weekend roundup: memorial day weekend

photo by  Bruce Allen

photo by Bruce Allen

Hi babes, I'm writing this little post (my first in a while) while on my way to SouCycle. It's been a tough couple of weeks with work and my personal/blogging life has been literally non-existent. BUT, I'm back and there's nothing better to kick your butt into high gear like cycle, smoothies + memorial day weekend. honestly, though. 

xx phoebe

w h a t  t o  d o

  • Attend the Memorial Day Parade downtown on Saturday. But watch out for the massive street closures. [Downtown] 
  • Memorial Day Brunch at El Centro.  [14th Street location is best]
  • Kick off the summer (and more rain) at Hawthorne on Sunday-Monday. [U Street]
  • If you happen to have 1920s garb just lying around, snag a ticket to the Great Gatsby lawn party happening Saturday. [National Cathedral] 
  • Fifth Harmony is performing at Wolf Trap (?!) on Saturday. [Vienna, VA]
  • Jack Rose is officiallllly launching their Game of Thrones themed ale this weekend. [Dupont] 
  • The Memorial Day Concert on Sunday has tons of locations to watch + related, fun activities. [Downtown]
  • With the day off on Monday, indulge yourself at an all-day cookout at Big Chief. [Ivy City]
  • Sunday evening, check out the Pink & White Party at the W Hotel. [Downtown]

b l o g g e r s

I did not put together a list of Memorial Day Sales at all, but a bunch of bloggers did! So check them out and shop 'til you drop

i n  t h e  k n o w

  • Starbucks has finally learned how to actually make iced coffee: WITH COFFEE ICE. [DCist]
  • Washingtonians are more likely to search for a shrugging gif than other U.S. cities. [DCist]
  • Check out all of the semifinalists in Eater's Young Guns contest - a search for the best talent in the food + drink biz. [Eater]
  • Check out this hilarious explanation of the Comey firing situations. [Washington Post]
  • President Trump straight-up PUSHED a prime minister out of the way. And I'm horrified to even be typing this. [CNN]
  • But Pope Francis put Donald back in place + gifted him his 2015 letter on climate change. I wish I was that savage. [Reuters]
  • According to SCIENCE, this is how to feel less stressed. Hint: Laughing helps. [Greatist]

l o n g  f o r m

  • Published in 2012, but still relevant AF: A long profile on Mark Zuckerberg having to, you know, be an adult + a CEO. [NYMag]
  • The world of indoor farming and the startup behind its business model, Plenty. [Fast Company]


weekend roundup: may 13 + 14

weekend roundup: may 13 + 14

I'm still recovering from last weekend's bachelorette party -- honestly, though. It was so much fun + I can't wait to share with you what it was like to attend my FIRST bachelorette + my personal tips for any that you attend. But in the meantime, I'm crawling out of bed to give you guys some weekend reads. 

And ICYMI: that Spirit Airlines brawl? I WAS THERE. And my flight was delayed for HOURS, so I didn't get home until a few hours before having to GET UP for work. Not an excuse, but rather...yeah...it's an excuse, but I don't feel sorry for myself. I've been cooking up tons + tons of awesome content for you babes! 

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weekend reads {april 1&2}

Hiiii babes!

If you're reding this, I guess these are technically Sunday reads since I'm just publishing now. But anyways, welcome back to another installment of what I'm reading during commutes, bathroom breaks + in bed at 3 a.m. 

I'm in bed with a giant cup of coffee, planning away with my Erin Condren. I have a crazy busy week ahead both in my day job, blogging life + a few personal things too. Oh, and if you're in DC, you can come say hey to me HERE on Thursday. 

Hope you're all having a fabulous beginning of April. And as always, lmk what you're reading in the comments below! 

xx phoebe // honestly, though 


Payton talks staying inspired + Urban Outfitters. {Hustle & Halcyon

Victoria shows off floral rompers + perfect spring sandals. {A Gallon Of Glitter}

Meaghan speaks my language: " I’m the type of person who would rather be holed up in a snowy mountain cabin than relaxing by the beach." {District Sparkle

Lauryn and Michael get serious about email etiquette. {The Skinny Confidential}

in the know 

What to toss + what to keep for summer...before you go shopping {WhoWhatWear}

"Millennial" jobs that old people don't get. AKA, me explaining life to who doesn't have instagram. {NBCNews}

Being uber self-aware of the crazy health + wellness trends that we seem to latch onto {McSweeney's}

OH, and btw, you can catch up on all the drama after ByChole + Chef Chloe SPLIT UP. {Eater NY}


The history of Millennial Pink, and why it's still here. {NYMag}

If you like Big Little Lies, READ THIS before tonight. {The Atlantic}

I'm falling in love with this new release, Startup, thanks for Book of the Month club. 

weekend reads {march 11&12}


All the stuff to read in bed on Saturday morning with your giant cup of coffee. 


