Hi! I'm Phoebe. 


I'm 22. I'm a social media marketer. I studied journalism and Spanish in college, but turned to marketing when I saw a great opportunity to use my storytelling skills. I love a good Argentinian wine, proper grammar and cycle class. I'm vegan too. I currently live in Washington D.C. and am dreaming of the day that I can call L.A. my home. 



It's something that I say far too often. I have no idea I use it to agree with people, make a point, or show my frustration at the end of a rant. Ex. "Sheila's so gorgeous today. I can't even with her perfect beach waves." // "honestly, though."


I'd rather show you who I am rather than give you an E-Harmony profile here in my first blog post. I'll use this space primarily to talk about social media + marketing, travel, food and my attempts at beauty + fashion. I also use "+" too much. I'm working on it.