weekend reads {feb 11&12}

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

I don't know about you guys, but this week has literally been the longest week ever. It felt like each day was dragging on and I could never catch a break! But the week is over, and I'm typing this from a suite overlooking the river in Old Town Alexandria. Maxim and I are having a little staycation right now and just enjoying each others' presence!

BUT, I'm also attending an event TONIGHT at the Current Boutique in Old Town Alexandria with a few other DC bloggers! There will be champagne, chocolate strawberries + 20% off for all shoppers! Click here for deets. So with that, happy weekend! 


These chic, elderly couples will give you all the feels. [WhoWhatWear]

One of my favorite bloggers in the whole world is talking about her February loves — and I bet it'll have you blushing. [Meg Biram]

Anne Knot has a beautiful message for any of you struggling with city living. [KnotCouture]

If you're stuck in the rain, cold and snow, live vicariously through these gorgeous snaps of Julien's Floridian getaway. [It's Julien]

Paola went to TommyLand and has one of the best round-ups I've seen. I watched the show live on my mac and went to go pre-order my favorite pieces and I kid you not they were sold out within 5 minutes. [Blank Itinerary]

This chic DC blogger has the best date night outfit idea for this week [Alicia Tenise]

And since it's basically spring in the middle of February, try these floral ice cubes for your next cocktail. [A beautiful mess]

in the know 

GUYS, Ivanka Trump used a fake name to be able to go to Solidcore and the owner was pissed. And omg this is what The Real Housewives Of DC should be focused on. [The Cut]

Greece, The EU + the IMF are in an epic battle right now over Greece's debt. And if you're at ALL into the government + world affairs, you'll love it. [BBC

Kellyanne Conway broke the law by telling people to go by Ivanka's stuff. And Nordstrom is SURGING since Trump tried to bash them. [DCist]

Obama is LOVING life as a private citizen and can someone please tell him to come back because I miss him. [Buzzfeed]

And forgive me for continuing on politics but OMG Sean Spicer might finally be fired. [Washingtonian]


My friend + fellow UNH alum, Katie Gardner, is a writer living in Maine. She loves women's magazines and makes an amazing point about how much they're focusing on EMPOWERING women recently. [Medium]

"Was there a woman who didn’t recognize herself in the specter of Elizabeth Warren silenced by a roomful of men?" No. The answer is no. [NYTimes]


Love CSI and Law & Order SVU(okay, if you don't you're insane because Olivia Benson is the coolest person ever)? Sink your teeth into this awesome piece about an algorithm that might help solve mystery murder cases. [Bloomberg]

"Our omnivorousness gives us an exhilarating and terrifying amount of freedom. As social creatures, we seek safety from that freedom in our culture, and in a certain amount of conformity. We prefer to follow leaders we’ve invested with authority to blaze a path to safety." [The Atlantic]


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