life lately: we're moving + other things

Hi and hello!

So my blog has definitely taken a back seat lately except for the vegan guide which I've given a soft launch, since I was too excited about it to wait. As you guys know, I have a full-time job as a social media manager that has been all-consuming (but in a good way!), and I've been able to do a ton of amazing things for the company. 

And in the meantime, I've been planning a wedding. Well, my wedding with Maxim. I know there are so many people that blog about wedding planning, and I was wondering if you guys want to hear about my planning (i.e. vegan decisions, wedding dresses, having to tell people they're not invited, etc). I've also been working on my skin a ton — ICYMI, you can catch-up on my struggles and how Dr. Dennis Gross helped here (literally not sponsored. just obsessed). 


The big news-ish is that we're moving! We're staying in the Washington D.C. area (for now), but moving to a new building that's more of our vibe. We're doing the move slowly since our leases overlap — and we're using the wiggle room to decide what to bring, what to donate, what to sell, etc. Our new apartment has the kitchen literally in front of the window, so I'm thrilled to have my morning smoothie routine sun-drenched. I literally can not wait to show you guys! 

Oh, and our apartment is dog-friendly so we're researching a ton of shelters in the area to consider where/who to adopt from. I personally love the idea of being a foster dog mom for a year or so to a bunch of different dogs — I've heard that that's one of the best ways that you can help dogs in need. Is that true? What do you guys think? 

Other than that, I promise that I've been working on some amazing content like what it was like to scuba dive for the first time (+ tips if you're terrified of murky water like me!), tips for being vegan while traveling + every day vegan products I use. 

Hope you're all having a fantastic summer! 

xx phoebe // honestly, though