DC Food Scene: MezzeBoxDC

Me•zze /ˈmɛzeɪ/ 

a selection of small dishes served to accompany alcoholic drinks in the Near East, the Balkans, and parts of Central Asia. In LevantineCaucasian, and Balkan cuisines, meze is often served at the beginning of multi-course meals. 


  • MezzeBox DC is a same-day food delivery service consisting of homemade mediterranean + Lebanese food 
  • You can order "family" bundles of 2+ mains with 3+ sides
  • Their food is so good than Maxim and I are going to be re-ordering on Tuesday
  • 75% of the menu is vegan and a lot of it is gluten-free. From what I saw, nothing has more than 10 ingredients 
  • Caution: The hummus is so good it'll destroy all other hummuses (hummusi?) for you. 

"What did you do to my kids?" That's the exact question a dozen parents asked Johnny, MezzeBox founder when he unknowingly taste-tested his food on a group of young kids. Why? Because suddenly kids who'd only ever liked chicken nuggets and pasta wanted okra, lentils and hummus. 

I, being neither a child nor parent, didn't expect to have the same reaction to some simple food delivery service. 

So last Wednesday, I took a chance on the  startup food delivery service founded by Johnny Seikaly, a family man from Lebanon who started the company after realizing that parents were begging for his {homemade} food. 

He + his wife officially launched in April and currently deliver in the district with expansion expected for the entire DMV. The recipes are from his mom, whom he used to Skype daily for cooking lessons (If you want more about his background, my Meet The Chef interview with him will be up soon). 

But back to last Wednesday. Last Wednesday, I joined the MezzeBoxDC hype and finally ordered from them. Around 10 a.m., I jumped on their website and ordered a "family" meal, which consisted of two mains + three sides. By 4:30 p.m., a white bag filled with delisciousness had been delivered to my desk along with a handout explaining re-heating instructions (though the majority is served cold), and a thank you letter signed by Johnny. 

Their menu changes weekly, with lots of repeat options (like grape leaves, hummus, etc), so you won't get bored quickly, but you also won't have to go without your favorites for too long. Simple go to their website, click what you want and voila. And vegan items say *vegan* under them.

Side note: The 75% vegan thing was a fluke for Johnny. Someone told him how vegan his menu was and then added in the note. 

ALSO: Your food can arrive in a small cooler in case you're at the office or it'll be chilling at your building for a while.

Want to try MezzeBoxDC for yourself? 

Use code: HONESTLYTHOUGH for $15 off your first order

I drove home from the office and (admittedly) snacked a bit on the drive with their pita + hummus. In case I haven't already been super clear: If you eat this hummus, you will never want any hummus ever again. 

Once home, Maxim and I filled our plates with a mediterranean-Lebanese smorgasbord of food and headed outside with a glass of wine each. And the rest is history. We were hooked. Not only did I audibly exclaim, "what did he do to this?" but Maxim and I ate only MezzeBox for the next three meals. We snacked in the car during our commute, dined after hours + mixed it with greens for a quick lunch.

What was ordered, you ask? We had green bean salad, lentil & rice salad, kibbi sliders, hummus, pita, grape leaves. And it. was. incredible. 

Johnny had told me beforehand that he likes his food because it gets better over time (his example: lasagna is at peak awesomeness on day 3). His food was the same way. It was crazy good on Wednesday night, but the next morning, at lunch and my afternoon snack each took the food up a notch. The flavors in both salads became richer without being overwhelming. And the kibbi sliders? OMG. Maxim finished them so fast and asked me if we could JUST order kibbi sldiers (for the record, you can). 

So I love MezzeBox. Honestly, though. There's not much else to say except that if you love homemade food, are busy, want to be healthy, or any combination of those, you will want to order MezzeBox asap.

Pro tip: order one of the family-size bundles for more food. Then pad it out with some greens, and you'll have a variety of lunches + dinners for DAYS. 

Want to try MezzeBoxDC for yourself? 

Use code: HONESTLYTHOUGH for $15 off your first order

I was provided two mains and three sides to assist in my review.