rompers + jumpsuits for every occasion


I have an aggressive obsession of rompers and jumpsuits.

IMG_3334 2.JPG

I love, love, love being able to have my outfit be one-piece, but also enjoy the beauty of being able to sit-down, cross my legs, walk in the wind, etc., without the fear of my seamless panties making their international debut. I also have a weird thing about dresses + kind of hate wearing them, but I still love something that's one-piece. 

If you don’t understand this feeling, idk what to tell you, but you probs shouldn’t continue reading. 

photo by dennis turbeville // click

photo by dennis turbeville // click

BUT if you’re still here, hi.

I’m glad we’re on the same page. I have really long legs + a short torso, and so traditionally, I hated jumpsuits + rompers because they were always, like, synched at the waist in a super weird way and grrrr. Recently, though, brands have started shifting towards more structured looks that are straight through the torso + give little petite — but long-legged — girls in this world hope. 


photo by dennis turbeville 

photo by dennis turbeville 

photo be dennis turbeville 

photo be dennis turbeville 

My obsession is strong, so, so, very strong. I really believe that there is a jumpsuit + romper out there for EVERYONE and for every single occasion. You can dress is up for a wedding or a club. Add a blazer to a jumpsuit and BAM, work wear. Slap some fuckin' plastic gems to your face, braid you hair + WHAM-O, festival look. Like, do you see what I mean? They're so versatile + I literally spend an embarrassing amount of time bookmarking all of them that I want. #TheStruggle

SO, I’ve compiled a HUGE collection of jumpsuits + rompers that you can wear for literally ANY occasion. They’re all affordable,all amazing + I can bet you anything that I will be doing a "I wore a jumpsuit/romper everyday for a month" post ASAP. But, honestly, though.

Oh, and btw: The romper I'm wearing in this post was from OLD NAVY. I'm wearing an XS + it's like $17 right now

prints + florals 

Off-the-shoulder + one-shoulder

boardroom safe { with a blazer } 

Shop ALLLLL the rompers + jumsuits

power to the she {and the subtle bell sleeve}

I'm all about that functional, chic + easy style. I hate feeling cramped, squeezed or {the worst} boxy. I select pieces that are versatile + I stick to a pretty neutral palette. 


So on Saturday, I did the same when I found myself walking PAST the new H Street Whole Foods and into The Apollo. There, custom-skirt brand, Zophia, held a fashion show for Betsy Cohen's latest line of CEO skirts. Oh, and it was called Power To The She, where all of the proceeds benefitted Mission: Launch, Inc., which is great.

Style-wise, I felt the need to have a business casual vibe to my outfit, without coming off overly corporate. 

{Mission: Launch is a non-profit started in DC with the mission of help women re-entering the real world after being in prison. They're seriously an INCREDIBLE program + I urge you to take two mins to go read about them here.}


I paired my favorite, favorite workwear shirt {note the subtle bell sleeves} with black pants that had the most subtle alligator skin look/feel to them. Honestly, I need to go shoe shopping, so I just threw on an old pair of block heels and headed out the door. Naturally. 

Accessories-wise, I wore a maroon choker {tied the back of my neck for a more minimal look} + added gold hardware. I loved trying out my #DWPetite watch, too. I've never been a fan of the mesh watch strap, but lately it's fit into my more polished style a lot. 

And the sunnies? Well, I kind of totally skimped on my eye makeup, so it was an easy work around. Psst: it didn't hurt, either, to have some boss ladies by my side. 


click ● shop ● buy

shirt | 

Yes, you can buy that cute top.

You guys went crazy for my striped off-the-shoulder top with the ridiculous statement sleeves.

And I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN BUY IT

It costs less than $25. It's $23.10.

I usually wear an XS or a S. I ordered a small and it fits great. 

Shipping will take about 10-ish days because it's from fast fashion retailer, MakeMeChic. 

But I love this top.  Like honestly, though, I've worn it probably 60% of the time since I received it in the mail. 

