New Year's Resolutions: 2018

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I love a new year, a fresh start. It's an excuse to say goodbye to the negative in your life and welcome in more positive vibes. My word of the year is BREATHE. For Christmas, my mom gave me an intent bracelet with BREATHE inscribed on it. "I think Maxim will approve," she said, and winked. Why? Because I'm infamous for never coming up for air. For just going until I'm so close to empty that I burn out. 

So with that in mind, I've written down 8 broad topics or tasks that I'm dedicating a larger part of myself to in the months to come, focusing around the word BREATHE. 

photos by  dennis turbeville




Cliché as it is, I love reading and I truly do not do enough of it. I've always told myself that I would do a bit more in the evenings, on the metro, with breakfast...but never followed through. It's one of the most relaxing things to me. There is joy I find in opening a physical book and losing yourself in the stories of a far-off land, or famous figure whom is now gone. 

First book? A Good Life by Ben Bradlee 


Part of leading a more sound, healthy life means looking into my finances and taking ahold properly. No idea how I'll be doing this yet. Stay tuned! 


One of my biggest weaknesses is my lack of consistent patience. If I'm in the mood, I can have never ending patience for whatever the world is throwing at me. More often than not, though, I struggle to stay objective and calm when I feel slighted. I react first and think second. I just need to remind myself to take a step back, take a deep breath and put myself on my objective thinking cap.  


I knooooooow, I know, I know. Just a few minutes everyday will help the apartment stay beautiful and immaculate. But for a girl that's forever traveling and a dude that's works crazy hours, we seem to struggle a bit. I'm hoping that some trips to the container store and good "apartment organization" pinning will do the trick. Or maybe adding a daily reminder on my phone. 


My background is in Journalism and Spanish — specifically Spanish-language journalism and literature. I used to write for a living and honestly, though, I MISS IT. At the end of last year, I bought the mindfulness journal from Girl's Night In Club and a few other blank bindings of paper. My thought is that every day — whether it's just a few lines or a few pages — I'll start a story, building out a character, or simply chronicle my day. 


Have you ever snapped at someone innocent because all of this negative energy has been built up inside you, boiling and rumbling? Guilty as charged. Honestly, though. It takes me far too long to notice how negativity is weighing on me. And oftentimes it's not until after I've taken it out on others. Like, that sucks for all parties involved. So I'm *attempting* to cut it out a little bit.  


I don't struggle with my relationship at food (anymore....though that's a story for another day). But I really struggle with having a consistent eating schedule and consistently filling my body with the best possible nutrients. There are day that I'll eat chia seed pudding and leafy green salads and hummus-filled pitas and loads of water. But then the next day, I'll have three coffees, a bag of skinny pop, and red wine. I think that being more disciplined with feeding my body real food in the mornings and pre-making "to-go" snacks will be the secret to success. 


The final resolution for 2018 is, in my opinion, the most important. I want to work to be kinder to both my mind and body. I struggle with "over doing it" on almost every level. I fill my schedule to the brim until I pass out from exhaustion. And then I give myself a hard time for not getting more done. I feel less than confident in my body, and then ride back-to-back spin classes until exhaustion. So this resolution is about self-love of my mind, my body – me. I'm resolving to constantly remind myself that a bad day(s) do not mean a bad life. And that when we're kind to ourselves, we're kinder to others and the world. 

...and there you have it! let's have an incredible new year and I can't wait to connect with more of you. 

xx Phoebe