smoothie {robeks} 

clutch {similar-ish


I woke up 20 minutes before an important international call and omg I have never gotten ready faster. I threw on my go-to portofino shirt + paired my shoes with a matching necklace. Sunnies on my head? Yeah, I was optimistic about the weather. #TGIF

portofino shirt {express}

blue jeans {madewell

necklace {ON SALE loft}

shoes {similar}

sunglasses {steve alan

watch {daniel wellington} // 15% off with code: DANIELWELLINGTON

thing on my phone {popsocket

chill millennial girlfriend barbie


Over the weekend, some bloggers + local women in DC got together for a monthly brunch. Click to here to get all the details. The theme was "Barbie" at Hawthorne on U Street. While I'm a huge fan of brunch, I'm not exactly a fan of the color pink or of Barbie. But, my friends reminded me, Barbie isn't just bright pink and a bopping, blonde ponytail. 

So I went as chill millennial girlfriend barbie. Or, as many people pointed out, Madewell Barbie — I mean, have you SEEN their new collab with WIWF? Like honestly, though, it's perf. My pants were on clearance from Francesca's (they cost $12 with tax) and will most likely remain the only pink thing I have in my closet. That being said, they definitely grew on me as the day wore on. And since blush pink is { everywhere } right now, I'm going to call the purchase a winner. 

A N Y W A Y S 

Hawthorne is a super chill-vibed place for brunch + has four floors with a light filled rooftop. $35 bottomless brunch (with vegan options!) on Sundays untik 2:30 p.m. — pink champs + decor not included. Shoutout to Skylar for dealing with 30 tipsy, brunch-going bloggers.  


jeans (similar) | madwell tee | madewell bandana | dvf booties

scroll • click • shop 

Yes, you can buy that cute top.

You guys went crazy for my striped off-the-shoulder top with the ridiculous statement sleeves.

And I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN BUY IT

It costs less than $25. It's $23.10.

I usually wear an XS or a S. I ordered a small and it fits great. 

Shipping will take about 10-ish days because it's from fast fashion retailer, MakeMeChic. 

But I love this top.  Like honestly, though, I've worn it probably 60% of the time since I received it in the mail. 

That's all. 

stress-relief tips: it's the little things

Lately, I've been busy. Like REALLY busy. Like eating terribly + sleeping badly + skipping the gym busy. With work, and events and feeling behind on my blog, I haven't been feeling myself. Do you guys ever feel this way? I've been in a funk with creativity + career goals + blah, blah, blah.

But, at 22, I keep reminding myself that we ALL go through this and that it's a normal part of life. We get stressed, we feel lost and then we pop back up having learned a great lesson about ourselves. 

Personally, there's been a few things that have helped me climb out of my funk. Because honestly, though, it's the small successes of daily life. These simple {thought maybe not-so-easy} changes help to put me back in control of my life. And I'm sharing them below. 

xo phoebe

photo by  dave mentzer  

photo by dave mentzer 

stress-relief tips

I started dedicating more time to making sure that both my written planner + iphone calendar are up-to-date. I make lists in my physical planner and turn them into "reminders" on my iphone calendar. There's something about hacing both in sync that keeps me calm. 

I cleaned out my inbox. I use to clean out all of my subscriptions, newsletters, etc. so I receive one, daily email that has all of the subscriptions I'm still interested in. 

I started putting in more effort than usual to dress up for work — and I mean less obsessing over the perfect outfit, and more making sure that I FEEL put-together and confident. There's nothing like an awesome pencil skirt (hint, Zophia, hint), heels + a strong lippie to put that strut in your step. 

I make time every day to shut off the screens. Okay, I'm trying to do this. It's not a success yet, but I use the time to snuggle up with Maxim and make sure that I'm PRESENT; 

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

I listen to podcasts in the morning + save articles to read later with Pocket. I love having the peace of mind of having everything that I wanted to circle back to on a single app. 

I'm taking better care of my gut. Yup, I said it. There's nothing fun about being stressed as anything and feeling weighed down and bloated. If you follow me on social media at all, you know that I'm absolutely ADDICTED to probiotic drinks. 

And going off of probiotic health...I'm just trying to drink more water. As always. Because the universe knows that I'm more likely to chug coffee + pressed juice than plain water.

