I burned out — emotionally and spiritually. But I'm getting back on track.

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Friends know me as the lady whose schedule is always packed. Always taking on new ventures, new projects, forging new paths. I hate the feeling of chilling — just sitting around absolutely terrifies me and fills me with anxiety. I thrive and soar off the high of never sleeping, chugging coffee and brazen independence. It's my drug. 

But behind the flashing smile, the overtly bubbly personality? I struggle. And at the end of last year it all became too much. 

One night, while in Key West — and after a few cocktails — a wave had rushed over me. A sense that I wasn't where I wanted to be. I was not the person I believed in, not the person that I had always strived to be. I was in MaRkEtInG — taking government white papers and cubicles under harsh lights and turning it in click-bait for a numbers obsessed CMO.

I was unhappy — like-crying-everyday-at-the-thought-of-going-into-the-office unhappy. The company I worked for had come off their most successful year ever, won multiple “best places to work” awards and still, I was miserable. My attitude took a negative, bitchy turn. My acne was getting worse. 

The only thing I had to look forward to was rising up the corporate ladder to what...Head of Marketing? Head of Digital? Head of Social Media? None of it interested me. In fact, most of it made me want to turn and run. Run as far away as possible.

I was crazy unhappy in my career and feeling lost about what the future had in store for me. I was simply burned out — emotionally and spiritually. 


So what did I do?

I took ahold of what I could control and made a change to focus on what I wanted in my career & life — not what the corporate structure wanted, or what (I thought) society wanted. 

I made a major career change (and my acne cleared up the next day. seriously.) 

I started taking more spin & barre classes.

I gave myself space to  f a i l .

I started reading books more and (though it’s a work in progress), I’m remembering to

〰️ B R E A T H E 〰️


Now, firmly into January, I'm flying high — but remembering to land every so often for a breath — I'm taking on this already adventurous new year. 

I'm learning that sometimes a day filled with Netflix and pajamas and laundry is the best thing I could ever ask for. And at meal times, I'm(putting away my phone and opting for conversation or reading — that is, after I take a few pictures. 

I feel spiritually more fulfilled. I feel as if what I'm doing has purpose. And a paart of that is attending a weekend "bootcamp" filled with courageous, inspiring women that are "BOSSES" in their own ways. Together, we'll connect and discover how to continue conquering every part of our life. 

So here's to making 2018 the year of BREATHING, the year of becoming a BOSS in all parts of my life. Here's to a year of BEING a boss. 

Honestly, though. 


Join me at Bootcamp? I partnered with BossedUp to give you 20% off your ticket. Simply use code PHOEBE. Have you ever experienced burn out? What did you do to get back on track?