9 things you NEED to know about waxing



Waxing (especially brazilian waxing) does come without pain. But it's worth it, and the pain goes away pretty fast. Exfoliating is key to stop ingrown hairs, and you want to avoiding exercising for ~24 hours after.

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Each room has it's own "theme" 

Each room has it's own "theme" 

Monica Gomez, co-owner of Cera Wax Studio 

Monica Gomez, co-owner of Cera Wax Studio 

Beautiful co-owners of Cera Wax Studio and sister Monica and Anna 

Beautiful co-owners of Cera Wax Studio and sister Monica and Anna 

Okayyyy, in case you didn't know, waxing has roots all the way back to 3000-4000 BC in West India, but the Brazilian wax became popular in the U.S. in 1987 thanks to the J. Sisters. Now-a-days, it's super normal and most every girl (and a growing number of dudes) have their go-to waxer and a standing appointment to keep them cleaned up. 

But for me, I was kind of anti-waxing for the longest time. Not because I hated waxing, but because I was kind of scared and didn't see the point of it...until I had a special occasion (like a wedding). Which brought me to my little foray into the world of waxing. In December, I struck up a conversation with Monica from Cera Wax Studio about whether I should come in two weeks before or the week before my wedding to get waxed. 

And I swear you’d think she saw a ghost. Oh my goodness, no, she told me. I needed to start waxing NOW in prep for the wedding — I needed a schedule. 


Honestly, though, I thought Monica was nuts. Um, no, I'm not going to be waxing my body in the middle of winter. But after lunch meeting, she  convinced me otherwise. By waiting until the week (or even the month) before your wedding, she explained, you're leaving a lot of variables up to chance.

Monica and Anna started Cera Wax Studio with a focus on niche Everyone reacts differently to waxing, whether it’s the sensitivity of your skin, the number of ingrown hairs you get, or how fast the hair grows back — and if you're getting ready for a big event, you want to give your skin some TLC, and make sure that you fully understand how it's interacting with the waxing process. 

So in December, I went in for my first waxing ever. We started with the eyebrows and lip. Then, in January, moved to the arms, legs and finally, the Brazilian (eeeeek!). Now, firmly through 3 cycles of waxing, I can say that I'm hooked — and a lot of it is thanks to the incredible women of Cera Wax Studio, especially the owners Monica and Anna. 

"[Waxing] is very social environment which makes it interesting and fun. Anna and I decided to open a waxing studio as we saw the need for a place for both men and women to go to where they can receive affordable, safe treatments. It was important that we provided this without compromising a stylish environment and steller customer service. We wanted to focus on a niche market and master it." 

For me, I love that their chic studio prioritizes privacy and top-notch hygiene without compromising style and luxury.  For each session, you can pick whatever music you want (apparently rap is very popular for brazilian waxes!), have a drink while you wait and then treat your newly-waxed-self to chocolate or nuts afterwards.  

⇣ M O O D  P O S T  B R A Z I L I A N ⇣

Oh, and the owners, Anna and Monica created their own line of sugar scrubs to help with the exfoliation and self-care post-wax! Why? 

"Sugar Scrubs and moisturizing are a very important step for our clients post waxing. We want to ensure we are providing the best customized products for them, so we created an all natural suguar scrub that not only gently exfoliates, but also pushes moisture in to the skin with the various essential oils." #BossBabes

Keep scrolling down for our top tips for your first wax (or some things to know even if you're a long-time waxer! 


Comfort is key for waxing appointments 

Comfort is key for waxing appointments 

Pre-wax (left) and post-wax (right) 

Pre-wax (left) and post-wax (right) 



1. Double-dipping is a HUGE red flag

This should go without saying, but usually doesn't. Double-dipping, i.e. when a waxer users the same stick twice to dip into the wax, is a HUGE no-no. It's a sign of an unhygienic salon and can be a major health risk. Many horror stories from waxing come from the fact that salons are double dipping and spreading bacteria. Oh, and if your salon tells you that they heat the wax to 130-140 degrees to kill bacteria? RUN. The wax will burn your skin, and STILL spread bacteria (eeeew!). 

