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Over the weekend, some bloggers + local women in DC got together for a monthly brunch. Click to here to get all the details. The theme was "Barbie" at Hawthorne on U Street. While I'm a huge fan of brunch, I'm not exactly a fan of the color pink or of Barbie. But, my friends reminded me, Barbie isn't just bright pink and a bopping, blonde ponytail. 

So I went as chill millennial girlfriend barbie. Or, as many people pointed out, Madewell Barbie — I mean, have you SEEN their new collab with WIWF? Like honestly, though, it's perf. My pants were on clearance from Francesca's (they cost $12 with tax) and will most likely remain the only pink thing I have in my closet. That being said, they definitely grew on me as the day wore on. And since blush pink is { everywhere } right now, I'm going to call the purchase a winner. 

A N Y W A Y S 

Hawthorne is a super chill-vibed place for brunch + has four floors with a light filled rooftop. $35 bottomless brunch (with vegan options!) on Sundays untik 2:30 p.m. — pink champs + decor not included. Shoutout to Skylar for dealing with 30 tipsy, brunch-going bloggers.  


jeans (similar) | madwell tee | madewell bandana | dvf booties

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Yes, you can buy that cute top.

You guys went crazy for my striped off-the-shoulder top with the ridiculous statement sleeves.

And I'm here to tell you that YOU CAN BUY IT

It costs less than $25. It's $23.10.

I usually wear an XS or a S. I ordered a small and it fits great. 

Shipping will take about 10-ish days because it's from fast fashion retailer, MakeMeChic. 

But I love this top.  Like honestly, though, I've worn it probably 60% of the time since I received it in the mail. 

That's all. 

stress-relief tips: it's the little things

Lately, I've been busy. Like REALLY busy. Like eating terribly + sleeping badly + skipping the gym busy. With work, and events and feeling behind on my blog, I haven't been feeling myself. Do you guys ever feel this way? I've been in a funk with creativity + career goals + blah, blah, blah.

But, at 22, I keep reminding myself that we ALL go through this and that it's a normal part of life. We get stressed, we feel lost and then we pop back up having learned a great lesson about ourselves. 

Personally, there's been a few things that have helped me climb out of my funk. Because honestly, though, it's the small successes of daily life. These simple {thought maybe not-so-easy} changes help to put me back in control of my life. And I'm sharing them below. 

xo phoebe

photo by  dave mentzer  

photo by dave mentzer 

stress-relief tips

I started dedicating more time to making sure that both my written planner + iphone calendar are up-to-date. I make lists in my physical planner and turn them into "reminders" on my iphone calendar. There's something about hacing both in sync that keeps me calm. 

I cleaned out my inbox. I use to clean out all of my subscriptions, newsletters, etc. so I receive one, daily email that has all of the subscriptions I'm still interested in. 

I started putting in more effort than usual to dress up for work — and I mean less obsessing over the perfect outfit, and more making sure that I FEEL put-together and confident. There's nothing like an awesome pencil skirt (hint, Zophia, hint), heels + a strong lippie to put that strut in your step. 

I make time every day to shut off the screens. Okay, I'm trying to do this. It's not a success yet, but I use the time to snuggle up with Maxim and make sure that I'm PRESENT; 

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

photo by dave mentzer

I listen to podcasts in the morning + save articles to read later with Pocket. I love having the peace of mind of having everything that I wanted to circle back to on a single app. 

I'm taking better care of my gut. Yup, I said it. There's nothing fun about being stressed as anything and feeling weighed down and bloated. If you follow me on social media at all, you know that I'm absolutely ADDICTED to probiotic drinks. 

And going off of probiotic health...I'm just trying to drink more water. As always. Because the universe knows that I'm more likely to chug coffee + pressed juice than plain water.

I use Tide, an Pomodoro-method-style app, that's dedicated to helping you focus for small increments of time + then taking a walking or sitting break. I listen to cafe noises (I love the muted sounds of chatter and life). During my "break" I get up from my desk and walk around the building. 

I listen to the advice of others. One of my biggest flaws is that I'm hot-headed, stubborn and committed to doing things how I want. But I'm {again, TRYING to} listen more when I'm given advice and take it to heart. 

Now, it's your turn.

When you're feeling stressed, what do you do? How do you take control of anxiety-filled situations? Let me know below! 

photo by dave mentzer 

photo by dave mentzer 

SIDE NOTE: I ordered this shirt from SheIn with no idea whatsoever about whether it would fit for not. BUT, it fit perfectly! When I had seen it on the model, I thought it would be perfect for a casual day at the office, or something I could dress up with a mini-skirt for networking. Maybe not, because jeans are my thing, but you get the picture. It's comfy, looks put together and literally just needs a zip up the back of the shirt! BUT be warned that SheIn's shipping takes a WHILE – as in 1-3 weeks depending! 

