meet the makers at union kitchen

On Saturday, Maxim and I headed out to Ivy City to check out some of the best, local tastes and sniffs of the city. Over 80 amazing businesses came out to Union Kitchen Ivy City for Washingtonian's to Meet The Makers. Maxim and I tasted tons of food and drinks, but a few stood out from the rest for me. 

Scroll down to see some of my favorite DC tastemakers + where to find them! And if you went too, let me know in the comments below who you loved! 


Shrub District

What: Cocktail mixers {woo!} 

Where to buy: Shrub District is currently distributing their mixers to a number of bars including Himitsu, Ella's Pizza, Lupo Verde + Twelve Mile Limit in New Orleans! You can also find them at Glen's, Salt & Sundry, Union Market DC, or these locations

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What: Vegan {and gluten-free} pork rinds that are just 60 calories for an entire bag. I've never had real pork rinds, but apparently they taste the exact same. Chesapeake Bay is the best flavor. 

Where to buy: Mom's, Yes!, Glen's Garden Market, and these locations

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What: Raw, organic tonics + alkaline-based drinks! They do tonic cleanses, too, to help get your body back on track! I'm in love with their stretch tonic + detox tonic. 

Where to buy: Union Kitchen, Union Kitchen Grocery, Mom's, Yes, Whole Foods or any of these locations

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P.S. Snacks

What: Chickpea-based, edible cookie dough. AND IT'S VEGAN. Literally obsessed with these guys. The company was started by one woman, Nikki, and she's killin' it. I buy them from Union Kitchen Grocery and be prepared because you're going to be HOOKED. 

Where to buy: Union Kitchen, Union Kitchen Grocery, South Block, Killer E.S.P., or these locations. 

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Good Food Markets

What: A food store that works in and FOR food desserts within Washington D.C. "Through unique partnerships with local growers, producers and distributors our experienced retail team is able to offer a full-service grocery selection in a fraction of the space." 

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Republic Restoratives

What: A small-batch, women-owned distillery + craft cocktail bar. They are super passionate, super cool + their bourbon is AWESOME. 

Where: They're in the heart of Ivy City and you can REGISTER FOR TOURS (ugh, so cool) here. 

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Dorpare Tea

What: Super new (think: been around for barely a year) tea startup. Their whole concept is loose leaf, ginger teas. Their pineapple one is warming, spicy + tangy. Side note: They get brownie points for their awesome watercolors packaging. They also have a really nice story about their Haitian upbringing influencing the business. 

Where to buy: On their website, Union Kitchen + Union Kitchen Grocery. 

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What: Pan-American inspired food truck + restaurant. They have tons of vegan options, which is not exactly common for Latin American-inspired foods. Honestly, though, trust me. Their vegan cheese & paella will have you coming back for more.

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What: An old favorite in DC, obviously. BUT they've recently introduced a VEGAN oatmeal chocolate chip cookie and it's REALLY good. 

Where to buy: Cava Grill, Green Grocers, Union Kitchen, or any of these locations

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Swap Foods (Swapples) 

What: Good-for-you toaster waffles. They're made from the Yuca Root, and are paleo, vegan and gluten-free. It's hard for me to eat just one. Honestly, though, I'm straight up obsessed with these guys. I pair them with guacamole, hummus, or use them in place of bread for a burger. 

Where to buy: Union Kitchen, Union Kitchen Grocery, Yes!, Mom's, Whole Foods, and these locations near you. 

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C'Meet (where cultures, cuisines + consumers meet)

What: A catering service that's influenced by their Turkish grandmothers, American styles + today's focus on nutrition. Their kale hummus is worth the catering alone. 

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Sasya Foods 

What: Indian-inspired spreads and dips. All of their spreads are vegan recipes, but aren't advertised as specifically vegan. If you're a fan of chutneys or curries, you'll want these in your life. Their cilantro spread is AMAZING with cucumbers (see above) or mixed into pasta. If you're more of an egg-person, check out how Meagan from MeagsEggs uses them

Where to buy: Good Food Markets, Union Kitchen Grocery, From the Grocery, Green Grocer. 

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What: Fruit Ketchups. It's one of those things where I truly say don't knock it until you try it. Their Spicy Pineapple mixed into hummus is IN-CRE-DIBLE. 

Where to buy: Farmer's Markets, Union Kitchen,, or any of these locations. 

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Capitol Kettle Corn + Lemonade Love 

What: Veggie popcorn that pairs with veggie, herb + fruit lemonade. I've never heard of these guys, but I'm kind of OBSESSED with what it is that they're doing. And they have an activated charcoal lemonade that pairs with activated charcoal popcorn and it's amazing. The owners were so adorable and sweet and I want all of their flavors. 

Where to buy: DC + Virginia Farmer's Markets, Union Kitchen (obviously). 

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Bonus Fry Honorable Mentions: 

This is where Maxim adds his notes on what he enjoyed. 

  • EatPizza 
  • CaliBurger
  • Taste of Heaven Catering