things i'm loving {january 2017}

HELLO 2017!

I could not be happier to be welcoming in the new year + a new 365 days of opportunity! Shoutout to everyone doing sober january. you guys are killin’ the game, and I have mad respect for you. I, though, will not be participating and instead continuing my weekly wine wednesday. 

As for new years resolutions, I don't have any. They set people up for failure. So instead, I'm trying to look at the beauty in making small changes. I'm trying to drink more water, and make sure to get the nutrients I need in my body. I'm also trying to be more regular about my eating habits — as in, not surviving on lattes for 24 hours, then wondering why I'm so angry. Also, I'm trying to be better about sticking to my content calendar for posting on my blog. Finally — and this is the hardest one — I'm trying to  a l l o w  myself the space to spend lazy weekends at home, recovering, chilling and allowing myself to decompress. 

So here we go! Here's to a new year of lovely chances to try, fail and get back up again! 

bloggers i’m loving

the freckled life // caroline is an nye-based graphic designer by day and style blogger by night. FUN FACT: We went to the same high school and I was literally obsessed with her graphic design portfolio + then blog. And it’s her blog that inspired me to start my blog here!  If you are AT ALL interested in fashion, beauty and current trends straight from New York City, then you NEED to be following her.  Personally, I’m obsessed with the way that she curates style trends and you will be too. Check out her blog, The Freckled Life, and thank me later. #HonestlyThough

meags eggs // meaghan (meag) is a seattle (what are people from seattle called?)-turned-washingtonian. she started an instagram account in 2015 to test out her eggs and post #yolkporn. every since, people have obsessed over her daily egg photos and now she's officially launched her website — complete with a simple poached eggs recipe. Obviously I'm not going to be eating said eggs, but if you are an enjoyer of eggs, she is the, like, only person you should be looking to. 

what i’m eating


vegan cuts subscription box // think of this as grazebox, but 100% vegan and filled with tons more than just 100 calorie snacks, WHICH IS FINE, but sometimes you want something more substantial. Vegan Cuts comes monthly and is  F I L L E D  to the brim with tons of amazing goodness. I received my winter box and it was filled with everything from a turmeric energy drink, to sugar snap peas crips to I Heart Keenwah chocolate balls to spicy chickpeas. 

where i’m going


felt bar + lounge // I spent the NYE here, and it's hand downs one of my new favorite places for a night out. It's an exclusive lounge within the MGM Casino + prides itself on being a mixologist bar. Want to know more? Read about my experience here. 

what i’m wearing


designer sunglasses on rotation // seriously? seriously. Think of sunglasses company, Ditto, as the Rent The Runway of Sunglasses. For about $24 p/month, you can rent and use different designer sunglasses. PLUS, when you sign up, you get paired up with a stylist that makes sure that every pair gives you extreme confidence (per their packaging). And let me tell you, I am obsessed. I love feeling like I constantly have a new pair of sunnies from a different designer to match my mood or season or event. PLUS, I’m giving ALL of you guys a free month with code HONESTLYTHOUGH. 

what i’m drinking

plain water + lemon water // new year, new you. I’m trying to start this year off right by upping my water intake. I have a terrible habit of chugging coffee all day long and never taking a sip of water. When you’re dehydrated. your skin suffers, your metabolism suffers and you might feel hungry when you’re not. 

weekend round up {sept. 17, 2016}


Hello, hello, hello and happy weekend! I have had a crazy schedule lately packed with fun events, great people and experiences. For both work and home, the rest of September is going to be a whirlwind. But I sat down this morning with a strong cup of coffee and put together some of what I'm reading, drinking, doing, obsessing over. 

Stuff Mom (really) Never Told You: A podcast dedicated to talking about "the business of being a woman" from How Stuff Works. It's a great listen on the metro and helps you to think about the female in a different way. Plus the two hosts, Cristen and Caroline, are absolutely hilarious. They bring up amazing points on everything from female surfers to the work husband. Every episode is a think piece and every episode leaves me with a new opinion. Sorry for gushing, but no matter who you are, you should definitely give them a listen. 

