Sooo I tried ClassPass for a week


Back in September, I tried MealPal, the lovechild of ClassPass founder Mary Biggins. I'd never tried ClassPass, but my New Yorker friends raved about it. And now, like 8 months after that experience, here I am trying ClassPass. I know, guys, I'm uber later to the game.


If you're a total abuelita like me, here's the breakdown. ClassPass is a dashboard/app that allows you to pay a flat fee to workout at different studios around your city. And if you travel a ton, no biggie. You can use Classpass wherever you go. The other features? 

  • You can get $30 off your first month when someone refers you (lol, click here), which means you only pay $25. 

On Tuesday, I went to a double round of classes. In the morning, I tried FlyWheel in the morning + in the evening I went to Xtend Barre in Blagden Alley. 

On Wednesday, I went to hot yoga at Epic Yoga. 

On Thursday, I went to Zengo Cycle for a nooners class! 

On Friday, I went to FlyWheel again. 

Then, on Monday, I went back to Epic Yoga for Hot Yoga. 

My honest opinion? I'm not a fan. I love my cycle classes and being able to choose my seat. I love being friends with people at the studio, and being able to call when the metro decides to breakdown AGAIN. 

Reflecting, I think the biggest drawback is that you're just one step removed from the studios. If you do miss a class, or something comes up (it always does), you're stuck and you would have to contact ClassPass. PLUS, if you cancel your membership. there's apparently a $79 reactivation fee. 


{There's always a but} I don't like it because it doesn't really fit into my lifestyle. I appreciate that it gave me the chance to try some new classes that I absolutely now love, but I don't really see the worth. 

Who WOULD it work for? Business people traveling ALLLLL the time + people whom hate taking the same classes. It's even better if you don't have a gym and want the flexibility of different gyms + classes to try. 

One thing I do love, though, is that this straight-up, totally makes sense financially. If you've ever gone to a couple of yoga classes or barre classes, you know that they run EXPENSIVE — like $30 a class, expensive. If you're signed up with ClassPass though, it's much cheaper + breaks down to $10 a class. 

The pros: 

- I get to try out a bunch of new studios or pick and choose what classes I want to take for cheaper than normal. 

- The per class cost breaks down to $10-15 per class. The average class for a boutique studio in DC is, like, $20-25. 

- When you've finished using all of the classes, you have the option to "add-on" more classes to get you through the cycle. 

The cons: 

- The cancellation policy SUCKS. You have to cancel a class 12 HOURS in advance. If you don't and cancel, you're charge $15. If you just don't show up, it costs $20. I understand the reasoning behind this, but when you attend boutique classes, and the metro is sucking or you got pulled into a last-minute meeting, you can usually call and they'll make an exception. 

- ClassPass doesn't tell you if you need special equipment for the class. When I went to Barre, thank god I brought cash, because you're required to have special Barre socks. 

- A lot of the classes are just "gym time." I don't know why anybody would waste credits on just gym time...but you do you, guys. If you DO use ClassPass credits on gym time, PLEASE comment below so I can understand! 

The bottom line:

ClassPass is great for people who don't like to commit to studios or frequent travelers. And I can guarantee I'll be reactivating my membership next business trip.