Meet Intern Kate!

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Get to know our new addition to Honestly Though & Honestly Though Social: Kate Cole 

Kate is a rising senior at American University studying PR & Strategic Comms. Her dream job is working in social media within the fashion industry. Oh, and you can catch her behind the counter at Jrink Juicery downtown. Follow her on instagram here: kate.cod

Where are you from? 

Chatham, Mass. 

What excites you? 

Turning 21. (Her birthday is May 9!) I've recently gotten really lucky with things coming into my life, so I'm just excited to see where that takes me. Also, summer is always a really good time for my energy. I'm just excited to let my creative side go again. 

What are you passionate about, besides drinking Jrink? 

Women's empowerment is #1. Personal growth. And dogs. Dogs are a big one. Fashion, design, the ocean. Everything that has to do with it [the ocean] — my summer style is very ocean-y, ocean inspired. 

What are you most excited about for DC this summer?

Meeting new people, new experiences. I've never been in DC for the summer, so I'm really excited for that. 

Let's talk food.

Chocolate or vanilla? 

Chocolate, but only occasionally. I don't love chocolate, but I'll eat it. Definitely pick chocolate over vanilla. But I really like strawberry ice cream. 

Go-to meal?

Right now, obsessed with kale. Anything with kale. I mean, I guess I've been obsessed with kale. Like the Chop't Kale Caesar is everything to me. My friend and I plan our weeks around that salad. 

What is your go-to restaurant or food place? 

El Centro. I realllllly love El Centro. I really want to get out and try more. My area is just a little isolated up there [Cathedral Heights], so just El Centro for now. 

Go-to drink? 

Alcohol-wise, vodka cran. always. Other than that, I'm really trying to drink water. Alkaline water always. [same here, girl!]

Go-to Jrink juice?

Recently, I'm really into Black Magic. [editor's note: it makes an amaze mixer!] 

Go-to hang spot? 

I really like this cafe on campus — it's called The Bridge. Probably my apartment. I spend a lot of time there. 

What are you currently binging on Netflix? 

Forensic Files — so embarrassing because it's from the 90s. 

Where do you go to sweat? 


Where do you get inspo from? 

Okay, let's talk social.

What's the most annoying social media trend? 

When people draw on their insta story, but it is just NOT cute. I think it looks nice if you can do it, but if you can't just like don't. They have all the fonts now. That, or just like really pixelated pictures.

Social media trend you love, but would never do yourself? 

I guess instagram takeovers, because I love watching them — but I would not trust someone with my account. I think they're really funny. 

Bitmoji or gif? 

I'd say gif. But my parents love the bitmojis. 

Fave meme of the moment? 

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 11.56.57 AM.png

It's just my mood lately. 

Most excited for working with HT/HTS? 

Learning, being a part of DC culture during the summer. Being able to experience that vibe. Not being a part of the 9-5 workforce.  

What are you most looking forward to with HT/HTS?

Just learning and better understanding how social media could fit into my lifestyle/career.

Anything else you want people to know?

Idk, I'm a fun girl, that's it. (Note: But really, she is so fun)

- - - - 

Welcome to Honestly, Though and Honestly Though Social, Kate!