I use Tide, an Pomodoro-method-style app, that's dedicated to helping you focus for small increments of time + then taking a walking or sitting break. I listen to cafe noises (I love the muted sounds of chatter and life). During my "break" I get up from my desk and walk around the building. 

I listen to the advice of others. One of my biggest flaws is that I'm hot-headed, stubborn and committed to doing things how I want. But I'm {again, TRYING to} listen more when I'm given advice and take it to heart. 

Now, it's your turn.

When you're feeling stressed, what do you do? How do you take control of anxiety-filled situations? Let me know below! 

photo by dave mentzer 

photo by dave mentzer 

SIDE NOTE: I ordered this shirt from SheIn with no idea whatsoever about whether it would fit for not. BUT, it fit perfectly! When I had seen it on the model, I thought it would be perfect for a casual day at the office, or something I could dress up with a mini-skirt for networking. Maybe not, because jeans are my thing, but you get the picture. It's comfy, looks put together and literally just needs a zip up the back of the shirt! BUT be warned that SheIn's shipping takes a WHILE – as in 1-3 weeks depending! 

I'm wearing these Madewell Jeans, basic black pumps + this SheIn collared top (under $20!) 

what i wore {sweater dresses + OTK boots}

a little behind-the-scenes action

a little behind-the-scenes action

If you're here for the boots, click here.


So I'm going to be honest with you guys, I had no idea that anyone would be into my sweater dress-OTK boot combo. I honestly get really nervous about wearing skirts + dresses, and hardly ever do it — I'm nervous I'm going to accidentally flash someone! Honestly, though.

BUT, I love this sweater, and when you're short and the oversized sweater is long, you work it. Plus, sweaters and OTK boots are literally everywhere right now, and are so perfect for running around the city on the weekends, or grabbing coffee with friends.

A lot of you asked about my sweater and where I got it. It's originally from Topshop years ago and I bought it three sizes too big because I wanted it as a dress. It's not available from anywhere anymore. BUT, I've scoured the interwebs to find you some of my fave oversized sweater just in time for spring...or the {hopefully} rest of winter...whichever comes first.

p.s. The first one is my favorite and costs less than $50! 

p.p.s. do you {also} absolutely live in oversized sweaters all winter? Let me know in the comments below! 

photos by dave mentzer




MealPass Launch Party {recap + What I wore}

MealPal DC Lauch Event

A huge thank you to Epic Yoga DC for hosting

the event and to MealPal for having Maxim and I! 

Hello, hello, hello! I’m writing from under my covers...and the metro...and while walking to the bathroom at work...because I’m so excited to tell al you guys about what I’ve been up to! 

But first, I do need to make a little confession. Well, not even a confession. I just need to explain something. I am vegan (that’s not a confession, obvs). And oftentimes, I think that being vegan makes people believe that I don’t support those who lead non-vegan lifestyles. And oftentimes, I feel that I have some odd standard to uphold where I can’t endorse or believe in..or even LIKE people who don’t agree those ideals. But I’m here to tell you all that that’s not the way that it is! 

I am a vegan and I blog about vegan food. But I also blog about food-related trends, companies and ideals. I blog about what I'm wearing, where I'm going, what I'm reading and, if I start writing more, the working world. And I take advice from non-vegans on where to eat. My fiancee, Maxim, is not vegan by any means. He's my non-vegan taste tester (and photog + everything. I love you!) He eats vegan when I’m cooking at home and loves to make me vegan grilled cheese when I’ve had a tough day. He also loves a good bison burger and Whole Foods chicken strips or Chicken Tiki Masala. 

My point is...let's just love and respect each other. I'll be vegan and continue to eat french fries when there's nothing else but lettuce on the menu. And you can continue to tell me that you could never, ever be vegan and ask me about why I don't want real leather on my shoes. We shall *~*CoExiSt.~*


Now that I’ve gotten that all off of my chest, I can continue on to why I’m writing so excitedy right now. I am working with MealPal (previously MealPass) to help you discover your new #LunchtimeBFF and to end the #SadDeskLunch. 

MealPass? MealPal? 

