wine wednesday {ruffino rosé}

So I would actually consider this as more of a rose champagne, but we should also find something to celebrate each day of our live so cheers to that! 

Maxim and I live next to a CVS that supplies a lot of alcohol, and so we often times find ourselves puttering on over in search of a cheap bottle of red or canned rose. We say this and thought we'd try it out as it was a newcomer to the shelves. 

It's bubbly + sweet + goes great with La Croix if you're more of a spritzer-type (shoutout to Kate). Cheers! xx 


Ruffino Sparkling Rose

BOTTLE: Ruffino Sparkling Rose

Origin: Tuscany, Italy 

What is it: Prosecco (Glera) grapes

Where to find it: CVS, Target, Whole Foods, Total Wine & More. 

Price Range: $12-15 

Thoughts: I really loved this wine — like REALLY loved it. It's sweet and bubbly without tasting like carbonated sugar, which is honestly such a really struggle with rose. I tried it with cranberry juice + loved it, too. But for the best possible experience, drink it as a frosé during a picnic in the park with a spread of {vegan} cheese + crackers + grapes. Or on your balcony on a hot evening after work. {p.s. more frosé recipes here}

This bottle is totally my vote to bring to summer lunches when cans aren't going to fly. 


And ICYMI: I'm learning what goes on behind-the-wine each week with the help of Wine: A Tasting Course + The Secrets of Sommeliers

wine wednesday {mayu carménère-syrah}

Hellllo world and happy Wednesday! It's time for another Wine Wednesday, and quite frankly, one that is incredibly overdue. These past weeks have been crazy and hectic, and I've been drinking leftover wine and mini bottles of vodka that I would find in my freezer. I'm not as big of a shitshow as I look. I swear. 

BUT ANYWAYS, this weeks wine comes from Whole Foods and was bought on a whim because it was sale and I'm broke {like, always broke} and it was from Chile. I studied abroad in Chile and spent some extra time there after falling in love with the country and...well...I wanted to travel and avoid the real world and college for a little bit longer. Honeste. But seriously, I grabbed this wine along with my KiteHill cheese and guacamole and headed to the cash register without a second thought. 

So, without further ado, Wine Wednesday!


BOTTLE: mayu carménère-syrah

Origin: Elqui Valley, Chile 

What is it: 55% Carmenere, 45% Syrah (14.5% ABV) 

Year: 2015

Where to find it: Whole Foods! 

Price Range: $15-20

Thoughts: Something that makes this wine unique is that it combines the local grape Carmenere with a French-imported grape, Syrah. The combination is smooth, fruity and round. It was aged in oak, so you get some of that earthy taste, but the grapes have an intense enough flavor that it's not overwhelming. It's perfect for sitting on the couch of your apartment, eating leftover cold pizza and watching 30 Rock re-runs. Honestly, though. 

Become a sommelier: So apparently wine dorks love to talk about how Carmenere almost went extinct as a grape. It originally {debatable} started in Spain, then moved to France + Italy before basically being wiped out. It's literally known as the "lost grape of Bordeaux." BUT, it apparently ended up in Chilean soil thanks to European immigrants who'd been growing wine from the "old country" forever. It wasn't until recently, though, that it was even discovered that this distinct grape was what it was. Up until the mid-1990s (when a DNA test proved otherwise), everyone thought that Chile just had a wicked distinct Merlot! The best part? It's now a "showpiece" grape for Chilean wine. And with that, dear wine lovers, I will leave you. 

Enjoy your Wine Wednesday! 

And ICYMI: I'm learning what goes on behind-the-wine each week with the help of Wine: A Tasting Course. Buy the book and learn right along with me!