UPDATED: I got a tiiiiiiiny bit of botox


So, I got botox. I know, I know. Everyone is probably either wicked intrigued or totally not about it. WHICH IS FINE. I don't mind either way. 

BUT, if you ARE interested, this is what happened. I attended a little open house for Austin-Weston (where Cristine also goes), and explained to them that I had severe migraines + the slightest of slight forehead lines. I wanted just a few dots of botox to see if the rumers were true: Botox can do wonders for headaches. 


As background, I suffer from DAILY headaches so bad that I was on medication for it for years. I stopped in college, though, because the dosage was so high that I'd struggle to keep my train of thought. I came off the medication and kind of now just deal with it. 


The actual prep was wicked chill. I filled out some forms + they made sure I hadn't take advil or anything + I was done! I had a big swig of champers before, though, because I was out-of-my-mind scared + nervous. 

Here's the irony: It didn't hurt at, like, all. Cristine took a video + when the doctor was done, I seriously was like, "omg that felt like a facial." And I wasn't kidding, there was a slight pinch where the needle went in, but I've had acne-clearing facials that hurt 10x more than this did. It almost felt...good? Not good in the sense of getting a massage or cuddling with Maxim, but good in the acupuncture sense. Yeah, like that. 

Getting botox on your forehead feels like getting acupuncture. 

In the video, you can see the big bumps that look AWFUL. but we put on ice + it was literally fine by the A.M. I wore makeup, went to the office, etc. No one noticed that I got botox. The only "recovery" procedure was that I couldn't lay down/exercise/bend over for 4+ hours. So I went home + online shopped + drank wine + ate leftover, vegan &pizza like the twenty-something that I am. 

The biggest thing to remember about botox is that it takes, like, 7-10 days to really see the results because the muscles have to get strong again. And now, 7-10 days later, I can tell you that I have DEFINITELY seen/felt the results. My headaches are almost non-existent now and the lines are gone. 


Should you get botox? Maybe. If you want it, if you have an aesthetic concern or if you migraines, definitely consider it. My experience was so nonchalant I barely think about it because such a controversial thing! 

Scroll down a bit to read my original post + let me know in the comments what you think + what your experiences are. Ask questions + I'll try to answer them. And most importantly, if you live in the DMV + want to try it out — check out Austin-Weston. They're holding an open house for interested peeps THIS Saturday!  Proceeds from the tickets go to childhood cancer. 


THERE. I said it. I went to check out Austin-Weston Cosmetic Surgery and now I'm seriously considering getting a tiny bit of botox. I want it between my eyebrows on "the eleven" wrinkle, aka the two vertical lines that you get when scowling. 

I've never known much about the world of cosmetic surgery, and literally all that I know I got from episodes of Real Housewives. I’d read The Skinny Confidential’s post about botox, too, which had piqued my interest.

But recently Cristine asked me if I wanted to come along with her for an appointment to get some lip filler + find out more about cosmetic procedures. Honestly, I was absolutely terrified + squeamish + thought to myself, omg people in DC get botox? Then I told myself to JUST GO and check it out.

 I feel like I had nothing to lose by learning more, and honestly, though, I kind of wanted to just be able to TALK about it. They're so much stigma around it. Like if it gives you confidence, more power to you! 

And if you go to Austin-Westion, MAKE SURE to talk to Dr. Knotts! He has a super calm demeanor and is amazing at answering any and all questions — which is saying a lot considering I'm the queen of questions. 



Lip fillers are an injectable derma filler that is used to "plump" up your lips. The most common for is HA (hyaluronic acid). It's not permanent and usually lasts anywhere from 3-12 months depending what where you go. It's also easily reversed if you don't like it

Botox is a neurotoxin (scarier than it sounds) that paralyzes the muscle or causes a temporary stiffening, which is what causes wrinkles + lines to "disappear." In small does, it's used for cosmetic + health purposes. i



So I met Cristine at Austin-Weston Cosmetic Surgery in Reston. She was seeing Dr. Knotts (who, btw, originally wanted to go into journalism before surgery). 

Cristine and I sat and talked a little bit about what she was getting done. Her lips needed a bit of plumping, so she was going to get lip fillers. This shit is scary to watch, but apparently doesn't hurt AT ALL. 


Lip fillers last anywhere from 9-12 months {for Cristine they lasted about 9 months last time} and naturally breakdown, which means that if you don't like it, you just don't get it again. 

Dr. Knotts explains:

"They [fillers] are made of Hyaluronic Acid, which is a component of our natural cells...and we all have the ability to break down hyaluronic acid." And the makers of lip fillers basically figured out how to purify the stuff, so now surgeons put purified hyaluronic acid in [your lips] so you body doesn't see it as foreign and you just naturally break it down over time. 

Weird, right? 

Even crazier: If you decide you don't want/like lip filler and have it, YOU CAN MELT IT OUT.  According to Knotts, "we also have the enzyme that does the degradation...this stuff can be completely melted out." 


Honestly, though, it seems SO weird to me, but I love that there's the option to basically reverse it. 

So anyways, I don't really include much of the procedure here because I got a little light headed and had to sit down. BUT they basically numb you up, make a little hole in your lips, and then insert a rounded needle to insert the filler. The entire procedure takes about 25 minutes and then you're done! 

If you get it done, your lips will {obviously} be a little bit swollen for the next 24-48 hours and then you're all good! 



BUT I went back AGAIN just a few days ago to experience Cristine getting botox. And this is where I really started to get interested. Botox, despite popular belief, is actually pretty inexpensive and wayyyyyy more common than I have ever thought! 