That's all. 

what i wore: last-minute new years eve dress

Blurry iPhone photos, an empty champagne bottle + slightly smudged lipstick. Yup. That basically describes my new years eve (and the photos below) in one sentence. 

I wore {for the first time ever} a dress with cutouts. I've always been nervous about cutouts and have never taken the risk. But it was NYE at the MGM, so I was like, Phoebe, get it together, girl! 2017 is all about jumping off the fence and taking risks. Anyways, I ended up falling in  L O V E  with this dress and have it waiting for my next fun night out. 

And on my wrist, I had the single, most important accessory of the night: a clutch that CHARGES your phone. And I don't mean it just charged it to 30% then ducked out. I was 'gramming, snapping, texting, etc. all night and this baby kept it was basically 100% until I passed out in my hotel room around 4 a.m. Even better? When I crawled to brunch the next morning, it was still ready to charge my phone. So ladies, (or men, I don't judge), do yourself a favor and find ourself a chargeable clutch. 

ANYWAYS. If you excuse the poor quality, check out my amazing totally-last-minute outfit that I rang in the new year with. Honestly, though.

shoes | dress | clutch | lippy 

And now, click over here to read about how in love Maxim and I are with Felt Bar & Lounge.


what i wore: saturday stripes

Weekends are my time to catch up on emails, dive into my blog and run  a l l  the errands. Whether I'm dropping my the Smithsonian's to see a new exhibit or having a coffee date with friends, I always make sure that I'm in an outfit that balances my fave street styles + comfort. Plus, my wardrobe is like 90% neutrals, so I usually stick to black jeans, black block heel booties + a top. Other weekend essentials? My popsocket, a simple choker, coffee + a good lippy (fave lately? this one from e.l.f.

Scroll down for more + to tell me what your go-to weekend outfit is!

photos by dave mentzer

 jeans | shirt (similar) | choker | booties (similar) | hair

MealPass Launch Party {recap + What I wore}

MealPal DC Lauch Event

A huge thank you to Epic Yoga DC for hosting

the event and to MealPal for having Maxim and I! 

Hello, hello, hello! I’m writing from under my covers...and the metro...and while walking to the bathroom at work...because I’m so excited to tell al you guys about what I’ve been up to! 

But first, I do need to make a little confession. Well, not even a confession. I just need to explain something. I am vegan (that’s not a confession, obvs). And oftentimes, I think that being vegan makes people believe that I don’t support those who lead non-vegan lifestyles. And oftentimes, I feel that I have some odd standard to uphold where I can’t endorse or believe in..or even LIKE people who don’t agree those ideals. But I’m here to tell you all that that’s not the way that it is! 

I am a vegan and I blog about vegan food. But I also blog about food-related trends, companies and ideals. I blog about what I'm wearing, where I'm going, what I'm reading and, if I start writing more, the working world. And I take advice from non-vegans on where to eat. My fiancee, Maxim, is not vegan by any means. He's my non-vegan taste tester (and photog + everything. I love you!) He eats vegan when I’m cooking at home and loves to make me vegan grilled cheese when I’ve had a tough day. He also loves a good bison burger and Whole Foods chicken strips or Chicken Tiki Masala. 

My point is...let's just love and respect each other. I'll be vegan and continue to eat french fries when there's nothing else but lettuce on the menu. And you can continue to tell me that you could never, ever be vegan and ask me about why I don't want real leather on my shoes. We shall *~*CoExiSt.~*


Now that I’ve gotten that all off of my chest, I can continue on to why I’m writing so excitedy right now. I am working with MealPal (previously MealPass) to help you discover your new #LunchtimeBFF and to end the #SadDeskLunch. 

MealPass? MealPal? 

Yes. They’re a food startup from the co-founders of ClassPass. On Monday, Sept. 19 (launch party day!) they rebranded to MealPal (see below). They started in Manhattan in NYC and have now spread to cities like Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and, of course, Washington, D.C.!

