weekend guide [june 15-17]


w h a t   t o   d o   i n   D C

FOR THE POLO LOVERS: Hang out at the Inaugural District CupSaturday, June 16, 11:30am - 4:00pm. The charity polo match will feature teams from The United States and Mexico with proceeds benefiting Playworks of Greater Washington, DC, cocktails provided by One Eight Distilling, beats by DJ Esso, and a backdrop only our Nation's capital can provide.

FOR THE NOT SO BASIC WITCHES: JRINK’s Apothekary opens this weekend -- check out their witchy potions and powerful crystals at their newly renovated Dupont Circle shop.

FOR THE ICE CREAM LOVERS WITH A SOPHISTICATED PALETTE: Behold: the Summer Adventure Ice Cream Sneak Peek. Grab a ticket and check out what Ice Cream Jubilee is slinging this summer with their newest creative flavors. A flight includes Basil Goat Cheese, Everything Bagel, Gin & Tonic Sorbet, Blueberry Pie, and Sweet Red Pepper. Tickets here.

FOR THE YOGIS: An all-inclusive Black & Brown Queer Yoga class with YogaWorks Dupont Circle. Pencil in some self care with this guaranteed safe space. Live on the Hill? Here’s another class for you.  Prefer to practice with your pup? Try out DOGA: Yoga with Your Dog. And make a donation to the Humane Rescue Alliance while you’re at it. Yoga in the Botanical Gardens? Do it for the ‘gram. An early riser? & Lastly — join Epic Yoga for Sunrise Yoga on The Embassy Row Hotel Rooftop.

FOR THE WORLD CUP WATCHERS: The World Cup kicks off this weekend, and Rosslyn is hosting a World Cup Viewing Party at Central Place Plaza. Watch the Portugal/Spain match while playing a kick game and foosball and grab a drink at the pop-up bar.

FOR THE ARTSY CROWD: If you love local craft beer, you’ll probably recognize illustrator Ralph Steadman‘s work from the labels on Flying Dog’s bottles. Explore Steadman’s career of 60+ years at American University Museum‘s retrospective exhibit, with drawings ranging from student sketches to his collaborations with legendary gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson.

FOR THE LOCALS: Enjoy the 13th Annual Columbia Heights Day Festival!  It will feature stages with live music, dance, and free fitness classes. Kids can play at the carnival on the Harriet Tubman field while adults make their own fun at the Meridian Pint beer garden. Cheers!

FOR THE VEGANS: Everyone loves a good summer cookout. How about a vegan summer cookout? We’re all in.

FOR THE SILENT DISCOERS: Silent Disco, Pride edition. Need we say more?

FOR THE STRANGER THINGS BINGE-WATCHERS: A Stranger Things themed dance party with specialty drinks? Down.

FOR THE KIDS AT HEART: Check out the National Geographic Festival this weekend. Curious minds only.

FOR THE NINETIES KIDS: Beats and Brunch featuring your favorite 90s and early 2000s bops.

FOR THE FANS OF THE MEATBALL SHOP: Free meatballs this weekend when they pop-up at Cotton & Reed. 

t h i s   a n d  t h a t s

  • This is the wicker round bag that everyone's been asking me about. 
  • The cheap dress that I swear looks good on EVERYONE. 
  • Is it bad that I've worn this on repeat all week? 
  • My brown mules from IG aren't available anymore, but I found a ton of others: 

w h a t   I ' m   r e a d i n g   

  • A deep-dive into the crazy story of Vice (I really don't like them). 
  • Throwback to Ovi's amazing fountain diving
  • When did social media become a "pink collar" job? No idea, but this piece has my SMH-ing. 
  • The Skinny Confidential is on local podcast, Down The Foxhole! 
  • A great look inside the problem of influencers and hotels. If you're an influencer, or an aspiring influencer, read this. 
  • My friend wrote this INCREDIBLE piece on her dream job, and I can't stop thinking about jobs, dream jobs, and what it looks like from person to person. 

weekend round-up: june 10-11



w h a t  t o  d o


  • Bethesda’s First Fashion Carnival. They'll be shopping + events + a lip reader (?!). It's 100% free so check it out from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m. Details here. 
  • PRIDE PRIDE PRIDE If you're in DC, you better be heading downtown to help celebrate Pride! EVERYTHING you need to know is here.  And HERE's where you should party during the Pride Parade. 