Yes. They’re a food startup from the co-founders of ClassPass. On Monday, Sept. 19 (launch party day!) they rebranded to MealPal (see below). They started in Manhattan in NYC and have now spread to cities like Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and, of course, Washington, D.C.!

Honestly, though: You get lunch for like $6-7 every week day from awesome places around the District. It's one flat fee that's charge per cycle, aka every month. It's a fraction of what you'd usually pay. No, it's not delivered. You go and pick it up. You need to get up from your desk, anyways. Haven't you heard? Sitting kills. Get in those lunchtime steps, you desk dwellers. 

Anyways, I had known about MealPal from some friends in NYC and was excited for its entrance into the #DCFoodScene. So, like the good food blogger that I am, I attended the launch party! It was held at Epic Yoga DC (connected to a Jrink location!) — on Connecticut Ave. next to The Big Hunt and MadHatter. It was dark though, and littttttle crowded for my liking…or for my camera’s liking! Okay, let's be honest. The lighting sucked, but I ate yummy food and I had a great time. I'm sharing what I was able to get below. 

There was food from a variety of local restaurants: 

  • Mini Chicken Pesto Wraps from MadHatter. 
  • Meat Likers + Veg Me Pizza from DC Pizza.  
  • Salmon Ceasar Salad from MaSo. 
  • Spinach + Pesto Bowl from The Little Beet
  • Hoagies (and absolutely addicting potato chips) from Bub & Pop's

...and so much more!

Favorites from launch party:

  • Beet Gazpacho from Souper Girl. I'm a fan of both gazpacho and Souper Girl, but in the small space, it was 10x more delicious. 
  • Salmon Veggie Couscous Salad from The Front Page. Shoutout to Chef Roberto for being so accommodating and making me a custom vegan bowl of couscous to eat! 
  • Juice from Jrink Juicery. I mean, who isn't a fan of Jrink Juicery? Seeing them there made my heart so happy. They're a local cold-pressed juice company that delivers fresh each morning and have everything from cleanse aiding to protein packed drinks. 

Over the next week, I'll be testing out MealPal and it's whole situation. Then on Monday, I'll be letting you know me thoughts..


Because I love you guys, and there's no point in having MealPal unless you guys can too. MealPal is letting me give away some awesome discounts and free meals starting next week! So when I post my review, I'll be posting about the contest too! STAY TUNED! Can't wait to reveal more soon!

Cool, Phoebe. But this post is about what you wore (What I'm pretending you're saying). If you're here for outfit only, scroll down!

I love love love this romper from Target! According to the website, it's technically a junior's piece, but it fits so well on my frame! I'm petite (5" 3') and have very long legs. And by that I mean my torso is non-existent. In the world of rompers and jumpsuits, that means I work hard to find ones that are more form fitting so that my wait doesn't get lost in a balloon of fabric. My co-workers told me that I look like Peter Pan, but hey. Peter Pan was cool AF and worked the transition to fall fashion better than anyone. 

Scroll down to shop my look! 

Hat: LouLou. | Romper: Target. | Vegan leather booties: Dolce Vita. Find similar herehere and here. | Clutch: South Moon Under. 

What's your favorite kind-of-fall-but-kind-of-not look? 

What I Wore {Heat Wave in Old Town}

It's Tuesday and I am so sorry that it took me this long to write about my weekend! If you read Friday's post, you saw that I played hostess in Old Town Alexandria when our friends from Richmond came to stay. We had an incredible time and  we’re IHG Spire Elite members — a hotel + travel rewards program that literally everyone should be joining — so we were bumped up to a beautiful suite over looking the Potomac River and National Harbor on the other side of the water. 

But it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that our friends made it to us! We took the extra time alone to explore some restaurants and specials that we’ve never experienced in Old Town Alexandria. And I also took full advantage of the brick walls to compliment my heat wave outfit. Can you believe it — the heat index read 107 degrees on Friday afternoon! 

Scroll down to see my favorite look from this weekend. What are you favorite looks for a crazy hot day? Comment below! 

Dress: H&M Basics. Find similar here + here. | Shirt: Primark. Find similar here. | Necklace: South Moon Under $39 | Hat: Lou Lou. Find similar here + here. | Sunglasses: Sunski | Brick Wall: Old Town Alexandria.