Cristine went in to have a little botox done on her crow's feet. As Dr. Knotts + Cristine explain in the video, botox is super preventative. The best time to get botox is when you start noticing lines that are sticking around and not going away. 


And if you're like me — someone who is constantly battling terrible migraines — it can relieve them so much that many patients come back every three months to keep their migraines away. 

Anyways, the procedure was so super simple and incredibly relaxed. Cristine laid back, and Dr. Knotts swabbed her face with a little alcohol to remove any oils, makeup, etc. Then he just popped the botox in, drop by drop, by her eyes. It created these little bumps that quickly went away with pressure from some gauze. The procedure took MAYBE five minutes. And afterwards, the nurse brought in two little ice packs that Cristine placed on her crow's feet for like 10 minutes. AND THEN SHE WAS DONE. It's that easy. 

The only thing with Botox is that you have to be careful about is not laying down, exercising, leaning over too much, etc. for 4 hours after the procedure. I've read that some people say 8 or more hours just to be safe. The reason for this precaution is that if you basically have too much movement in the area, the botox can travel to "unwanted areas," as Dr. Knotts put it. Basically, it'll fuck shit up.

And literally nobody has time to deal with that kind of drama, yo. 



I feel like this is such a big factor for so many people. Knotts explained that the cost of Botox will depend on where you go + depend on how their pricing structure works. Some people charge by the area, and some charge by unit. BTW: A "unit" is one little drop of botox that makes the mini bulge on your face. For Cristine, it would either be charged by area {crow's feet} or, if by unit, then 14 units, 7 per side! 

And though botox is the name of a SPECIFIC brand of neurotoxic, it's also a general name (like Kleenex or Google). So if you don't go to a professional, or if the price seems "too good to be true," you might be getting a watered down version instead. 

Basically, don't try to Groupon this shit or go for the "two for one" specials. You want to get someone who actually knows the anatomy of your face and isn't going to be trying stuff out on you. Don't be dumb, guys.. 

Oh, at Austin-Weston, they charge $25-30 per unit, so altogether the procedure would be about $450. But if you're doing something between your eyebrows, it could cost as little as $80. 


I'm also going to go ahead and say what Lauryn from The Skinny Confidential said: I'm not telling you what you should do. I'm simply sharing my thoughts and feelings, because hell yeah I want to get a few units of botox. Right in between my eyebrows to kill those awful lines. 

ANYWAYS, I'm planning on going back in for a consultation + {hopefully} getting a little injection. Stay tuned for my thoughts! 

p.s. if you're interested and live in the Washington D.C. area, check out Austin-Weston

**This post is not sponsored. I went to Austin-Weston on my own accord to learn more and am simply sharing my thoughts with you.**



Things I'm loving: September Edition {2016)

Every month I'll dive into what I'm loving, things I'm into and new trends I'm trying out because we all jump into fast fads and new workout routines. It's a smorgasbord of food, products + philosophies. This month, it's all about the transition to ~fall~ and my absolute obsession with popsockets + asian noodles.

Are you loving what I'm loving? Let me know in the comments below. 


Jinya Ramen Bar is a super trendy ramen place that popped up in LA a while ago. It took the area by storm and coincided with the huge popularity of proper ramen (aka not your college-style ramen). Jinya recently open their first East Coast location — Mosaic District — and every Washingtonian will tell you that it's more than worth the metro trip down to Northern Virginia. They have a super simple menu that features a few, distinct ramen bowls with a slew of add-ins. My favorite? Spicy Vegan Ramen with spinach noodles, broccoli, onions + Nori. 

P.S. Too far? Don't worry. They're opening a 14th St. location soon.




There are only like 2 weeks for all of fall when these make sense — and I'm taking full advantage of it. They literally look cute with everything from jean shorts to leather skirts to dark wash jeans or work slacks. But honestly, though the real winner is the quintessential apple-picking combo: Flannel + dark wash jeans + brown open-toe booties. 


I've always had an "at arms length" love affair with Origins, but I recently jumped in and went to one of their brick and mortar locations by my apartment. The woman inside was amazing and gave me a free mini facial while examining my face to see what products would work best for me. I have oily + sensitive skin and anything too rough covers my face in tiny red dots. Now, I swear by Checks and Balances and their {not pictured} Zero Oil Toner. Check out my other must-haves below. 

1. Checks and Balances Face Wash  $22  2. Modern Friction Dermabrasion Body Scrub  $39  3. Original Skin Rose Clay Face Mask $ 26  4. No Puffery Eye Rollers  $28  5. Ginzeng Energy-boosting Facial Mositurizer  $27.50

1. Checks and Balances Face Wash $22 2. Modern Friction Dermabrasion Body Scrub $39 3. Original Skin Rose Clay Face Mask $26 4. No Puffery Eye Rollers $28 5. Ginzeng Energy-boosting Facial Mositurizer $27.50


I should honestly be getting a commission for how many people I've turned into evangelists. I am O-B-S-E-S-S-E-D with these things. Popsockets are these little iPhone stands that stick to the back of your phone. They "pop" out so that your fingers can ~slide on in~ and give you extra support. So when you're walking + snapping, selfie-ing, or whatever you do, you won't drop your phone. I can't tell you how much I'm obsessed with them. I have a marble Pop Socket to match my marble phone case/laptop/life. But you should go get one TODAY + then thank me later. 

PSST. Are you loving what I'm loving?

Let me know in the comments below.