  • Love Your Body Yoga Festival in Reston Town Center (I'll be there!). Come roll out your mat and find some balance. I've had a week full of spin + runs, so I'll gladly welcome the dedicated mat time. All day. 
  • Equality March for Unity and Pride. It will begin at 10:30 a.m. Get the details on where + road closures here.  
  • Taste of Africa is being hosting in Silver Spring from 12-9 p.m. Details here. 
  • Toki Underground + Astro Doughnuts are collabing to host a pop-up in Toki's space. And I'm definitely going to be there. Details


b l o g g e r  s c e n e

  • Jess gives advice on the very real problem that is dressing for petites [Not Jess Fashion
  • The “Girl’s Night In” founder quit her job  [Medium]
  • One my fave new instagrams to follow right now is Anna Grace Fitness. You have check her out. 
  • Judy went to Mexico, but honestly I'm just obsessed with her blog design. [Vogue Villain]
  • Geneva has the world's best insta in my humble opinion + recently shared her photo editing tips. [Cosmic American]


i n  t h e  k n o w

  • ICYMI: It's about to get REALLY hot. [DCist]
  • Hilariously satrical look at Ivanka Trump’s coffee order [Refinery29]
  • All of the juicy gossip + follow up from the Comey testimony [Vox]
  • So apparently THIS is the reason I’m covered in bug bites when no one else is [Greatist]
  •  YAS the half-up, half-down trend is FINALLLLLY back! [Refinery29]
  • ICYMI: This woman went viral because of how extra her house-warming was. [Buzzfeed]


l o n g - f o r m   

  • THIS is how tech billionaires are transforming the American school system. [NYTimes]
  • Deep dive into Apple’s new campus + The history of giant corporations based in suburbs [Wired]



weekend roundup: may 13 + 14

weekend roundup: may 13 + 14

I'm still recovering from last weekend's bachelorette party -- honestly, though. It was so much fun + I can't wait to share with you what it was like to attend my FIRST bachelorette + my personal tips for any that you attend. But in the meantime, I'm crawling out of bed to give you guys some weekend reads. 

And ICYMI: that Spirit Airlines brawl? I WAS THERE. And my flight was delayed for HOURS, so I didn't get home until a few hours before having to GET UP for work. Not an excuse, but rather...yeah...it's an excuse, but I don't feel sorry for myself. I've been cooking up tons + tons of awesome content for you babes! 

Read More

weekend reads {april 1&2}

Hiiii babes!

If you're reding this, I guess these are technically Sunday reads since I'm just publishing now. But anyways, welcome back to another installment of what I'm reading during commutes, bathroom breaks + in bed at 3 a.m. 

I'm in bed with a giant cup of coffee, planning away with my Erin Condren. I have a crazy busy week ahead both in my day job, blogging life + a few personal things too. Oh, and if you're in DC, you can come say hey to me HERE on Thursday. 

Hope you're all having a fabulous beginning of April. And as always, lmk what you're reading in the comments below! 

xx phoebe // honestly, though 


Payton talks staying inspired + Urban Outfitters. {Hustle & Halcyon

Victoria shows off floral rompers + perfect spring sandals. {A Gallon Of Glitter}

Meaghan speaks my language: " I’m the type of person who would rather be holed up in a snowy mountain cabin than relaxing by the beach." {District Sparkle

Lauryn and Michael get serious about email etiquette. {The Skinny Confidential}

in the know 

What to toss + what to keep for summer...before you go shopping {WhoWhatWear}

"Millennial" jobs that old people don't get. AKA, me explaining life to who doesn't have instagram. {NBCNews}

Being uber self-aware of the crazy health + wellness trends that we seem to latch onto {McSweeney's}

OH, and btw, you can catch up on all the drama after ByChole + Chef Chloe SPLIT UP. {Eater NY}


The history of Millennial Pink, and why it's still here. {NYMag}

If you like Big Little Lies, READ THIS before tonight. {The Atlantic}

I'm falling in love with this new release, Startup, thanks for Book of the Month club. 

weekend reads {feb 11&12}

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

I don't know about you guys, but this week has literally been the longest week ever. It felt like each day was dragging on and I could never catch a break! But the week is over, and I'm typing this from a suite overlooking the river in Old Town Alexandria. Maxim and I are having a little staycation right now and just enjoying each others' presence!

