ringing in the new year at felt bar & lounge

TL;DR: Felt Bar & Lounge is a great spot for when you want to get away from the casino. It’s classy, not trashy. And it brings the vibe of high-end Vegas lounges to the DMV. At the bar, ask for Nate, then request the Gold Rush or Sazerac. Honestly, though.  

I spent new years eve at Felt Bar & Lounge in the MGM National Harbor. And it was so worth it, and so much better than hanging out in a packed club, sipping cheap champagne all night. It was capped at a reasonable number, so the lounge was full but never over-capacity. 



SIDE NOTE: Yes, I know that there was some big concert there, but I didn’t even know that Duran Duran was a band. When I heard the name, I thought it was some new hipster clothing brand. Sorry, Dad. Wrong generation. 










ANYWAYS. If you haven’t been to Felt yet, here’s a quick little rundown. All of the bartenders are also “mixologists” so to speak. Which means that you can basically just ask them for something that’s sweet and spicy and made with Casamigos Tequila Reposado and voila — here’s your drink. The process is a show in and of itself and totally makes each drink special. 

IMG_7525 2.JPG

The lounge is small and dark-ish and nestled in a corner off of the casino by the slots + craps tables. It feels intimate and sexy without feeling like you’re in the backroom of some strip club (I’ve never been in the backroom of a strip club, so I’m just going off what I’ve seen in movies. Honestly, though). 

Inside, MARBLE cocktail tables fill the middle, while the outskirts are littered with velvet couches + coffee tables + armchairs. Classic casino lounge.

The patio (right now closed for the winter) overlooks National Harbor and will make the lounge an enviable spot to watch fireworks on July 4 (hint hint, nudge nudge). 


BUT if you’re going to get the most bang for your buck, make sure that you’re asking for Nate (Nathaniel) at the bar.

You can follow him on instagram: @mrz0mb13

In his own words, “Some people want to be doctors and lawyers. But I just want to be a good bartender.” 

He loves making people drinks, loves the process and the creativity. 


A lovely woman by the name of {I believe} Josie was also at Felt for NYE. She and her husband explained that they ditched their friends ON NEW YEARS EVE to just casually have a date night at Felt. Which is hilarious for a couple of reasons: 

1. Who just decides to have a date night out of nowhere on NYE? 

2. Felt was ticketed and sold out way ahead of time. 

But her dress was gorgeous. So girlfriend, if you’re reading this, you’re awesome. Anyways, she watched in awe as Nate made a drink for boytoy and then asked for something that she just described as pink + frothy. Nate looked at her for a second. 

the pink drink

the pink drink

"So you want a french martini?" "Uhm, I guess?" 

“Do you like raspberries?” “Yes.” 

“Hold on, I’m going to make you a drink.” 

And with that, he was off muddling ingredients, creating fire (literally) and doing whatever else it is that mixologists do. A few minutes later, he produced a gorgeous pink drink in a martini glass and explained it to Josie. She was thrilled. 

The rest of the night was fun, and within the last 90 seconds of 2016, Maxim grabbed us to champies from Nate. You guys know the next part from your respective gatherings: We screamed the countdown, cheered happy new year and kissed. Then we danced, and danced, and made new friends, and talked with old friends, and danced some more. Side props to the DJ who worked the jams like no other. (p.s. my outfit? click here)

I loved being in the middle of MGM National Harbor without the bright lights, and drunk gamblers, etc. It was so nice to be able to have a space to relax and enjoy NYE without the craziness — sometimes you just want to dance and have a drink in a casino lounge, okay? 

Anyways, around 2:30 a.m., we tried to get a Lyft unsuccessfully (500% surge is such a buzzkill), and instead headed back inside where SHAKE SHACK sat before us, begging us in with their fried foods. 

2016: The year that ended in a high-end casino lounge with endless drinks + champs. 

2017: The year that started with pickles dipped in ketchup + mustard and french fries. (see below). Sorry Maxim, pickles and ketchup isn't ask gross as you think. 

Final thoughts? If you're going to the MGM at National Harbor, make sure it includes a stop into Felt. #BeSeenGetFelt (so raunchy. so perfect.) Honestly, though.

things i'm loving {january 2017}

HELLO 2017!

I could not be happier to be welcoming in the new year + a new 365 days of opportunity! Shoutout to everyone doing sober january. you guys are killin’ the game, and I have mad respect for you. I, though, will not be participating and instead continuing my weekly wine wednesday. 

As for new years resolutions, I don't have any. They set people up for failure. So instead, I'm trying to look at the beauty in making small changes. I'm trying to drink more water, and make sure to get the nutrients I need in my body. I'm also trying to be more regular about my eating habits — as in, not surviving on lattes for 24 hours, then wondering why I'm so angry. Also, I'm trying to be better about sticking to my content calendar for posting on my blog. Finally — and this is the hardest one — I'm trying to  a l l o w  myself the space to spend lazy weekends at home, recovering, chilling and allowing myself to decompress. 

So here we go! Here's to a new year of lovely chances to try, fail and get back up again! 

bloggers i’m loving

the freckled life // caroline is an nye-based graphic designer by day and style blogger by night. FUN FACT: We went to the same high school and I was literally obsessed with her graphic design portfolio + then blog. And it’s her blog that inspired me to start my blog here!  If you are AT ALL interested in fashion, beauty and current trends straight from New York City, then you NEED to be following her.  Personally, I’m obsessed with the way that she curates style trends and you will be too. Check out her blog, The Freckled Life, and thank me later. #HonestlyThough

meags eggs // meaghan (meag) is a seattle (what are people from seattle called?)-turned-washingtonian. she started an instagram account in 2015 to test out her eggs and post #yolkporn. every since, people have obsessed over her daily egg photos and now she's officially launched her website — complete with a simple poached eggs recipe. Obviously I'm not going to be eating said eggs, but if you are an enjoyer of eggs, she is the, like, only person you should be looking to. 

what i’m eating


vegan cuts subscription box // think of this as grazebox, but 100% vegan and filled with tons more than just 100 calorie snacks, WHICH IS FINE, but sometimes you want something more substantial. Vegan Cuts comes monthly and is  F I L L E D  to the brim with tons of amazing goodness. I received my winter box and it was filled with everything from a turmeric energy drink, to sugar snap peas crips to I Heart Keenwah chocolate balls to spicy chickpeas. 

where i’m going


felt bar + lounge // I spent the NYE here, and it's hand downs one of my new favorite places for a night out. It's an exclusive lounge within the MGM Casino + prides itself on being a mixologist bar. Want to know more? Read about my experience here. 

what i’m wearing


designer sunglasses on rotation // seriously? seriously. Think of sunglasses company, Ditto, as the Rent The Runway of Sunglasses. For about $24 p/month, you can rent and use different designer sunglasses. PLUS, when you sign up, you get paired up with a stylist that makes sure that every pair gives you extreme confidence (per their packaging). And let me tell you, I am obsessed. I love feeling like I constantly have a new pair of sunnies from a different designer to match my mood or season or event. PLUS, I’m giving ALL of you guys a free month with code HONESTLYTHOUGH. 

what i’m drinking

plain water + lemon water // new year, new you. I’m trying to start this year off right by upping my water intake. I have a terrible habit of chugging coffee all day long and never taking a sip of water. When you’re dehydrated. your skin suffers, your metabolism suffers and you might feel hungry when you’re not.