winter beauty essentials for oily skin & my winter skincare routine


Everyone knows that winter's moody weather and dropping temps can wreak havoc on the skin. As a naturally oily person, winter can be awful. I stress about moisturizing too much, because my pores will get clogged. But if I don't, then I'll get dry and wrinkles. 

That being said, I don't use incredibly expensive products. One of my fave brands, Pixi Beauty, is found right on the Target shelves. My other go-to, Dr. Dennis Gross, is expensive up front, but their product will last you months and months. Honestly, Though. 

Oh. and something else people left slip right past them? Showering in water that's way too hot. Apparently it totally sucks the moisture out of your skin. So while in the short term, you're feeling a bit warmer, in the long term, you're hurting your skin. 


my winter beauty essentials


We never want to damage our hair, but especially in winter when the air is dryer we want to take extra care to keep it from breaking. Unless I need my hair in a tight pony (read: working out), I either leave my hair down or throw it in a scrunchie. This one from lululemon is $8, but it'll last you forever. 

facial steamer | HERE

ICYMI, I discovered facial steaming over the summer (read more here) and have not stopped loving it ever since. Basically, steaming your face helps to open your pores, cleanse them, give you a glow and then hydrate your face. My absolute favorite thing to do is to wash and steam my face, put on a face mask, drink a glass of wine and then finish it all up with a glow serum. Honestly, though, who doesn't love an at home spa day? (Pssst. I KNOW this is expensive up front, but don't let the $139 price tag scare you off — unlike most beauty products, this isn't something you'll use for a few months. I've been using mine for over a year and I'm OBSESSED.)

under-the-eye cream | HERE

I don't really have much to say about this except that I was totally against eye cream of all sorts. I'd tried them all and I didn't believe in them. But Dr. Dennis Gross released one in December called "Dew It All" and my mind is officially changed. 

dr. dennis gross c+ serum | HERE

It’s no secret whatsoever that Dr. Dennis Gross is OBSESSED with Vitamin C. He recently said that, “ounce for ounce, [Vitamin C] is probably the most powerful anti-aging ingredient there is…because it directly stimulates collagen.” I’m not saying that I already need anti-again, but as you guys know, when you’re in your twenties, it’s ALL about prevention. 

But what I really love about the serum is that it helps to improve hyper pigmentation, dark spots (like from acne scars) and general tone on your face. It’s helped me so much that there are days when I just throw on the serum + moisturizer + SPF and walk out of the door — no makeup necessary. 

pixi nighttime glow serum | HERE

at it helps to….. At night, I switch out Dr. Dennis Gross for Pixi — wait, a luxury brand for a drugstore brand? Yes. Pixi (find them at Target) is an amazing vegan beauty brand that I absolutely swear by. I use a lot of their everyday makeup products because they’re formulated to be lightweight and give you a no makeup makeup look. And, if you’ve ever seen me, I try to emulate that. But back to the nighttime routine. At night, I grab Pixi’s nighttime glow serum instead of Gross’ C+ one. It’s specially created to help exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells while helping your skin create new ones. The result? Waking up dewy. glowing and ready to roll into a 7 a.m. meeting. But honestly, though. I’ve done that. 

kniepp lightweight moisturizer | HERE

Always important — no matter what time of year it is. But it's especially important in the winter. But because my skin is so oily and acne prone, I try to do a light, oil-free moisturizer (like this one from Kniepp). Always look for ones with SPF, though, because skin cancer is real and it happens to young people a lot. 

nügg lip mask | HERE 

Most of my face usually stays pretty nice and moisturized in the winter, but my lips dry out to the point of pain no matter what I do. And after a spin class on weekend, my lips hurt so much that I ran to Target to find SOMETHING to give me relief. Enter: Nugg. They had a new lip mask, and I thought to myself, "well I have nothing to lose." Fast forward to the next morning, and my lips were healed perfectly. I absolutely SWEAR by them now. If you're not uber acne prone though, also DIY a lip mask with a thick layer of vaseline.  

ice roller | HERE

You guys KNOW that I swear by ice rolling all year long. But in the winter, I think it’s especially needed. The wintertime is when my face is the puffiest, and when I (we) suffer from getting sick the most. Enter: Ice Rolling. Think of it as a mini paint roller — either metal or plastic (metal stays colder longer) that you roll across your face. It helps with puffiness and lymphatic drainage. It’s also amazing for prepping your skin before putting on makeup. Try it out for a week, then come back to thank me.

vitamins | HERE 

Forever important and pretty self-explanatory. I take a daily multipack from Care/Of vitamins — that start-up health company that gives you a Buzzfeed-like quiz then spits out the perfect combination of pills to keep you wicked healthy. (code HONESTLYTHOUGH for 50% off) 

pixi bb cream and conceal | HERE

One of the biggest misconceptions about the winter? You don't need to worry about SPF. Since my awful bout with acne (read all about it), I try really hard not to cake on the makeup or even wear foundation. My go-to? BB Cream with SPF. It's moisturizing, protects my skin and adds a little bit of coverage. My fave with this one is that it comes with a built-in concealer balm that I use ALL THE TIME. 


my everyday winter skincare routine

  1. Wash your face + pat dry.
  2. Steam your face (use distilled water) – if you're feeling extra icky, do this twice. 
  3. (2-3 times a week) Apply face mask of your choice. I'm currently switching in and out between this one and this one. 
  4. Using a cotton pad, massage Kniepp's tonic into your skin – it helps to remove any extra residue. 
  5. Now for moisture! I start with Dr. Dennis Gross' hydrating under eye serum. 
  6. Follow up with this amazing C+ serum. At night, I switch it out for Pixi's Overnight Glow Tonic at night.  
  7. Finally, I moisturize. 

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I am not an estitician or a dermatologist. Please consult your doctor before trying a new beauty routine or regime.