DC Food Scene: Sospeso


Sospeso is a mom & pop restaurant nestled up H St NE, the Atlas District. Their two story eatery is flooded with natural light, exposed brick and simple tables. Their food pulls flavors from across the mediterranean, especially Turkey, and old family recipes. 

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The result? 

Incredible dishes made from fresh ingredients that are crafted to be shared among friends and family. Plus, it's naturally heavy in plants and olive oils, making vegan eating a no brainer. 

For Hati, the co-owner (she owns the place with her husband), the important thing for her was to be make the food accessible and inclusive for all diets and lifestyles. And at a price point so much lower than others in the area, it makes the spot a no-brainer for week night dinners or long sunday brunches. 

So over a lazy lunch a coupe of weeks ago, Maxi and I tried it out. 

Scroll down for what to order. xx

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What to order: 

In a word, everything. I've circled my absolute MUST HAVES from the menu, but I strongly suggest trying everything. 

Sospeso is located at 1344 H STREET NE, WASHINGTON, DC 20002. They're open from 9 a.m. every day.