dc food scene {spring brunch} at Equinox

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** SPRING 2017 UPDATE ** 

TL;DR: Average price for brunch in the district, but there are no bottomless drink options. It's a vegans dream, but non-vegans will love it too (Ask Maxim). The menu changes a little bit each week. Try everything if you can — it's buffet-style. 

So I went back to Equinox, the restaurant started by chef Todd Gray and his wife, Ellen. Their brunch, buffet-style, is amazing and 100% vegan. And, truth-be-told, there are not many places in the district where a vegan can blindly choose ANYTHING and eat it. Not that I'm complaining. Honestly, though, as long as I have avocado toast and a strong bloody mary, I'm happy. 

But I digress. 

Equinox is awesome. Todd took the time to explain the menu. I had thought that it changed each season, but that's not the case! Each week, apparently, Todd + the team add and remove one or two items from the brunch menu, testing out tastes and combinations. Each time you come in, you'll always have something new to try! 

What to eat 

If you're going in soon, reach for the Early Spring Parsnip + Apple Soup. It's warming for cold morning, but light enough to fit well on a spring menu. The Royal Trumpet Skewers (below) are TO DIE FOR — and people seem to agree. They run out fast due to high demand. And if you're feeling an Asian flare, pair the Cauliflower Tempura with the rice or Eggplant + Soba Noodles.

In the words of Chef Todd Gray, "It's amazing what tempura can do to vegetables, isn't it?" (Responding to Maxim explaining that he hates cauliflower, but loves the cauliflower tempura.)


And if you see the chef (Todd Gray), ask if they're making any falafel. He has perfected the recipe so that it's crunchy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside. BUT IT'S LIGHT. Oftentimes falafel becomes heavy and almost...too...rich? But Todd's is amazing and I secretly want a lifetime supply. 

One thing that seems to be a staple, though? The tofu scramble station. Pick from a fantastic variety of sauces + mix-ins to have your own breakfast staple. 


And for desserts? The whoopie pie is AMAZING, as are the butter sugar cookies and brownie. 

If you're going for a round of libations, ask for the Paloma. It's similar to a Margarita, and apparently more popular in Mexico. I'm Mexican, and my abuelita never orders a Paloma...but then again, her drink of choice is a double shot of Bailey's and a doppio espresso. REGARDLESS, it's super refreshing and delicious, and I actually prefer it over a margarita. 



Vibes in the restaurant

The restaurant is a place to cozy up with a significant other or close-friend in a nicer setting. Clearly not catered to the bottomless grey goose martini crowd, Equinox tops their tables with nice table cloths and does not have an unlimited drinks option. If you're looking for a family brunch, or a place to hide out with your closest girlfriends, Equinox needs to be at the top of your list. Maxim and I loved being able to have a Sunday brunch that was different from the typical brunch circuit and left us feeling happily full.

xo phoebe // honestly, though

Equinox is located at 818 Connecticut Avenue NW. They are open for brunch every Sunday from 11-1.