Anneke {with the good hair} shares her best tips for an enviable mane. [Knot Couture]

One of my fave LA bloggers, Payton, shares her blush, monochrome outfit. [Hustle and Halcyon]

The Fashionably Broke shares her review of new shopping app, EyeSpot. [TFB]

Sarah highlights some women-owned businesses in DC. [District Damsel]

Ashlee talks allllll the spring pieces you need for your wardrobe. [Cobalt Chronicles]

in the know 

ShopHouse — the Thai food version of Chipotle — is closing for good on March 17. Hint hint: I'm devastated. [DCist]

TOTAL #BossBabe, The Notorious RBG, apparently does a ridiculous workout to stay in shape — while listening to NPR NewsHour. [Politico]

New H Street bar, Hill Prince, sounds like a place I can get behind. [Eater DC]

And before you go around telling people that Cork Wine Bar is trying to get $$ over this Trump lawsuit, think again. [DCist]

Learn the history behind the {now thriving} alleyways of DC. [Washingtonian]

Impossible Foods + Beyond Meat are taking on the meat industry head-on — with plant-based burgers THAT BLEED. [The Guardian]

Personal stylist + DC Style Factory owner, Rosana, talks the evolution of personal styling. [Alexandria Stylebook]

HRC talks advice for women + what's kept her strong in honor of International Women's Day. [Vogue]

ICYMI Washingtonians, meet the women dominating the DC food scene. [OnTap]

long form

Apparently predictions for the future of shopping include implants that can read your emotions. Creepy. [The Atlantic]

And finally, the article that everyone is talking about: Chrissy Tiegen's postpartum depression essay. [Glamour]

pssst: Are you reading what I'm reading? Let me know your faves below. Or stay on top of your reading with Pocket.co.

weekend reads {feb 11&12}

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

I don't know about you guys, but this week has literally been the longest week ever. It felt like each day was dragging on and I could never catch a break! But the week is over, and I'm typing this from a suite overlooking the river in Old Town Alexandria. Maxim and I are having a little staycation right now and just enjoying each others' presence!

BUT, I'm also attending an event TONIGHT at the Current Boutique in Old Town Alexandria with a few other DC bloggers! There will be champagne, chocolate strawberries + 20% off for all shoppers! Click here for deets. So with that, happy weekend! 


These chic, elderly couples will give you all the feels. [WhoWhatWear]

One of my favorite bloggers in the whole world is talking about her February loves — and I bet it'll have you blushing. [Meg Biram]

Anne Knot has a beautiful message for any of you struggling with city living. [KnotCouture]

If you're stuck in the rain, cold and snow, live vicariously through these gorgeous snaps of Julien's Floridian getaway. [It's Julien]

Paola went to TommyLand and has one of the best round-ups I've seen. I watched the show live on my mac and went to go pre-order my favorite pieces and I kid you not they were sold out within 5 minutes. [Blank Itinerary]

This chic DC blogger has the best date night outfit idea for this week [Alicia Tenise]

And since it's basically spring in the middle of February, try these floral ice cubes for your next cocktail. [A beautiful mess]

in the know 

GUYS, Ivanka Trump used a fake name to be able to go to Solidcore and the owner was pissed. And omg this is what The Real Housewives Of DC should be focused on. [The Cut]

Greece, The EU + the IMF are in an epic battle right now over Greece's debt. And if you're at ALL into the government + world affairs, you'll love it. [BBC

Kellyanne Conway broke the law by telling people to go by Ivanka's stuff. And Nordstrom is SURGING since Trump tried to bash them. [DCist]

Obama is LOVING life as a private citizen and can someone please tell him to come back because I miss him. [Buzzfeed]

And forgive me for continuing on politics but OMG Sean Spicer might finally be fired. [Washingtonian]


My friend + fellow UNH alum, Katie Gardner, is a writer living in Maine. She loves women's magazines and makes an amazing point about how much they're focusing on EMPOWERING women recently. [Medium]