Honestly, though: You get lunch for like $6-7 every week day from awesome places around the District. It's one flat fee that's charge per cycle, aka every month. It's a fraction of what you'd usually pay. No, it's not delivered. You go and pick it up. You need to get up from your desk, anyways. Haven't you heard? Sitting kills. Get in those lunchtime steps, you desk dwellers. 

Anyways, I had known about MealPal from some friends in NYC and was excited for its entrance into the #DCFoodScene. So, like the good food blogger that I am, I attended the launch party! It was held at Epic Yoga DC (connected to a Jrink location!) — on Connecticut Ave. next to The Big Hunt and MadHatter. It was dark though, and littttttle crowded for my liking…or for my camera’s liking! Okay, let's be honest. The lighting sucked, but I ate yummy food and I had a great time. I'm sharing what I was able to get below. 

There was food from a variety of local restaurants: 

  • Mini Chicken Pesto Wraps from MadHatter. 
  • Meat Likers + Veg Me Pizza from DC Pizza.  
  • Salmon Ceasar Salad from MaSo. 
  • Spinach + Pesto Bowl from The Little Beet
  • Hoagies (and absolutely addicting potato chips) from Bub & Pop's

...and so much more!

Favorites from launch party:

  • Beet Gazpacho from Souper Girl. I'm a fan of both gazpacho and Souper Girl, but in the small space, it was 10x more delicious. 
  • Salmon Veggie Couscous Salad from The Front Page. Shoutout to Chef Roberto for being so accommodating and making me a custom vegan bowl of couscous to eat! 
  • Juice from Jrink Juicery. I mean, who isn't a fan of Jrink Juicery? Seeing them there made my heart so happy. They're a local cold-pressed juice company that delivers fresh each morning and have everything from cleanse aiding to protein packed drinks. 

Over the next week, I'll be testing out MealPal and it's whole situation. Then on Monday, I'll be letting you know me thoughts..


Because I love you guys, and there's no point in having MealPal unless you guys can too. MealPal is letting me give away some awesome discounts and free meals starting next week! So when I post my review, I'll be posting about the contest too! STAY TUNED! Can't wait to reveal more soon!

Cool, Phoebe. But this post is about what you wore (What I'm pretending you're saying). If you're here for outfit only, scroll down!

I love love love this romper from Target! According to the website, it's technically a junior's piece, but it fits so well on my frame! I'm petite (5" 3') and have very long legs. And by that I mean my torso is non-existent. In the world of rompers and jumpsuits, that means I work hard to find ones that are more form fitting so that my wait doesn't get lost in a balloon of fabric. My co-workers told me that I look like Peter Pan, but hey. Peter Pan was cool AF and worked the transition to fall fashion better than anyone. 

Scroll down to shop my look! 

Hat: LouLou. | Romper: Target. | Vegan leather booties: Dolce Vita. Find similar herehere and here. | Clutch: South Moon Under. 

What's your favorite kind-of-fall-but-kind-of-not look? 

What I Wore {Virginia Wine Festival}

Happy Monday! 

I spent Saturday out at Bull Run in Northern Virginia for the 41st Annual Virginia Wine Festival. A big thank you to Taste USA and the festival for having us (And to my fiance, Maxim, for being my personal photog). We had so much fun tasting from some of the best wineries in Virginia (catch up on my face here). Outfit-wise, I was so glad that I decided to go with comfort and function over looking too stylized. It was muddy, messy and the number of half-full glasses flying around made me surprised that my outfit survived stain-free! 

Scroll down to shop my look. P.S. My tank is 40% off at Lou&Grey! 

