GUEST POST: The essential LUSH products you need

Kate is a friend from college that {apparently} has a low-key addiction to Lush. She works as a editor up in Portland, Maine and you should follow her on instagram here. She recently went on a mini-haul, was obsessed and wanted to do a review. So I offered her my blog and here we are! Enjoy! 

xx phoebe // honestly, though

Hi, my name is Kate and I have low-key addiction to Lush.

Just kidding, of course — there's nothing low-key about it.

My obsession with Lush started last year when I needed a birthday gift for my brother's girlfriend. My thought process was basically: "She's a vegetarian, she always smells great, she probably likes Lush."

I'd never been there before but I figured I'd check out the store in my town, and I literally have not shut up about it since. Lush is the perfect place to go on a day when you're not feeling like your best self. Case in point: on my first visit, an associate came up behind me to ask if I needed any help and when I turned around, she gasped and said, "Oh my gosh, you're gorgeous." After I basically burst into tears over her kindness, she then proceeded to cover my body with samples of everything from shower scrubs to hair treatments. I left smelling like 15 different things but I loved everything about it.


So, real quick, reasons Lush is everything you need:

  • They refuse to test their products on animals and are SUPER active in the fight for animal rights.
  • Lush products are 100% vegetarian, with more than 80% being completely vegan. Where animal products are used (things like honey, eggs, yogurt), they're strictly from suppliers who share Lush's cruelty-free stance.
  • They're all about that ~eco-friendly packaging~ like you wouldn't believe. It's all recyclable, compostable, recycled/biodegradable materials. They sell their own fabric gift wrap, they sell reusable tins, it's basically sustainable beauty royalty.
  • Their website is filled with articles ranging from topics like how to choose the best shampoo, to why Middle Eastern women are being slighted by the beauty industry.
  • Their shops are set up like farmers' markets. FARMERS' MARKETS. SO CUTE.SO SMART.

Alright, now on to what I'm actually here for: a review of my latest Lush babies.

I promise it'll be unbiased, regardless of that fact that I'd sacrifice my first-born child for a Lush shower jelly.

I went to the Lush shop in Harvard Square while I was visiting my boyfriend in Boston (props to him for always indulging me like this). My specific mission was to buy the Magical Moringa facial moisturizer, with a side mission of maybe just picking up a couple extra treats because treating yourself is essential to life. I ended up with a pot of the Magical Moringa, a Rub Rub Rub shower scrub bar, a Charity Pot hand/body moisturizer, and a free sample (hollaaaaa) of the Sultana of Soap.


Magical Moringa 

I read about this online and I was completely sold on the reviews touting it as a miraculous solution to oily skin. It's a moisturizer that's mattifying and also serves as a makeup primer, which seems like a crazy too-good-to-be-true combo, right? So, my face is kind of a jerk — dry along my jaw but with an oily T-zone that looks like the bottom of a KFC bucket by the end of the day. I swear, this moisturizer turned it into velvety satin PERFECTION. Like do-I-even-need-to-wear-makeup-today-because-I-look-hella-fresh-already perfection. It's perfect for lazy-day errand-running when you don't want to look like death but don't need the hassle of a full face routine. What it's not perfect for, IMO, is if you're in a rush — the moisturizer starts in an almost waxy consistency and you need to take the time to warm it between your fingers to get it to glide on your face evenly. This has taken me a couple tries to get used to, but I'm still officially in love with this wizard of a moisturizer.

Rub Rub Rub shower scrub 

This caught my eye while I was poring over the shower jellies (which I'm already a huge fan of). It has a jasmine scent and oh my god it’s just so pretty. It can be used on wet or dry skin BUT beware if you're a member of the sensitive skin tribe — it can feel pretty abrasive, especially if you use it dry. I, however, have "exfoliating" listed as my #1 hobby and sleep with my tampico-bristle body brush so I was basically born ready for this. I recommend buying a reusable tin — $3 at the Lush shop — to store it in, which also just makes it more convenient for the next time you buy one (which, as we should all realize by now, is obvious that I will), but more importantly keeps it from melting away too quickly. It will melt if you let the shower spray get to it, which is a bummer, but holy moly it leaves you smelling like the fruity boozy brunch punch of your dreams.


Charity Pot hand/body moisturizer  

This actually caught my BF’s eye while we were waiting in line to check out. Something he's always down for (which I love about him) is taking the opportunity to donate to a good cause. I told him about Lush's goal with the Charity Pots (100% of proceeds are donated to small grassroots organizations working in the areas of environmental conservation, animal welfare and human rights), and he immediately scooped one up for us. It's so soft, guys. So soft and velvety. Potentially lacking for those with the real super-intense hydration needs (it's winter, I'm from Maine, I know those feels), but great for when you realize halfway through your workday that your hands are turning into sandpaper before your eyes and you need a little moisture touch-up. This Charity Pot benefits The Unbound Project, which is described on the pot as “Celebrating the inspiring women on the front lines of animal advocacy worldwide.” It also has a sweet floral scent, and I’m not big on florals but the mix of rosewood and geranium oils with vanilla and cocoa butter is just sweet earthy goodness.

Sultana of Soap

Lush wants you to know they love you, which is why they want you to have free samples. That's my theory, anyway. Lush soaps are super cool because each one has a natural, funky, unique shape — picture the homemade soaps at your local farmer's market. This little guy got tossed in with my purchase fo’ free, and it literally looks like the inside of a Snickers ice cream bar. It’s “inspired by Italian nougat,” and that’s basically the same thing, right? The scent doesn’t last nearly as long as the moisturizer, but it’s super creamy and with a fruity kind of sweet scent.




I’m super happy with my purchases, but that was probably obvious. Fun fact, if you clean and return 5 of your Lush pots, they'll give you a free face mask.

You can bet I'm already working on my list of what to buy next — what’s on yours?