"Was there a woman who didn’t recognize herself in the specter of Elizabeth Warren silenced by a roomful of men?" No. The answer is no. [NYTimes]


Love CSI and Law & Order SVU(okay, if you don't you're insane because Olivia Benson is the coolest person ever)? Sink your teeth into this awesome piece about an algorithm that might help solve mystery murder cases. [Bloomberg]

"Our omnivorousness gives us an exhilarating and terrifying amount of freedom. As social creatures, we seek safety from that freedom in our culture, and in a certain amount of conformity. We prefer to follow leaders we’ve invested with authority to blaze a path to safety." [The Atlantic]


What're you reading? Let me know in the comments below! 

weekend reads {october 16&17}

Hello, hello, hello! Can you believe we're already halfway through October? I've had a crazy week: I flew back from Toronto on Monday, caught what Maxim had and came down with the flu + then totally messed up my knee running. Last night I went to the launch party of Meet The Curator (more to come), and today I'm watching the Redskins (#HTTR). 

Anyways, I'm NOT looking forward to DC hitting the 80's this week. Just as we're entering true autumn, Mother Nature plays this cruel prank on us. If you need me, I'll be sweating in over-the-knee boots + a (vegan) PSL. 

And with that, here's some of my favorite reads from this week:

The secret apartments of New York City's Public Libraries 

Nasty Gal and #GirlBoss circa 2014 

The world of instagram husbands // warning: video below is SO crazy accurate that Maxim was in tears of laughter.

The rise of Russian cheesemakers 

Women LITERALLY run the world 

For all the females in this world who are done with mansplaining 

Profile: Joanna Coles (#CareerGoals)

In 2015, work started on more new barriers around the world than at any other point in modern history // Read this on a desktop. Incredible reporting from the Washington Post

As always, I read on the metro everyday with Pocket, an offline article-saving app. And I'm obsessed. Follow me for my recommendations. 

What are you reading? Let me know in the comments below! 


MealPass Launch Party {recap + What I wore}

MealPal DC Lauch Event

A huge thank you to Epic Yoga DC for hosting

the event and to MealPal for having Maxim and I! 

Hello, hello, hello! I’m writing from under my covers...and the metro...and while walking to the bathroom at work...because I’m so excited to tell al you guys about what I’ve been up to! 

But first, I do need to make a little confession. Well, not even a confession. I just need to explain something. I am vegan (that’s not a confession, obvs). And oftentimes, I think that being vegan makes people believe that I don’t support those who lead non-vegan lifestyles. And oftentimes, I feel that I have some odd standard to uphold where I can’t endorse or believe in..or even LIKE people who don’t agree those ideals. But I’m here to tell you all that that’s not the way that it is! 

I am a vegan and I blog about vegan food. But I also blog about food-related trends, companies and ideals. I blog about what I'm wearing, where I'm going, what I'm reading and, if I start writing more, the working world. And I take advice from non-vegans on where to eat. My fiancee, Maxim, is not vegan by any means. He's my non-vegan taste tester (and photog + everything. I love you!) He eats vegan when I’m cooking at home and loves to make me vegan grilled cheese when I’ve had a tough day. He also loves a good bison burger and Whole Foods chicken strips or Chicken Tiki Masala. 

My point is...let's just love and respect each other. I'll be vegan and continue to eat french fries when there's nothing else but lettuce on the menu. And you can continue to tell me that you could never, ever be vegan and ask me about why I don't want real leather on my shoes. We shall *~*CoExiSt.~*


Now that I’ve gotten that all off of my chest, I can continue on to why I’m writing so excitedy right now. I am working with MealPal (previously MealPass) to help you discover your new #LunchtimeBFF and to end the #SadDeskLunch. 

MealPass? MealPal? 

Yes. They’re a food startup from the co-founders of ClassPass. On Monday, Sept. 19 (launch party day!) they rebranded to MealPal (see below). They started in Manhattan in NYC and have now spread to cities like Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and, of course, Washington, D.C.!

Honestly, though: You get lunch for like $6-7 every week day from awesome places around the District. It's one flat fee that's charge per cycle, aka every month. It's a fraction of what you'd usually pay. No, it's not delivered. You go and pick it up. You need to get up from your desk, anyways. Haven't you heard? Sitting kills. Get in those lunchtime steps, you desk dwellers. 