Oh my god, I'm a blogger too! On Thursay, I was out a little past my bedtime for a lovely event at Illusions of Georgetown, where a bunch of DC bloggers sipped champagne, shopped with Stella & Dot and took endless photos. Plus, I met my new go-to hair angel. 

Which came first: The banana or the flavoring? A hilarious, run-on sentence piece about banana flavoring and how it originated. 

It's like ClassPass, but for your desk lunch. From the founders of everybody's favorite gym motivation comes a new startup called MealPass. Basically, one flat fee for cheap, yummy lunches from your favorite DC digs all week. They're finally launching in DC with a party THIS MONDAY. Join me and sign up to attend here. (hint hint: There may or may not be some fun HONESTLY THOUGH X MEALPASS collaborations coming

...I'm Delilah. Pop Culture Happy Hour did a little interview with (arguably) the most recognizable voice on the radio. Listen to her below or read this great piece on her from Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is the queen of social: We all know Buzzfeed rules supreme. Here's to all the other social media marketers out there trying to prove your ROI. May they ROI be ever in your favor. 

What are you doing this weekend? Have you read something lately that really made you think? Share below! 


Things I'm loving: September Edition {2016)

Every month I'll dive into what I'm loving, things I'm into and new trends I'm trying out because we all jump into fast fads and new workout routines. It's a smorgasbord of food, products + philosophies. This month, it's all about the transition to ~fall~ and my absolute obsession with popsockets + asian noodles.

Are you loving what I'm loving? Let me know in the comments below. 


Jinya Ramen Bar is a super trendy ramen place that popped up in LA a while ago. It took the area by storm and coincided with the huge popularity of proper ramen (aka not your college-style ramen). Jinya recently open their first East Coast location — Mosaic District — and every Washingtonian will tell you that it's more than worth the metro trip down to Northern Virginia. They have a super simple menu that features a few, distinct ramen bowls with a slew of add-ins. My favorite? Spicy Vegan Ramen with spinach noodles, broccoli, onions + Nori. 

P.S. Too far? Don't worry. They're opening a 14th St. location soon.




There are only like 2 weeks for all of fall when these make sense — and I'm taking full advantage of it. They literally look cute with everything from jean shorts to leather skirts to dark wash jeans or work slacks. But honestly, though the real winner is the quintessential apple-picking combo: Flannel + dark wash jeans + brown open-toe booties. 


I've always had an "at arms length" love affair with Origins, but I recently jumped in and went to one of their brick and mortar locations by my apartment. The woman inside was amazing and gave me a free mini facial while examining my face to see what products would work best for me. I have oily + sensitive skin and anything too rough covers my face in tiny red dots. Now, I swear by Checks and Balances and their {not pictured} Zero Oil Toner. Check out my other must-haves below. 

1. Checks and Balances Face Wash  $22  2. Modern Friction Dermabrasion Body Scrub  $39  3. Original Skin Rose Clay Face Mask $ 26  4. No Puffery Eye Rollers  $28  5. Ginzeng Energy-boosting Facial Mositurizer  $27.50

1. Checks and Balances Face Wash $22 2. Modern Friction Dermabrasion Body Scrub $39 3. Original Skin Rose Clay Face Mask $26 4. No Puffery Eye Rollers $28 5. Ginzeng Energy-boosting Facial Mositurizer $27.50


I should honestly be getting a commission for how many people I've turned into evangelists. I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with these things. Popsockets are these little iPhone stands that stick to the back of your phone. They "pop" out so that your fingers can ~slide on in~ and give you extra support. So when you're walking + snapping, selfie-ing, or whatever you do, you won't drop your phone. I can't tell you how much I'm obsessed with them. I have a marble Pop Socket to match my marble phone case/laptop/life. But you should go get one TODAY + then thank me later. 

PSST. Are you loving what I'm loving?

Let me know in the comments below.