More than Tofurkey: An Honestly, Though Guide to Vegan Thanksgiving

More than Tofurkey: An Honestly, Though Guide to Vegan Thanksgiving

Being one of the only (if not the only) plant-based persons at holiday gatherings can be tough. I've been the only one at Thanksgiving with my family since I stopped eating meat about a decade ago. And back then, vegan was not trendy in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. (Ahem —aow a-days, there's an annual vegan Thanksgiving. )

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honestly, though: you need these last-minute gift ideas

It's the final countdown, and if you're anything like me, you procrastinated because you wanted to make sure that you could find the perfect gift for everyone. And I also hate walking through malls for hours — you know that opening scene of How The Grinch Stole Christmas when everyone is panicking about a single minute passing? I hate the stress of that — I like online shopping or boutique shopping on a chill weekend afternoon. (Sorry, I've watched The Grinch, like, 5 times in the past 2 days.)

Anyways, picking presents suck because I either end up not being able to decide, or buy like 50 gifts for one person and lose the receipts before I can return the extras. It's a Phoebe Thing™. Honestly, though. 


So with that in mind, I've curated a little listy-list of some fail-proof, last-minute holiday gifts that will be sure to please everyone on your list. And scroll beyond the grid for wrapping ideas. And when all else fails, resort to number 4 and call it a day. Cheers. 

Click below for some of the best last-minute gift ideas or scroll to the bottom for a better explanation. 

**Means esp. good for guys. 

1. Birchbox Subscription** // Ah, the gift that keeps on giving. I love that Birchbox caters to both men and women and the gifting process is so easy.

WRAPPING: Since their first box won't be there for Christmas day, buy a little bag of makeup or skincare goodies and pop in a little notecard explaining what's coming their way! 

2. Daniel Wellington // Ah, the watch that everyone has. When I first received #MyDanielWellington, I instantly understood the hype. The bands are comfortable, the face is slim and sexy and matches perfectly with the accompanying cuff. PLUS, if you order by December 21, it'll be here in time for Christmas! Want to save 15% too (OBVIOUSLY), use code MCPHERSON15.

WRAPPING: Wrap it in brown paper + a simple string bow. 

3. VineBox** // What was it that I said before? Oh yes, this is perfect for the girl (or guy) that is trying to live a baller lifestyle on an entry-level, non-profit salary. Honestly, though. Every month, three upscale wines (think Bordeaux, 2005 Merlot) are delivered in oversized test tubes. It's called wine by the glass and I'm obsessed.

WRAPPING: It won't arrive for Christmas, so buy a cheap bottle of wine + and add a little card that says, "Get ready for a wine upgrade. Enjoy this cheap shit for now." Okay, not that aggressive, but you get it. 

4. Alcohol** // Honestly, though. This is always a good idea...unless they don't drink, in which case go with one of my other great suggestions.

WRAPPING: My favorite way to do this is to buy one of those gift boxes (like the heavy cardboard) and fill it with like 20 mini bottles of booze. The more the merrier, right?

5. Graze Box // The gift of snacks. You laugh, but I'm so serious. Graze has been an absolute god send to me since I transitioned into the corporate world. There are never any snacks that I can eat (or that are healthy) besides the occasional banana and rotted orange. SO, with Graze I know that I always have nutrient-filled snacks throughout the day! And they're perfect for when I'm on-the-go all weekend long! 

WRAPPING: Buy a ton of mini snacks from World Market, Whole Foods, etc. and stuff it in a bag. Fill with tissue paper and add a giant card explaining that you're giving the gift of abolishing their hangry-ness. 

6. Class Pass // For that girl who is always trying to get to the gym, but is too busy to get home. Class Pass is a godsend because you can go to any classes that you want in and around the District (or other cities). PLUS, they just got rid of their unlimited pass, so you know homegirl is going to need those extra credits. 

WRAPPING: Buy some gym socks, hair ties + a foam roller. Maybe throw in some fun protein bars. Wrap each individually. At the bottom of a box or bag, print out the gift certificate and put it in a little envelope. 

7. Manly Candles** // This one's for the boys, obviously. While it's easy to get a bunch of fruity + girly smelling candles, sometimes the men in your life want something that smells, well, MANLY. Old Factory sells a trifecta of candles that include scents like birchwood and bacon — AND they have 1-2 day shipping on Amazon Prime. 

WRAPPING: Put a bow on it + add put it in a box with wood shavings + other lumberjack things. Just kidding...unless your guy is into that... 

8. Five Four Club** // StitchFix for guys. It's nice because it sends your dude some classic basics that also help him get out of his comfort zone — and maybe switch from that same blue button-up polo that he's always wearing. Each month, they'll send 2-3 pieces. Gift him a single box, or multiple. 

WRAPPING: Wrap up a little card explaining what he's receiving and match it with some socks and a picture of said blue button-up in the trash. Honestly, though. 

9. Sock of the Month** // Socks for Christmas used to suck, but now they totally rock. I literally go through socks like I go through bags of spinach: Both disappear very fast. And the socks will never turn up again. If you're hunting for the dudes in your life, this subscription box is esp. perf.  

WRAPPING: Buy some REALLY UGLY socks from Target and stuff them in a bag. Then add a card explaining that you're updating their sock collection. Or just give them a giant bottle of alcohol. Liquor and socks go together, right? 

10. DryBar // Give the gift of good hair at DryBar. Honestly, though, there's nothing more useful than a couple free blowouts for when you're really trying to get your shit together in the new year. 

WRAPPING: Wrap up the gift card (or printed out certificate) and put it in a little baggy filled with hair ties, mini-dry shampoo, and other fun travel sized items from Target or Sephora!

11. Home decor // Literally, every couple or single lady (or dude, whatevs) in the age range of 18-98 wants fun home decor. I would prefer this  bomb cutting board {honestly, though, and everything else} from DC local Salt & Sundry. BUT, Target always has the hookup if you're either lazy or not in the District.

WRAPPING: Wrap in a simple brown paper + string bow. Write something cute + happy holidays with metallic sharpies right on top of the paper. If you really want to go for it, add some evergreen branches or chocolates. 

12. Donations // Donating money to a charity as a gift is always a fantastic idea when people ask you for what you want (I know, it's not something to give, but stick with me). This year, I've asked for friends + family to donated money to relief funds in Aleppo and to DC Central Kitchen, an incredibly charity that is changing lives in the District.