Wine Wednesday: Halloween Wine

Hello and happy #winewednesday! If you're more of a social person, than a blog person, you may have watched my LIVE video where I tried four wines in real-time — exactly how I do for my weekly post! I called is Wine-Almost-Wednesday. 

If you missed it, catch up here. Done? Great! Did you like the mysterious hand than handed me an empty glass? Maxim thought it was hilarious. If you liked it, hated it, none of the above, let me know!

Anyways, below is my review of those four wines and where to find them {ahem, World Market}. And if you're looking for something to soothe the pain of tonight's final presidential debate, these are ALL 20% off (when you buy four or more!) Get after it, kids. 


  • Rest in Peace wins for best all-around wine 

  • La Catrina loses for tasting like a fruit roll-up 

  • Monster Mash wins for best base for a cocktail or mixer 

  • Insomnia wins for best dinner wine 

(Listing these in the order that I drank them)  

BOTTLE: Monster Mash 

Origin: California 

What is it: Red Blend (Zinfandel + Petite Sirah)

Year: 2013

Where to find it: World Market! 

Price Range: $7-$12

Thoughts: It's smooth + tarte, like fruit juice, but light enough that it can be mixed with other liquors. l'd definitely recommend it as a mixer for some spooky drinks (hint hint, Buzzfeed has you covered). Honestly, though I would consider this as more of a juice than a wine. Goes well with grilled meat, but I'd recommend some grilled tempeh, grilled zucchini.

BOTTLE: Insomnia  

Origin: California 

What is it: CabSav

Year: 2014

Where to find it: World Market! 

Price Range: $7-$12

Thoughts: Dry + tarte, but smooth. Faint berry taste. Maxim thinks it's the perfect "end of summer, beginning of fall" drink, and we both agree that it would make for a great Sangria base. It's supposed to go with beef and venison, but I'd probs recommend it with a salad topped with sweet potato.

BOTTLE: La Catrina 

Origin: California 

What is it: Sangria

Where to find it: World Market! 

Price Range: $7-$12

Thoughts: Day of the Dead wine with an amazing label. More into the label than the wine, which tasted like a mixed berry fruit roll-up. So if that's your thing, though, then this wine is for you. Otherwise, take a pass on it. 

BOTTLE: Rest in Peace  

Origin: California 

What is it: Red Blend

Year: 2012

Where to find it: World Market! 

Price Range: $7-$12

Thoughts: The label said that it goes with both a piza party or formal dinner, so already I knew that this was going to be the winner for the night. It was mellow, smooth + tarte, "if that makes sense" (quoting from my video). This was literally my favorite wine of them all. So much so that I continued to drink it after the video with my ramshackle dinner of leftovers. 

Become a sommelier: Screw caps are on the rise! Though corks have been use for centuries, many vintners (aka a wine maker or merchant) are opting out because about 5% of all wines that use natural corks can taint the smell + flavor. Yes, 5% doesn't seem like much. But the tainted wines will have an odor + taste similar to fungus, which is totally no bueno because one bad taste and consumers might be off that vineyard forever. The good news? If this happens to you, you've more than likely experienced a bottle that has a bad cork. If you're at a restaurant, simply ask them to replace the bottle. And if you're at home, contact the vineyard or company, and they should replace it for free. So here's to the screw caps! 

And ICYMI: I'm learning what goes on behind-the-wine each week with the help of Wine: A Tasting Course. Buy the book and learn right along with me! 

What are you drinking? Let me know in the comments below!