things i'm loving {december 2016 edition}

I feel like the day after thanksgiving is TECHNICALLY December. Even though it's not, it should be. Besides the insanity that is Black Friday shopping (count me out, I'll shop from my bed and a homemade coffee, thank you), everyone is already in a holiday mood. So for me, day after thanksgiving? December. 

And no matter what holiday you celebrate or don't celebrate, there is an atmosphere that is so...pepperminty? 

In my apartment, Maxim and I agreed not to put a tree up until after thanksgiving. We put it up on Black Friday after chilling at home for the entire day while devouring leftovers and watching Westworld. Hint: If you haven't gotten into Westworld, you're binging TV wrong. Honestly, though. 

And with that, let's get into what I'm loving for the month of December! Are you loving what I'm loving? Let me know in the comments below! 

bloggers I'm loving

Glass of Glam // Meet Roxanne. She's just casually a trial attorney, glam + fashion blogger, and all around badass. PLUS, she's petite and gives great advice on how to dress for your proportions — currently obsessing over this post

Blazers and Bubbly // Literally one of the sweetest (and most gorgeous) women I've ever met! Julie of Blazers and Bubbly blogs about girly things like mermaid blankets + barbie print skirts. Her style is crazy cute and perfect for all the girly girls in your life! 


what I'm eating


GrazeBox // So I knowwwww what you guys are thinking: I am so late to the game. I get it. But I discovered the individual graze boxes on a recent trip back to England and totally fell in love. Like honestly, though, it's really hard to find vegan snacks that are as varietal as Graze! I get their 8-portion snack box every other week and it's a GAME CHANGER in the office for days when I'm in meetings back-to-back...or when I forget to eat all day. Want your

what I'm drinking

VineBox // Basically every wine box subscription is wine by the bottle. And if you're young + broke like me, you're probs not going for the most expensive bottle out there. BUT, if you're actually interested in good wine, this box is for you. VineBox lets you taste expensive + rare wines BY THE GLASS, so you can experience what a vintage 2005 Merlot tastes like with a good cheese + crackers board. Every box comes paired food suggestions, tasting notes + music suggestions. 

It makes a perfect last-minute gift too. Pair it with a bottle of cheap af champs and you're good to go. 

what I'm wearing

Photo by  Kenan Ergvn

Photo by Kenan Ergvn

Whistle + Wild // ICYMI: Whistle & Wild is an amazing online boutique started by local, Amanda Nelson. She just launched in the fall and has already had wild, wild success. BEWARE: Her picks sell out fast and some (like this Huntress Top, above) are completely extinct now. Check her insta daily for hints about what's dropping next. 

PinkieSwear Necklaces // If you've been on my Instagram AT ALL lately, you know that I'm hooked on PinkieSwear. They, too, are an online boutique. But they only offer accessories that are "affordable yet fashionable." Honestly, though, I was nervous when I first received their necklaces because I didn't know if they were going to look/feel cheap. BUT They didn't. I've gotten so, so many compliments since I've started wearing them and they're now my go-to spot! (p.s. Shop fast because my fave pieces by them are almost all sold out)

what i'm using

E.L.F.'s new hydrating bubble mask // Winter is no longer coming. Winter is here and with winter comes dry skin, flaking and pore that overproduce oil (gross). But, I've found the solution: E.l.f. Everybody knows this brand for their wilding inexpensive products + now fully vegan mission for makeup + brushes. But I love using this mask in the morning to lock in good moisture during my commute on the metro + to combat against the craziness of a busy work day. { DYK: E.l.f. is now a 100% plant-based + cruelty-free brand }

where I'm going

Sechoir Beatuy Bar // So a few weeks ago, I went to Sechoir Beauty Bar and saw Walid, their head colorist + stylist. My hair had kind of been in a funk since a year ago when I had some awful balayge done. Now, my hair was flat + kind of damaged + had weird bits of grown out yellow. Insert Walid. He literally changed my hair in every way. He added depth and color to my hair and made sure that every step was something that I was comfortable with. AND when I suggested something that might not look good on me, he let me know (aka saving me from my hair-dyslexic self). If you go, mention Honestly, Though + ask for Walid. And then get your FACE threaded. I'll be here when you realize this was the best recommendation ever. Read more about my obsession here. 


Every place that serves ramen in the DMV // So this has been a long time coming, but I'm working on a ramen round up of the Washington, D.C. area. It'll be updated as time goes on, but you can start to check it out here. 

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