2. Don't shave or trim your hair before your wax

Shaving in-between waxes is going to promote hair growth, making hair grow back in faster (counter intuitive to the results you want from waxing). And trimming your hair can make it too short to wax. The best thing to do is just leave your hair for 2-3 weeks before your wax! 

3. You don't want to work out after waxing

Waxing means that you're ripping out the hair from the source — and you want to keep it clean as it heals. So that means skipping your 6 p.m. spin class in lieu of a wine night. Why? "The sweat and friction during the workout can increase the chance for ingrowns and bacteria," Monica explains, which is especially true if you're wearing tight leggings that rub your skin. Try to wait at least 24 hours (or more, if you're getting sensitive areas waxed).

4. Everyone's hair grows in different

This is one of the big reasons why you don't want to wax too closely to an event or big date (especially if it's your first time). A big misconception is that waxing makes your hair grow in thicker, but Monica explains, "waxing can actually, over time, cause your hair to grow back finer and less (in most cases)." 


5. Exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate

This is crazy important. Exfoliating is going to help prep your skin for the wax by removing dead skin calls. It'll also help to prevent ingrown hairs. A nice sugar scrub is perfect for in the shower. And post-wax? Wait two days before you start to exfoliate. 

"Using a sugar scrub helps to gently exfoliate the dead skin that can trap the hair from growing out properly. It helps to minimize the potential for ingrowns and keeps the skin nice and soft too," Monica explained. 

(Want to make your own? Start with an 80/20 sugar to oil ratio then go from there with some of these combos. Washingtonians — Cera Waxx Studio sells their own formulation that I swear by). 

6. There are two different types of wax: Hard wax and soft wax

Hard wax: Hard wax is applied to the area, it dries (or hardens) and then the wax itself is removed (without a strip). It shrink wraps around the hair and avoids adhearing to the skin, so it's a more gentle removal. Hard wax is typically used for all sensitive or small areas (bikini, facial, underarms) as it is a very gentle wax. 

Soft wax: Soft wax is applied to the area, but unlike hard wax, it does not dry. Instead, the waxer will apply a fabric strip to the wax, hold down the skin and remove it quickly. This is best used for large areas (like the legs and arms). 

Watch this video for a great visual on the differences. 

7. Don't overthink it — or watch waxing videos right before. 

Waxing HURTS when you get a Brazilian or anything around the vajayjay area. I mean, it’s sensitive to begin with, and now we’re ripping hardening wax off of it. BUT it doesn’t hurt as badly as you think. I watched a lot of waxing (especially brazilian waxing) videos before hand and got myself totally worked up. If I’m being totally honest, the worst part is butterflying your legs open and trying not to make eye contact with your waxer. Like, hello, you’re in the most vulnerable position ever and they’re applying warm, quickly hardening wax to a very private area. 

8. Chill with the caffeine

One of the most surprising things (to me) was that you should try to limit your caffeine/alcohol intake for about 12-24 hours before your appointment. Drinking too much will tighten your pores and heighten your sensitivity, making the waxing more painful. 


At the end of the day, the bark is so much worse than the bite — and there's a reason that so many women are addicted to waxing. Nice, smooth, hairless skin for weeks on end is hard to beat! Remember, the more you breathe and the calmer you are, the easier it'll be. 

Looking for more info? Click here. 

p.s. If you’re a fellow Washingtonian, this is the part where you should listen up: Go to Cera Wax Studio. They’ve consistently been ranked as the best in the area, and their waxing services are PHENOMENAL. Not to mention, they make the entire experience absolutely enjoyable. Each waxing room has it’s own speaker system and, upon arrival, you get to choose what music you want to be waxed to. Apparently, a lot of women go for hip-hop or rap while getting a brazilian. LOL, yes, that is a thing and I am here for it. Honestly, though. 

*This post was created in partnership with Cera Wax Studio*