A note on late-winter flu

So I spent the entire three-day weekend in bed with the flu — raging fever, chills, sweats, phlegm-y cough, body aches, everything.

I spent my days sleeping, drinking coconut water, sipping tea, and trying to balance the struggle that is shivering and sweating at the same time. 

I’ve had little energy. Like honestly, though, I’ve been starting to blackout if I’m walking further than to my front door from the bedroom in my apartment. So I chilled on the couch and half-binged Z while in a sleepy state.


Now, more for my own memory than anything else, these are what I’d consider my “cures” for the flu. It’s the stuff I loaded my Amazon Prime Now + Instacart basket with, and it’s what I’ve turned to again and again over the years. 

Zico Coconut Water // An essential for whenever you’re feeling under the weather. It keeps me hydrated and is filled with potassium. It's a great natural electrolyte, too, which is perf for when you're battling the flu. 

Gatorade // I NEVER drink gatorade anymore, but I’ve been so dehydrated and I know I needed something extra to get me through. I mixed it with coconut water (2 parts coconut water to 1 part gatorade) and drank it on repeat for, like, 5 days. 

Frozen Green Peas // These were literally my saving grace (while in the bag). I used them on my head to help cool me down during my spells of fever + sweating. I also am obsessed with eating green peas and, see above, add them to my soup + salads + literally every meal. 

Cayenne Broth // I loved this because it warmed me up, and cleared me out. I bought this soup broth base from Trader Joe's. Then just added tumeric, cayenne pepper + coconut water. Drinking it, I could literally FEEL my nostrils clearing out. Honestly, though. 

KeVita Probiotics // I mean, come on. This is an absolute classic. I ordered a 6-pack of this on Instacart from Whole Foods + drank at least one a day. I'm terrible at taking vitamins, so drinking this, I KNOW that I'm getting a healthy dose of probiotics in a drink that's low in sugars + added ingredients. 

Rainbow Bowls // Recovery meals never looked so good. After days of sickness and liquid diets, I knew that I needed to eat something feeling + nutritious. I opted for gluten-free red quinoa pasta, tumeric sprinkles, spinach, raw corn, cucumbers + cubed tofu! Basically raw, and super healthy. It's a meal that fills you with all the lovely vitamins that you need and leaves you ready to take on the world. 

Throat Coat Traditional Medicinals // These is nothing better than this tea for a super sore throat that just won't quit. As a kid, I used to use the throat sprays and hated them. I'm not huge on tons of pills + OTC medicine, so I was thrilled when I discovered this tea. You can find it literally everywhere. Brew a double-strength cup and sip. You'll never go back to throat sprays again. Honestly, though. 

Ben & Jerrys // Okay, this is definitely more of a treat, but whatever. I had little bits of Ben & Jerry's new vegan ice cream to help soothe my throat. It worked and I loved every last drop. 


psst: Do you have a cure that you go to every time? Let me know in the comments below!