Tank: Lou & Grey (40% off!) | Sunglasses: Sunski | Necklace: South Moon Under | Bag: TJMaxx. Find similar here and here. | Bangle: Handmade from Ten Thousand Villages. Find similar here and here. | Shorts: Lane Crawford. Find similar here and here. | Denim shirt: American Eagle. Find similar here and here. | Shoes: American Eagle. Find similar here and here

What I Wore {Heat Wave in Old Town}

It's Tuesday and I am so sorry that it took me this long to write about my weekend! If you read Friday's post, you saw that I played hostess in Old Town Alexandria when our friends from Richmond came to stay. We had an incredible time and  we’re IHG Spire Elite members — a hotel + travel rewards program that literally everyone should be joining — so we were bumped up to a beautiful suite over looking the Potomac River and National Harbor on the other side of the water. 

But it wasn’t until Saturday afternoon that our friends made it to us! We took the extra time alone to explore some restaurants and specials that we’ve never experienced in Old Town Alexandria. And I also took full advantage of the brick walls to compliment my heat wave outfit. Can you believe it — the heat index read 107 degrees on Friday afternoon! 

Scroll down to see my favorite look from this weekend. What are you favorite looks for a crazy hot day? Comment below! 

Dress: H&M Basics. Find similar here + here. | Shirt: Primark. Find similar here. | Necklace: South Moon Under $39 | Hat: Lou Lou. Find similar here + here. | Sunglasses: Sunski | Brick Wall: Old Town Alexandria. 

Things I'm loving: September Edition {2016)

Every month I'll dive into what I'm loving, things I'm into and new trends I'm trying out because we all jump into fast fads and new workout routines. It's a smorgasbord of food, products + philosophies. This month, it's all about the transition to ~fall~ and my absolute obsession with popsockets + asian noodles.

Are you loving what I'm loving? Let me know in the comments below. 


Jinya Ramen Bar is a super trendy ramen place that popped up in LA a while ago. It took the area by storm and coincided with the huge popularity of proper ramen (aka not your college-style ramen). Jinya recently open their first East Coast location — Mosaic District — and every Washingtonian will tell you that it's more than worth the metro trip down to Northern Virginia. They have a super simple menu that features a few, distinct ramen bowls with a slew of add-ins. My favorite? Spicy Vegan Ramen with spinach noodles, broccoli, onions + Nori. 

P.S. Too far? Don't worry. They're opening a 14th St. location soon.




There are only like 2 weeks for all of fall when these make sense — and I'm taking full advantage of it. They literally look cute with everything from jean shorts to leather skirts to dark wash jeans or work slacks. But honestly, though the real winner is the quintessential apple-picking combo: Flannel + dark wash jeans + brown open-toe booties. 


I've always had an "at arms length" love affair with Origins, but I recently jumped in and went to one of their brick and mortar locations by my apartment. The woman inside was amazing and gave me a free mini facial while examining my face to see what products would work best for me. I have oily + sensitive skin and anything too rough covers my face in tiny red dots. Now, I swear by Checks and Balances and their {not pictured} Zero Oil Toner. Check out my other must-haves below. 

1. Checks and Balances Face Wash  $22  2. Modern Friction Dermabrasion Body Scrub  $39  3. Original Skin Rose Clay Face Mask $ 26  4. No Puffery Eye Rollers  $28  5. Ginzeng Energy-boosting Facial Mositurizer  $27.50

1. Checks and Balances Face Wash $22 2. Modern Friction Dermabrasion Body Scrub $39 3. Original Skin Rose Clay Face Mask $26 4. No Puffery Eye Rollers $28 5. Ginzeng Energy-boosting Facial Mositurizer $27.50


I should honestly be getting a commission for how many people I've turned into evangelists. I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with these things. Popsockets are these little iPhone stands that stick to the back of your phone. They "pop" out so that your fingers can ~slide on in~ and give you extra support. So when you're walking + snapping, selfie-ing, or whatever you do, you won't drop your phone. I can't tell you how much I'm obsessed with them. I have a marble Pop Socket to match my marble phone case/laptop/life. But you should go get one TODAY + then thank me later. 

PSST. Are you loving what I'm loving?

Let me know in the comments below.