I'm wearing these Madewell Jeans, basic black pumps + this SheIn collared top (under $20!) 

what i wore {sweater dresses + OTK boots}

a little behind-the-scenes action

a little behind-the-scenes action

If you're here for the boots, click here.


So I'm going to be honest with you guys, I had no idea that anyone would be into my sweater dress-OTK boot combo. I honestly get really nervous about wearing skirts + dresses, and hardly ever do it — I'm nervous I'm going to accidentally flash someone! Honestly, though.

BUT, I love this sweater, and when you're short and the oversized sweater is long, you work it. Plus, sweaters and OTK boots are literally everywhere right now, and are so perfect for running around the city on the weekends, or grabbing coffee with friends.

A lot of you asked about my sweater and where I got it. It's originally from Topshop years ago and I bought it three sizes too big because I wanted it as a dress. It's not available from anywhere anymore. BUT, I've scoured the interwebs to find you some of my fave oversized sweater just in time for spring...or the {hopefully} rest of winter...whichever comes first.

p.s. The first one is my favorite and costs less than $50! 

p.p.s. do you {also} absolutely live in oversized sweaters all winter? Let me know in the comments below! 

photos by dave mentzer




what i wore: last-minute new years eve dress

Blurry iPhone photos, an empty champagne bottle + slightly smudged lipstick. Yup. That basically describes my new years eve (and the photos below) in one sentence. 

I wore {for the first time ever} a dress with cutouts. I've always been nervous about cutouts and have never taken the risk. But it was NYE at the MGM, so I was like, Phoebe, get it together, girl! 2017 is all about jumping off the fence and taking risks. Anyways, I ended up falling in  L O V E  with this dress and have it waiting for my next fun night out. 

And on my wrist, I had the single, most important accessory of the night: a clutch that CHARGES your phone. And I don't mean it just charged it to 30% then ducked out. I was 'gramming, snapping, texting, etc. all night and this baby kept it was basically 100% until I passed out in my hotel room around 4 a.m. Even better? When I crawled to brunch the next morning, it was still ready to charge my phone. So ladies, (or men, I don't judge), do yourself a favor and find ourself a chargeable clutch. 

ANYWAYS. If you excuse the poor quality, check out my amazing totally-last-minute outfit that I rang in the new year with. Honestly, though.

shoes | dress | clutch | lippy 

And now, click over here to read about how in love Maxim and I are with Felt Bar & Lounge.


what i wore: saturday stripes

Weekends are my time to catch up on emails, dive into my blog and run  a l l  the errands. Whether I'm dropping my the Smithsonian's to see a new exhibit or having a coffee date with friends, I always make sure that I'm in an outfit that balances my fave street styles + comfort. Plus, my wardrobe is like 90% neutrals, so I usually stick to black jeans, black block heel booties + a top. Other weekend essentials? My popsocket, a simple choker, coffee + a good lippy (fave lately? this one from e.l.f.

Scroll down for more + to tell me what your go-to weekend outfit is!

photos by dave mentzer

 jeans | shirt (similar) | choker | booties (similar) | hair

what i wore {black on black on grey}

I'm so, so happy that it's fall and I can finally rock some beanies and boots and {almost} all-black ensembles! Funnily enough, I threw this on (literally) this morning when I realized it was 7 a.m. + that I needed to leave by 7:30 a.m. Nevermind the fact that we got caught in the most horrendous traffic imaginable. 

I'll admit, I LOVE this outfit (especially the wicked affordable necklace from PinkieSwear), but I WAS left feeling a wee bit chilly in the office. Honestly, though, it was nothing a hot cup of green tea couldn't handle! 

ANYWAYS, I love that you guys loved my outfit so much. Do you like seeing these {what i wore} posts? Let me know in the comments below. 


hat (similar) | necklace | shirt | shoes (similar) | jeans | vest (similar)

brown jacket round-up

A good {faux} leather/suede jacket feels like it's every girl's uniform for fall + winter (and okay, probably spring too). Honestly, though. I live in mine on the weekend, pairing it with heels + silk tanks for a night out or a hoodie for Target runs. And last Friday, I feel like that rang true more than ever! I loved seeing all the comments on insta about your shared love of a great jacket! So with that in mind, I put together a little collaboration of my favorite brown jackets! Psst #6 is from local boutique, Whistle & Wild. Check them out! 

Browse the grid, click + shop!


Are you loving what I'm loving? Comment below! 

What I Wore {Wine Tasting + Pumpkin Picking}

Last weekend, I hung out with a fantastic group of inspiring and encouraging females at a monthly event called "Bubbles & Bloggers." For our October event, we did a day trip through the DMV, picking pumpkins, eating kettlecorn + drinking wine. 

It was incredibly windy, so I was more than thrilled that I did throw down for a blowout, and instead told my hair to {let it be}. It was the first time that I wore my favorite convertible sweater, that kept me warm in the wind, and cool on the bus. Scroll down to shop my look!