BUT, I'm also attending an event TONIGHT at the Current Boutique in Old Town Alexandria with a few other DC bloggers! There will be champagne, chocolate strawberries + 20% off for all shoppers! Click here for deets. So with that, happy weekend! 


These chic, elderly couples will give you all the feels. [WhoWhatWear]

One of my favorite bloggers in the whole world is talking about her February loves — and I bet it'll have you blushing. [Meg Biram]

Anne Knot has a beautiful message for any of you struggling with city living. [KnotCouture]

If you're stuck in the rain, cold and snow, live vicariously through these gorgeous snaps of Julien's Floridian getaway. [It's Julien]

Paola went to TommyLand and has one of the best round-ups I've seen. I watched the show live on my mac and went to go pre-order my favorite pieces and I kid you not they were sold out within 5 minutes. [Blank Itinerary]

This chic DC blogger has the best date night outfit idea for this week [Alicia Tenise]

And since it's basically spring in the middle of February, try these floral ice cubes for your next cocktail. [A beautiful mess]

in the know 

GUYS, Ivanka Trump used a fake name to be able to go to Solidcore and the owner was pissed. And omg this is what The Real Housewives Of DC should be focused on. [The Cut]

Greece, The EU + the IMF are in an epic battle right now over Greece's debt. And if you're at ALL into the government + world affairs, you'll love it. [BBC

Kellyanne Conway broke the law by telling people to go by Ivanka's stuff. And Nordstrom is SURGING since Trump tried to bash them. [DCist]

Obama is LOVING life as a private citizen and can someone please tell him to come back because I miss him. [Buzzfeed]

And forgive me for continuing on politics but OMG Sean Spicer might finally be fired. [Washingtonian]


My friend + fellow UNH alum, Katie Gardner, is a writer living in Maine. She loves women's magazines and makes an amazing point about how much they're focusing on EMPOWERING women recently. [Medium]

"Was there a woman who didn’t recognize herself in the specter of Elizabeth Warren silenced by a roomful of men?" No. The answer is no. [NYTimes]


Love CSI and Law & Order SVU(okay, if you don't you're insane because Olivia Benson is the coolest person ever)? Sink your teeth into this awesome piece about an algorithm that might help solve mystery murder cases. [Bloomberg]

"Our omnivorousness gives us an exhilarating and terrifying amount of freedom. As social creatures, we seek safety from that freedom in our culture, and in a certain amount of conformity. We prefer to follow leaders we’ve invested with authority to blaze a path to safety." [The Atlantic]


What're you reading? Let me know in the comments below! 

weekend reads {october 16&17}

Hello, hello, hello! Can you believe we're already halfway through October? I've had a crazy week: I flew back from Toronto on Monday, caught what Maxim had and came down with the flu + then totally messed up my knee running. Last night I went to the launch party of Meet The Curator (more to come), and today I'm watching the Redskins (#HTTR). 

Anyways, I'm NOT looking forward to DC hitting the 80's this week. Just as we're entering true autumn, Mother Nature plays this cruel prank on us. If you need me, I'll be sweating in over-the-knee boots + a (vegan) PSL. 

And with that, here's some of my favorite reads from this week:

The secret apartments of New York City's Public Libraries 

Nasty Gal and #GirlBoss circa 2014 

The world of instagram husbands // warning: video below is SO crazy accurate that Maxim was in tears of laughter.

The rise of Russian cheesemakers 

Women LITERALLY run the world 

For all the females in this world who are done with mansplaining 

Profile: Joanna Coles (#CareerGoals)

In 2015, work started on more new barriers around the world than at any other point in modern history // Read this on a desktop. Incredible reporting from the Washington Post

As always, I read on the metro everyday with Pocket, an offline article-saving app. And I'm obsessed. Follow me for my recommendations. 

What are you reading? Let me know in the comments below!