Anyways, I had known about MealPal from some friends in NYC and was excited for its entrance into the #DCFoodScene. So, like the good food blogger that I am, I attended the launch party! It was held at Epic Yoga DC (connected to a Jrink location!) — on Connecticut Ave. next to The Big Hunt and MadHatter. It was dark though, and littttttle crowded for my liking…or for my camera’s liking! Okay, let's be honest. The lighting sucked, but I ate yummy food and I had a great time. I'm sharing what I was able to get below. 

There was food from a variety of local restaurants: 

  • Mini Chicken Pesto Wraps from MadHatter. 
  • Meat Likers + Veg Me Pizza from DC Pizza.  
  • Salmon Ceasar Salad from MaSo. 
  • Spinach + Pesto Bowl from The Little Beet
  • Hoagies (and absolutely addicting potato chips) from Bub & Pop's

...and so much more!

Favorites from launch party:

  • Beet Gazpacho from Souper Girl. I'm a fan of both gazpacho and Souper Girl, but in the small space, it was 10x more delicious. 
  • Salmon Veggie Couscous Salad from The Front Page. Shoutout to Chef Roberto for being so accommodating and making me a custom vegan bowl of couscous to eat! 
  • Juice from Jrink Juicery. I mean, who isn't a fan of Jrink Juicery? Seeing them there made my heart so happy. They're a local cold-pressed juice company that delivers fresh each morning and have everything from cleanse aiding to protein packed drinks. 

Over the next week, I'll be testing out MealPal and it's whole situation. Then on Monday, I'll be letting you know me thoughts..


Because I love you guys, and there's no point in having MealPal unless you guys can too. MealPal is letting me give away some awesome discounts and free meals starting next week! So when I post my review, I'll be posting about the contest too! STAY TUNED! Can't wait to reveal more soon!

Cool, Phoebe. But this post is about what you wore (What I'm pretending you're saying). If you're here for outfit only, scroll down!

I love love love this romper from Target! According to the website, it's technically a junior's piece, but it fits so well on my frame! I'm petite (5" 3') and have very long legs. And by that I mean my torso is non-existent. In the world of rompers and jumpsuits, that means I work hard to find ones that are more form fitting so that my wait doesn't get lost in a balloon of fabric. My co-workers told me that I look like Peter Pan, but hey. Peter Pan was cool AF and worked the transition to fall fashion better than anyone. 

Scroll down to shop my look! 

Hat: LouLou. | Romper: Target. | Vegan leather booties: Dolce Vita. Find similar herehere and here. | Clutch: South Moon Under. 

What's your favorite kind-of-fall-but-kind-of-not look? 

weekend round up {sept. 17, 2016}


Hello, hello, hello and happy weekend! I have had a crazy schedule lately packed with fun events, great people and experiences. For both work and home, the rest of September is going to be a whirlwind. But I sat down this morning with a strong cup of coffee and put together some of what I'm reading, drinking, doing, obsessing over. 

Stuff Mom (really) Never Told You: A podcast dedicated to talking about "the business of being a woman" from How Stuff Works. It's a great listen on the metro and helps you to think about the female in a different way. Plus the two hosts, Cristen and Caroline, are absolutely hilarious. They bring up amazing points on everything from female surfers to the work husband. Every episode is a think piece and every episode leaves me with a new opinion. Sorry for gushing, but no matter who you are, you should definitely give them a listen. 

Oh my god, I'm a blogger too! On Thursay, I was out a little past my bedtime for a lovely event at Illusions of Georgetown, where a bunch of DC bloggers sipped champagne, shopped with Stella & Dot and took endless photos. Plus, I met my new go-to hair angel. 

Which came first: The banana or the flavoring? A hilarious, run-on sentence piece about banana flavoring and how it originated. 

It's like ClassPass, but for your desk lunch. From the founders of everybody's favorite gym motivation comes a new startup called MealPass. Basically, one flat fee for cheap, yummy lunches from your favorite DC digs all week. They're finally launching in DC with a party THIS MONDAY. Join me and sign up to attend here. (hint hint: There may or may not be some fun HONESTLY THOUGH X MEALPASS collaborations coming

...I'm Delilah. Pop Culture Happy Hour did a little interview with (arguably) the most recognizable voice on the radio. Listen to her below or read this great piece on her from Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is the queen of social: We all know Buzzfeed rules supreme. Here's to all the other social media marketers out there trying to prove your ROI. May they ROI be ever in your favor. 

What are you doing this weekend? Have you read something lately that really made you think? Share below!