11 TINY [adult] changes every twenty-something should be making

aka how to stop being a sh*tshow

I don't want to preface this list because it should be pretty self-explanatory. But basically, I've been doing a lot of self-reflection this summer and spending many a happy hour discussing lifestyle habits with my friends. And it dawned on me that we're all making the same unhealthy habits and blaming it on being a shitshow or being young.

But we're independent women and we're badasses. No more excuses, babes, let's make some changes and go into this fall CRUSHING it — or at least, stop falling asleep at 2 a.m. on the couch with a glass on wine in one hand while watching re-runs of Sex and the City. (honestly, though) 

Drink some water, girl.

Seriously, this is so easy. I’m personally terrible at drinking water, but it is SO important for bodily functions, your skin (aka your body’s largest organ), your breath, your metabolism, etc. A lot of problems you’re dealing with every day can be traced back to dehydration. If you're bad at remembering to drink water, buy yourself a cute water bottle and download an app. 

Sweat. It. out.

I seriously SWEAR by a tough spin class whenever I've had a bad day. We all know that working out is crazy important for everything from your skin to your metabolism to stress management and brain function. So take a workout class. Go to the gym. Run outside. Your future self will thank you. 

Pick out your outfits the night before. 

I've never done this, but it's on my list of things to do. Honestly, though, it's kind of a smart thing to do. You look at the weather, think about your day, and then lay out your clothes. 6 p.m. spin class on your calendar? Also lay out your fave leggings + tank. Happy hour with your girls? Grab a cute graphic tee to take your work look from day to night. Check back to see if I dedicate myself to this one. 


Take yo’ vitamins.

I’ve always been weird about vitamins. It’s partly been because I had no idea what I was taking, partly because giant pharma companies scare me and partly because I never felt like they were doing anything. If you're like me, try out Care/Of vitamins — they cater vitamins to your health + lifestyle, then send you your daily dose, pre-packaged and labeled. Easy peasy.

[use PHOEBE50 if you want 50% off vitamins] 

Pack lunch. Make dinner.

This one is so easy. If you’re like me, you need to cut down on how much $$ you spend on eating out. I use LearnVest (a budgeting tool + app) to better understand where my money goes to. And guess what? Like 90% of my paycheck after bills goes to food. I kid you not. I used to be amazing at taking my lunch in to work + making dinner nightly. But one too many weekends away and Monday mornings where I was too lazy to grocery shop and BAM! — I’d become a seamless slut. If you hate going to the grocery store, then check out InstaCart, AmazonPrimeNow to order your groceries and have them delivered. Making your own food will save you tons of money AND help you be a little bit healthier.

Take off your makeup.

Taking off your makeup before bed — even if it's just with a makeup wipe — is so important. Post-college, I've been trying a lot more to take care of my skin, which means removing my makeup every night, washing my face, using a mask or peel and moisturizing. But at the very least, take off your makeup. If you always forget, or if you never do it when you've been drinking, just put a packet of makeup remover wipes on your pillow (I swear by these). Or even better, always bring a mini pack with you wherever you go. 

Buy *~HeALthY~* snacks

This is not to say that you can never have that bag of M&Ms or a slice of chocolate cake. My  [personal] mantra is: give me the fries with a juice cleanse on the side. But honestly, though, whenever you're buying groceries, make sure that you're grabbing some easy-to-eat, easy-to-store healthy snacks. When you're feeling hungr...er...HANGRY, you're going to be more likely to binge later in the day. Same with if you skip a meal by accident. 

I SWEAR by snacks — I keep them in a drawer at work, in literally every bag I own + in the car. They are lifesavers and you will totes thank yourself for it. What are some good vegan snack ideas, you say? 

Red over white wine

I've personally never been a white wine fan, but if you're going to be drinking a glass (or three) of wine after work, grab the darker grapes. While the science is constantly changing, we do know that red wine has less sugar and more magnesium.

Respond to emails

I read one time that success people all have their own mantras around emails. Some either only open emails if they have time to respond. Others open + mark as unread the entire day and then set aside an hour or two every day to respond to every. single. email. Whatever you do, stop leaving emails unread and making yourself anxious. Also, if getting to inbox zero seems  i m p o s s i b l e , try out Unroll.me — it's an email extension that helps you to unsubscribe to emails + puts them all into an easy to skim, daily digest. 

Give your screens a bedtime

Turning off your iPhone, laptop, iPad, TV, etc for at least an hour before going to bed will do WONDERS — not just for your sleep cycle, but for your eyes, mind and health too. Try to sit in bed and read a book instead. Or meditate. Trust me, this is probs the biggest thing I need to change. And you probs need to too.

Use a budgeting tool

This goes back to #3. I started using LearnVest after reading about it in Cosmo and realizing just how easy it would be to ditch the spreadsheet budgets. Like most twenty-somethings, I am that girl that can either make $10 last an entire week, or spend $500 in five minutes. There is no in-between. And while I'm definitely not a budgeting queen, I'm getting better and I LOVE having the knowledge of where my money goes + why.