I tried the new vegan Ben & Jerry's flavors and they're amazing

When I was a kid, Ben & Jerry’s was life. If you put a pint of Phish Phood in the freezer on a Friday, it’d be scrapped out to the very edges of the container come Monday morning. I loved the smell of cookie dough wrapped in frozen dairy that would waft from their store fronts on hot, summer days. 


But then I went vegan. And I had to give up one of my most favorite things: GOOD ice cream. Yes, I’d tried the vegan versions — Tofutti, Almond Dream, So Bliss. But there was always something off. The ice cream would stay hard just a little bit too long. Or it would contain more ice crystals than frozen cream. I settled for what I thought would be my best options. 

So when Ben & Jerry’s came out to announce that they were taking the plunge into non-dairy ice cream, I jumped for joy. Finally my love for them could be re-kindled. It apparently took them 60 tries and years of R&D to find the perfect combo. In the end, the settled on almond milk for the base because it was "the most neutral" flavor. 

I spent a year courting Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy flavors. I watched from afar to see the reaction. It was positive and I wanted to be a part of it. I remember that it was a hot, hot day and I couldn’t resist the taste of a sweet treat. Maxim and I headed into a Ben & Jerry’s…and there it was…the NON-DAIRY SECTION. They were offering PB & Cookies. I got the kids size. 


The rest is history. 

I fell in love again with Ben & Jerry’s and always tried to have some in the freezer (just in case). 

BUT it’s 2017, and Ben & Jerry’s stepped it up AGAIN. On Wednesday they debuted THREE NEW vegan flavors: Cherry Garcia, Coconut Seven Layer Bar and Caramel Almond Brittle. I tasted them and they're INCREDIBLE. 


Cherry Garcia {for the nostalgic + fan favorites} 

This flavor is a classic and a staple in Ben & Jerry's shop. It was debuted in 1987 and has been a top seller ever since. Maxim couldn't believe that it was the vegan version! 

Coconut Seven Layer Bar {ugh yes} 

This might be my favorite of all the seven vegan flavors. It's filled with coconut and you'd swear it's made with coconut milk instead of almond milk. I love the taste of chocolate chunks and caramel mixed in. If you've ever had a multi-layer bar, you'll be in love. 

Caramel Almond Brittle {YAS} 

The best thing about this flavor is the combination of gooey caramel with crunchy, sweet almond brittle. It's also the new fan favorite among taste-testers of Ben & Jerry's. 


And what better time to celebrate than this weekend? It’s going to be 60s in the DMV + NYC, which means ice cream is always a good idea. No one’s ever regretted a spoonful of the sweet stuff. 

Interested in trying it out? Look for it anywhere that ice cream is sold